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Styled against the backdrop of Japanese manga comics, Pokemon became a huge hit in the West with the introduction of a TV series, games, and various toys styled after the character. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a child of the 90s who doesn’t remember Pikachu’s catchphrase it was ‘Pi-ka-chu’ by the way). Of course, with any popular franchise, there has so followed an abundance of merchandise and in this case, this was realized in the Pokemon games.

There are many games like Pokemon that have been released for the simple reason that they are beloved by people of all ages, and they have gained popularity through the years, sparking even more games. The list below comprises just some of the games inspired by this Japanese trend, and though the list is not exhaustive and there are many more, it does cover some of the more popular ones. As the years pass, there will doubtless be hundreds of more games just like these.

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Lost Magic

A roleplaying game, Lost Magic is a mix of action and strategy and though released almost seven years ago, it certainly provides for fun gameplay. As the mage, players must cast certain spells by drawing the shape of runes on the screen of a Nintendo DS. However accurately you are able to draw that rune will depend on how accurate your spell is and as you build up different combinations, there is a wealth of different adventures to follow. As with the Pokemon games, players can also catch little monster to use in battles and though most of the game is controlled by chance or by the computer, players have the chance to equip items that help them find their power.

Final Fantasy

This series of games might seem a little out of place on this list, but if you have played it, you will notice a lot of features that this game and Pokemon share. Unlike Pokemon where you need to raise monsters, this game focuses more on combat, but because it is turn-based, it can certainly be said to be similar. There are many different games in this series and as your characters win the turn-based battles, they will grow stronger and have access to new equipment. This is a series of games that come highly rated by critics and gamers and with many variations, it is a good idea to try it out if you liked Pokemon.


This game is free, as in gratis, no cost, completely free. And if this is not enough incentive for you to give it a try, know that this online RPG is quite simple to Pokemon. With simple graphics and complete online play with no download needed, this is a game you won’t want to miss. Add to the mix the over 600 creature available for capture and use, as well as the loads of different places to go, things to see, and the chance to chat with other players, and you have a game that is certainly worth playing and will definitely be enjoyable.

Mystic Guardians

Fans of playing RPGs online will really enjoy this one, especially because it happens almost entirely on one of our favorite social media platforms, Facebook. The game sets you in the role of a character who is trying to (no surprise) catch and train little monsters for use in battle. With three different monsters or ‘Guardians’, you are going to want to work hard to become the ultimate Guardian Trainer. There are also Mystic Guardians that give you the chance to complete quests and find items that have been hidden away and while you may have to wait for your energy to refill after every adventure you complete, the game makes it worth it.


A free game for iPhone, MinoMonsters allows each player a variety of different species of monsters to own and train for the oncoming battles. The game has been well regarded for its good visuals and is a big favorite amongst those who loved Pokemon. And of course, as so many gamers can’t afford to spend huge amounts of cash on games, it doesn’t hurt that this game is free. If you’re looking for a game that goes beyond Pokemon but with all the same charm, you’re going to want to try this one and find a monster of your very own to train and battle with.

Digimon World

Digimon World the next step for Pokemon creators and this is applicable in the gaming world too. The game allows players to become Digimon tamers who must discover new monsters, train them and command them. with over 200 of these little creatures to call your own, you’ll have lots of adventures as you go. If you do manage to tame them all, the game also offers you the chance to create a Digi-Farm or use Wi-Fi for an enhanced experience. Though not at the top of its game, this RPG has captured the hearts of many players and will no doubt continue for years to come.

Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands

For those looking for new games to play on iPhone or on Facebook, Monster Galaxy has the solution. With at least 125 monsters to catch and train, this very Pokemon-like game gives players the chance to explore loads of different islands and battle on each one. There are no monster types like you would find in Pokemon, but each monster is aligned to a sign of the zodiac. Though you will have a limited time to play, that is, until your energy runs out, this game gives those who love casual gaming something to look forward to on a daily basis.


This cute game is perfect to take with you wherever you are and like Pokemon, which features the chance to capture and train monsters to complete certain battles. Reviewers are lauding this game as the next in the Pokemon succession of success, and with fast-paced battles that require a little strategy and a lot of skill, this will be a standout game. The game allows players to play certain quests as well as playing in tournaments and with the donations of players (the game is being developed quite slowly), it is sure to launch soon and give players the chance to experience a very different world that looks somewhat familiar.


This game for iPhone has been reviewed by many players and found to be quite similar to Pokemon. With the opportunity to catch monsters and train them for use in battles, the game has all of the best features that made Pokemon such a hit. An impressive 350 monsters await you in this game and the opportunity for team battles means you’ll never be playing on your own. This massive world comes in at a price of $1.99, not too steep for gamers to afford, and with very unique missions and loads to do, it is most certainly worth it.


If you own an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, you are going to want to play Morphs, a game in which you have to explore Morph Island on a quest to find your father. As you go, you will meet many little monsters to catch and tame, train, and use in battle, and with these, you can be on your way to completing your quest. There is also a chance to find hidden treasures, feed and care for your monsters, and even play some mini-games, so this game is able to offer something for everyone who was a fan of the original Pokemon series.

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