10 Adventure Games Like Myst

Games like Myst

Myst and the various other games in the collection, such as Riven, are some of the most beautiful ever created. These games thrust users into a virtual world that seems completely lifelike and that forces users to solve puzzles and move through environments, all in the hopes of making their way around the island.

Of course where there is success to be had, many people follow suit and this is exactly what has happened with the likes of Myst. Developers quickly caught on to how much fun players were having in the virtual world and decided to create a few of their own. While not comprehensive, this list does go some way to identifying which are the best games to play if you are a follower of Myst. Many of them take some of the best features of the game and apply them to their own worlds; whether successfully or not, is up to the player.

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Axel and Pixel

This game is for the Xbox 360 but that doesn’t make it any less like Myst. A point and click adventure game filled with puzzles, the game was released in 2009 and follows a painter and his dog through adventures in a world of dreams. There are many puzzles and riddles to solve in this game and that is exactly what players will like about it. It is challenging, but not so tough that you won’t be able to move from stage to stage and even includes three mini-games that players can use to further their adventures. The chapters are based on seasons and this is sure to give players a run for their money.

Phantasmagoria 2

This game was developed a long time ago, but that does not mean that it does not have a lot to offer players. Trapped in a virtual horror movie, the main character must make his way through puzzles and around obstacles all in the hopes of getting to the end. What the end actually holds for him is something each player will want to discover for themselves, but it is sure to be surprising. Rather than a fantasy environment such as the one found in Myst, this game thrusts users into a horror scenario where their worst fears come alive. Definitely not for sensitive viewers, this game is one of those that older players will not want to miss out on.


This game has become extremely popular amongst gamers who have gotten to know and love the point and click genre. Now available on multiple platforms, the game challenges users to solver a variety of brain teasers and other puzzles to take you through a dream world. There is no dialogue whatsoever in this game. Rather any communication that needs to be done is sent in thought bubbles. As players progress through the levels they will be able to play mini games, get hints, and slowly figure out what the whole game is about. This is a game that has been very well regarded by viewers and for those who loved Myst, this game offers a whole new take on the genre. It is intriguing, it is engaging, and most important of all, it is a good find.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Survival is the most important thing in this game. Though the puzzles are not quite as plentiful, for horror freaks, this is the game to buy. Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, the game takes a journey through the psyche of Daniel, the main character who has to explore and try to escape a dark castle. He will have to solve a variety of puzzles, keep away from a range of monsters and all the while, keep the count on the insanity bar as low as possible. The game is not for those who love action since there is simply no way to fight the monsters. Instead, players need to rely on brainpower to stay away from them, and because the whole experience is brought to you in first person, it may be a little too scary for some to handle.

The Secret of Grisly Manor

This is a secret that is hidden deep down in the depths of your uncle’s mansion. By solving a variety of clues and puzzles, you will need to make your way through the hidden depths of the mansion to try and discover what the heck is going on. It’s a relatively easy game and not one that will send you into paroxysms of fear, which makes it the perfect game for kids. There are a lot of easy puzzles to solve and nothing particularly challenging. This game features some pretty impressive graphics and is easy enough if you don’t want to fully commit your mental power, but those who loved Myst may find it a little lacking.


This game focuses less on the beauty of an alternate world and more on the puzzles that players can solve. Players have an extra advantage in this game that they would never have had in Myst, namely, a portal gun. This gun has the power to create wormholes that allow you to move between worlds. The series of games have received a lot of critical acclaims and because they provide users with so much to see and so much to do, have quickly risen to popularity, especially in the Steam store. This definitely is a game of preference though, so if you loved Myst and won’t take anything different, this may not be the one for you.


This series of games focus on the casual puzzle solving adventures of the main character, rather than on an intense journey. To this end, the developers have focused more heavily on the storyline than they have on the puzzles but it is still an impressive journey to take. Players who enjoy having their grey matter stretched to the limit will certainly find some new challenges here and when they’re done with one, they will find more in the series. Admittedly not the most challenging game you’ll ever play, Drawn is a series that is certainly worth putting on your list nonetheless.

The Longest Journey

As the name may suggest, you had better sit down and grab some provision for this exceptionally long journey. PC players get to be one with the game’s main character who travels between parallel universes, solving puzzles and generally having a pretty great time doing it. Or at least, that’s the plan until she meets some pretty scary creatures. The game makes use of over 40 hours of continuous gameplay, so settle in for a marathon session. Filled with speaking characters, great music and loads to do, this game will certainly keep you on your toes and give you a great
experience, all for under $10 in the Steam store.

Gray Matter

If there was ever a game where the title pretty much told you whether it was a thinking game or an action game, this one is it. As a professor of neurobiology at Oxford, you and your companion, a street performer, need to make your way through the streets of Oxford, solving riddles and getting through mazes. The game has a similar feel to Myst with its point and clicks adventure style, but the environment is so different that it provides a new take on the genre. This game is perfect for science lovers and those who take the time to appreciate truly beautiful graphics.

The Lost City

Whether you’re a point and click purist or just in it for the adventure, The Lost City is able to offer you a variety of truly stunning graphics, loads of adventures to complete, and a very impressive soundtrack. The game allows users a map that guides them through this lost city and leads them to some pretty tough but fair puzzles and a variety of great adventures. It is the perfect game to take with you if you have an Android or iOS device but even for PC, this one could be a very diverting one to play and one you will certainly enjoy.

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