The Zelda games originally became popular years ago and since that time, the game has seen many sequels and spinoffs, all with their own unique features. The objective of the game remains the same though. Rescue Princess Zelda. Apparently, this quest became so popular amongst gamers that last year, the franchise was estimated to have sold a ridiculous 68 million copies. Now, the games can be played online, on all manner of consoles, on PC and Mac, and who knows what else.

And as popularity rises, many developers sit up and take notice. After all why shouldn’t they also have a piece of the Zelda pie? Well, while many have tried to copy the series and make it their own, rather unsuccessfully, some developers really have gotten it right and those are the ones we have listed here. While this list is by no means comprehensive and you are likely to find more of your own games to add to it, this is a good starting point for those who loved Zelda in its heyday and still do.

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Kameo: Elements of Power

A game for Xbox 360 is one of the better adventure games like Zelda. According to reviewers, the game is a lot of fun and has a very cool soundtrack though hardcore gamers may be disappointed in how easy it is to get through. In this game, players get to control an elf who can transform himself into loads of different people. This allows players to solve puzzles and engage in combat, and even unlock new characters as they go. While the campaigns are pretty limited, the game does have a cool cooperative mode that allows players to team up.


Available on PS2 and Wii, and due for release on PS3 soon, this game may at first seem like it has absolutely no resemblance to Zelda. Players need to look a little closer though because though it does have distinct differences, the game has a style of play and control that is very much like Zelda. The game is set in Japan and thus features a lot of references to Japanese culture. As the Amaterasu, the player will have to fight, solve puzzles, and do all kinds of other things in this linear world in order to make it through to the end.

Binding of Isaac

The name may make you instantly interested in this game and with good reason. Not only does the game take some of the best features of Zelda, but players will also notice that it has biblical references. Isaac’s mother is trying to sacrifice him and to escape, he has fled to the basement where he will encounter all manner of weird things and freaky monstrosities. These dungeons are randomly generated so no two games will be the same and with loads of different enemies to fight and different endings, the game can be played over and over. Only $5 on Steam? Worth it!

3D Dot Game Heroes

If you haven’t played this game before, you need to do so pretty soon. It was first released just a few short years ago as a retro adventure action game but since then has really made a lot of progress. Now available for PS3, the game allows players to fight monsters, collect all kinds of weapons and other equipment and solve loads of puzzles along the way. Players even have the opportunity to customize their characters, which means there is a high degree of personalization, making this game one of the best like Zelda. And though it may never live up to Zelda itself, it certainly tries hard to do so.


No one would blame you if you took one look at the name of this game and decided it was too difficult to pronounce. Despite its name though, this game for iOS devices allows players the chance to explore a massive world where anything could happen. In this virtual world, players can meet new friends and do battle with them. Offering one of the best RPG solutions for those who want a game on the go, GraalOnline has also be developed for Facebook, for those who love interacting with the social media platform. It may not be the best game like Zelda, but it is in the top ten.


This series of games is available for PC and console and though at first glance it may look like Zelda, players should know that it has a dark side, as the name would suggest. In this game, you get to take the reins (pardon the pun) of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and explore a virtual world full of content that slowly lets itself be unlocked. The game does encourage both combat and exploration and has a graphic style that makes it really interesting and engaging to play time after time. This is definitely one of the better options for those who loved Zelda.

Legacy of Kain

This series comprises five games, all of which bear a significant resemblance to Zelda. These have become very popular in the gaming community for their impressive storylines, voice acting skills and great gameplay, and boast a number of characters that players can use to get from location to location. The game is non-linear, so players have their choice of games without having to worry about missing something and they will see some very exciting themes. Time travel is just one, and as players keep delving deeper into the world of Kain, they will notice that things are not as they seem.

Beyond Good and Evil

This game is so awesome, they had to make it for a variety of platforms including PS2, PS3, Windows, and Xbox. Though it is one of the older games on this list, older is sometimes better. As Jade, a reporter, players will have to venture through a planet to reveal a pretty big conspiracy. While fighting others, solving puzzles, and getting cool objects, players will have to use their stealth and strength to get through virtual dungeons. In general the game is one of the better ones to play for its very cool storyline and excellent art direction, and it is these factors that have made critics love it so much.

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden

This game is made specifically for iOS devices though players who want to can download it for Kindle too. The gameplay is free for about an hour and if you like it, you will be able to purchase it. And we’re pretty sure you’ll like it for its very cool RPG gameplay and difficult to solve puzzles. Players will be playing as Ayden, a character who has the unenviable task of piecing together the parts of a very sacred grail and fighting bad guys. As they go, they will be able to unlock cool weapons and defeat minions, all in an effort to get to the end of the game.

Across Age

This game is based on Zelda only insomuch as they are both fantasy games with a similar control level. The difference ends in platforms since this game is for iOS devices and allows character swapping as you play. The in-depth puzzle solving action gives you up to 20 hours of awesome gameplay and if this is not enough to convince you, know that the game sports some pretty amazing HD graphics. The story is pretty interesting too and makes for a cool adventure through these fantasy lands as you go from beginning to end in an effort to collect cool stuff, fight enemies, and do some general exploration.

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