Impossible Quiz

It started with Impossible Quiz and now continues with other versions, but Impossible Quiz is the version we fell in love with as soon as it came out.

When people first saw this game, maybe some people thought that it would be boring and they would stop playing it very quickly. But all these people were wrong because it is one of the best flash games of recent times and millions of people play it with joy.

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As I said, Impossible Quiz is the basis of the second version and, of course, they have the same basic idea. The game offers players some very interesting quizzes and questions. As fun and entertaining as the quizzes are, they can also be difficult and complex. Because in many cases the questions are illogical and you have to try to answer them with intuition.

You can be asked about everything: music, sports, literature, geography, history, etc. It is clear that you cannot know all the answers. To give you a better chance of winning, you have the possibility to make two mistakes. After the third mistake, the game is over. But there is a nice detail: you can start at the same level and try to answer the question again. Impossible Quiz has great music and sound effects. If your answer is wrong, you will hear an explosion sound.

Impossible Quiz controls

Don’t be afraid. It’s not your computer. Just press the “Retry” button and the game will continue.

Impossible Quiz has a very simple interface, you can easily find all the details you are interested in. The game instructions are in the right corner of the home page.

Best advice for you – How many times have you played the Impossible contest, how far can you go?

Okay, guys, let’s start the game and tell us if the contest is really impossible or if you can do it!

Download Impossible Quiz


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Imposible quiz

Imposible quiz 2

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Imposible quiz 4

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