Games like Maplestory

The wealth of adventure games currently available is pretty staggering and those who played them will pretty efficiently be able to tell one from the other. While some are free and others are not, many of them are worth a look but few players know what the next step is once they have played one of their favorites, such as Maplestory.

However, the list of games that compare this one is pretty long and there are a variety of sub genres of this game that give players the chance to put themselves in the characters’ shoes. This list gives players just a few to watch out for and while not all of them will conform to everyone’s taste, they are certainly worth a mention and worth downloading. No matter which you play, whether on this list or not, players who enjoy these games will certainly find the genre diverting and will be able to find even more than they expected with a little research and some good, old-fashioned game playing determination.

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If you were hoping that this very strange name would lead to a very strange game, prepare to have your expectations met. The game draws a lot from Maplestory including such things as character customization and the ability to create your own detailed skill systems. Where the two games differ is obviously only in storyline and design since so many aspects of this game seem just like those in Maplestory. With all the standard item hunting and PvP play, players won’t notice much of a difference between this one and other games but will be pretty impressed by the stunning original soundtrack.

Dragon Saga

Available as Dragon Saga offline and Dragonica online, the game has a lot to offer players, not the least of which includes not having to pay for gameplay. There are hundreds of quests to choose from in this game and the action has been specifically geared for those who love to battle it out. There is also a great system in place for exploration and great design, all adding up to a pretty spectacular experience on the whole. Players who wish to do so can specialize their characters as there are six different classes to choose from. The game is easy to play and easy to navigate and will leave players wanting more, which they may have to wait for considering it is a massive file download.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Thanks to Nexon, players not have the option of a really unique and retro type of game with some pretty fast paced combat and a lot of content. There are levels galore for players to explore and those love PvP certainly won’t be disappointed here. Every dungeon to be mastered will only take you a few minutes but it is this kind of immediate gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The game has a huge player base online and with so many people who are enjoying it, they must be doing something right. What this is, you may have to find out for yourself.


This game has been heavily inspired by anime and uses sides scrolling in 2D to take players on a real adventure. There is a good combat system in place, so players will easily be able to kick some butt and they may find that if they have played Maplestory, nothing in this game is very different. The game is based on four classes of hero, which players have the opportunity to choose as they go. They can become either a master swordsman or a thief, a magician or even a scout. No matter what class you choose, you will quickly note that developers seem to have taken all of the best aspects of Maplestory and made a game that is better.


This game is really fast paced and makes use of a lot of content to keep it interesting. Players who love arcade games will find this one full of great things to do and besides being an MMO, players will still see a lot of similarities between this one and Maplestory. The game has a lot of gameplay on offer that is quite unlike what they may be used to and features an impressive soundtrack. There is also an arena where players can face off and try to beat each other senseless, always the mark of a good game. With a small file size for quick download, this game is very popular.

MapleStory Adventures

If you’re shaking your head in confusion and wondering how a game called MapleStory could be like MapleStory, take a second to read on. This game is the same but for one major difference, namely, that it is played on Facebook. A totally free game, this one is run through the Facebook Apps affording players the chance to play while they browse. Of course, unlike the original MapleStory, this game has some limitations since you won’t be able to play unless you take the time to recharge your energy. Players can replenish this energy if they level up but will have to wait if they are nowhere close to the next level.

Trickster Online

Another great one in the line of online games, Trickster is one that has been heavily inspired by the MMORPG genre and uses all of the best aspects of MapleStory too. The game is pretty intuitive, which means you won’t need to be a brain surgeon to get started and make use of some pretty exciting graphics and colors to create a world just waiting to be explored. With 12 different stats that allow you to give your character the traits you want them to have, the game also works its way through levels that allow you to level up and hunt for cool items along the way.

MapleStory iOS

Okay, it’s not a game LIKE MapleStory. It is MapleStory, but it’s played on a different platform which we think makes a difference. Another big difference is the number of variations on the game from the Cave Crawlers version to the Cygnus Knights version. All of these make use of the same genre but with many significant changes, not the least of which includes that you can take it with you wherever you go. The game is not just fun to play, but is also portable which means that no matter what you loved about the original MapleStory, you can now keep it with you.

Wind Slayer 2

This game follows some of the better aspects of MapleStory giving players six classes of character to take through the game in an effort to complete quests and kick other players’ butts. The experience rate is probably one of the fastest you will ever find in the MMORPG arena and so you will find that there are always rewards to be pursued and satisfaction to be had. Players who loved MapleStory will easily be able to make sense of this game and to see its great features as plain as day. While it may not be the most popular on this list, it is certainly worth a try.

Trickster Online 2

Like MapleStory and so many other games of this genre, the game of Trickster gives an online spin to an old favorite. Following the adventures of a sheep, a bunny, a cat and a raccoon, the game is able to provide players with something a little less conventional and a little more and fun and while they may not spend a lot of time playing it, they will certainly find something about it, a certain X-factor, that makes the game worthwhile. It’s not going to win any awards for best game of the year, but it is a fun one and one that players should certainly put on their list and try.

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