World of Warcraft is indisputably one of the most popular role-playing games on the market. With thousands of players worldwide and loads of sequels, the game has skyrocketed to popularity for many years in succession. And as could be expected, when one game succeeds, another will soon follow in its wake. Whether they are made by the same developer or not, games such as these seem to be a quick favorite amongst the gaming community, enough so that they have bred blogs, YouTube videos, and all manner of paraphernalia too.

So what makes this franchise of games so addictive and exciting? Well for one, they create a fantasy world in which players are thrust and become completely immersed. For another, the games provide players with missions that are engaging, and that provides the opportunity to get more experience and more points, buying more weapons and going on even more interesting missions. Those games listed below certainly fit the bill too.

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Guild Wars 2

Set in Tyria, a mythical world, this game is one of the top-rated games that emulate all of the best things about World of Warcraft. Offering a storyline that progresses based on how you choose to play and some really unique features, this multiplayer game has a really impressive combat system that allows players to use found objects in their virtual environment to defeat their enemies. With the ability to customize certain features and choose a character from multiple classes, Guild Wars 2 is a close second to WoW in the gaming stakes and has doubtless sold millions of copies too.


A very realistic looking game, Florensia features very impressive graphics intertwined with action that happens both on land and in the sea. A fun Player versus Player game, characters have the opportunity to level up as they go and play either one on one or in parties, which means more opportunities to kick butt. Though there are only four base classes, players will love the different quests and the great skills they get as they level up. As it is another fantasy game, Florensia thrusts players deep into the heart of a make-believe land and ensures they get so engrossed, they don’t even notice as the hours go past.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Often referred to by its acronym SWTOR, this game is WoW typeset in the universe of Star Wars where millions of subscribers log in to experience a game unlike any other. Players have the choice of the dark or light side, being able to join the Sith or the Galactic Republic and whichever they choose, they can also determine whether to be a good bad guy or a bad good guy. The characters develop according to the usual RPG style and this means potential level-ups, bonus points, and other cool elements as you go. The game is very much like WoW, so anyone changing between the two will feel right at home.

Perfect World

In a perfect world, what would your life be like? Now, you can find out. With all of the features players have come to expect from RPGs, especially multiplayer, this game has created a very similar faction of folk to WoW. With 200 players at a push, these factions or guilds can battle others to win certain territories, and don’t think the battle will be done within a few moments. These are lengthy battles that could take hours to complete. The game uses Chinese mythology to create its graphics and make it more unusual and different from others, but the premise is pretty much the same.

EverQuest 2

Want to play a free game similar to WoW? Well, here you go. With loads of expansion packs, the game features a huge world in which players can meet other players, go on quests together, and complete adventures. One thing that definitely differentiates this game from so many others is the amazing graphics that have been developed to keep players in the game space. If it is quests you are looking for, know that there are over 8000 to keep you busy as you explore the wide and wild world of EverQuest 2. Many class and race choices await you, but once you’ve got your character, its on the front for the battle to begin.

Runes of Magic

Another free game brought to you by Runewaker, this game was not originally in English. It became so popular though that the developers saw the benefit of translating it and because it is both free to download and free to play, they have seen many players join up.

In this game, you can choose to stick with a human character or expand your imagination and become an elf. You can mix classes too, so this means more class combinations and strange and wonderful creatures joining the guilds. In this game, you can also use ‘Monster Cards’ which act as bonuses. When left behind by your enemies.

DC Universe Online

A game that uses superheroes as the characters, DC Universe does emulate Wow only in the game style and definitely not in the design. With loads of interaction and all of the great features you would expect in an RPG, this game does not pull short of any of the stops. The game is really unique and though there is limited ownership of territory, each faction does have safe houses all over this virtual world. As a superhero in training, you will need to choose a mentor from Batman to Superman and even the evil Joker. It’s not like any of the other games you have tried, and if you love comics, it will keep you enthralled for hours.


Though not a new multiplayer RPG game, RuneScape does offer some features you won’t find in other places. The game is able to proudly boast a massive 150 million players, with about 11 million of those being active accounts. The world of the game gives players the chance to explore kingdoms and cities (as you would expect) though the quests and monsters to defeat are not quite like any you will have seen before. This is a great game that offers a lot of freedom to players and with options to customize your gear, you’ll be spending a long time trying to level up and get even more goodies than you did before.

Age of Conan

This RPG has been described by many as a more mature game than the others, but this is only based on the fact that like many popular games these days, it contains some themes that are not suited to the young. With graphic violence and very adult-like innuendos, the game encourages combat amongst players with equipment playing a smaller role than dexterity and strength.

This is not the kind of game you want to give your kids for Christmas, but for adults, gamers are a great gift that allows you to connect to some really tough servers and make alliances that could stand you in good stead in your virtual world.

Luvinia Online

The battle has begun between the Empire and the Federals and it is up to you to pick a side and get into the midst of the action. In this very artistic and stylish game, the choice is yours when it comes to what side you are on, but with 15 different class systems to choose from, it doesn’t really even matter, does it? An open-world for PvP combat awaits you with many different locations in a typical RPG game. While not the most challenging of games, there are some redeeming factors to Luvinia, and these certainly make it worth playing for a while at least. For more games worth playing check out online casino in india.

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