Games like Moshi Monsters

These online games like Moshi Monsters, you could be forgiven for thinking they are developed by the producer of the same game. If you have ever wanted to have a tiny monster to call your own, Moshi Monsters gives you the tools to do it. Though the online game was originally aimed at the youth market, that is pre-teens, over 65 million users have registered for a monster of their very own.

In this game, players can adopt one of six virtual monsters and navigate Monstro City in search of supplies, completing puzzles along the way. As they go, they earn Rox which are the virtual monies used to expand their little world.

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The game was so popular in the UK that it launched its own set of trading cards, a magazine, iGaming casino, music CDs and books, and even a video game for the Nintendo DS. Similar to a virtual game of The Sims, this game allows children a safe space in which they can interact with one another and have a great time doing it.

Noticing that this game had become such a worldwide hit, as is Gaming on casino abroad, more developers saw the logic in creating these types of games, and have done so rather successfully. While they may never reach the impressive success of the original, they have certainly created enough options to try and capture the hearts of this very young market.

Creature Breeder

This online game is so similar to Moshi Monsters, you could be forgiven for thinking they are developed by the producer of the same game. In this animated world, you will be encouraged to adopt your own little pet, sell, and trade with other players and buy decorations to make your farm look like your own. This is a game that is played solely in your web browser and while they may at some stage make apps that allow parents to let their children play it on tablets, for the moment it can only be accessed by those with internet connectivity and a good browser.


This very clever online world was actually created by a vet and so they cute little pets look eerily realistic. Your puppies and kittens will get hungry, need to go potty, and even want to play, just like a real pet, and when you subscribe to the game, you can adopt up to 50 different animals. The good? No smelly poop to clean up? The bad? No fluffy kisses in the morning. This game is one of the top games like Moshi Monsters simple because it is so realistic and the developers have really gone to town when it comes to the details.

Club Penguin

This game has some really distinct differences from Moshi Monsters, but it still consists of a virtual world that kids can access. And they must be doing something right because so far, 35 million kids have registered for an account. The game allows kids to sign up for Club Penguin which offers them extra benefits and parents will be quite pleased with the high level of safety inherent in the game. Though available for any browser, the game can also be bought if you have a Nintendo DS and offers many small games, cute Puffles to call your own, and loads of items to collect.


Okay, the name is a little weird, but this does not detract anything from how awesome this game is. Subeta gives you a world of pets that you can call your own and in this world you’ll get to customize your avatar with clothing, play all sorts of games and meet other kids your age. Though it is a more mature game targeting a teen rather than a pre-teen audience, it is still a lot of fun and adds pets to its database on a regular basis. Currently, players can choose from over 60 different pets if they want to play.


What is it with these guys and their cutesy names? Well, despite the rather bizarre name, this game is actually one of the top earners of any game that is like Moshi Monsters and targets kids from the ages of six to 14. It has become so popular in fact that it now boasts an impressive 15 million users worldwide, a game developer’s dream number, and has increased its safety regularly to give parents the ultimate peace of mind when their kids are gaming. In this virtual town kids will be able to safely create their own little world and control it.


Yes, it is another virtual world game. Yes, it is like Moshi Monsters. And yes, it is also awesome. Centered around a world that allows kids to adopt up to 80 different kinds of pets, this is a game that parents and kids will enjoy. Pets don’t just sit around and eat though. In this game, they are tough and rugged and can be taught to fight, to cook, or even to just be adorable. Kids will be able to play loads of mini games, collect all kinds of paraphernalia, and even make use of a virtual pet stock market. All in all, this is a really cool game to try.


This game is actually one of the first that was released after Moshi Monsters and though it may be a little dated, is fun to play nevertheless. Though it can only be accessed from a web browser, it is giving newer Flash games a run for their money by giving kids the chance to adopt any four Neopets. They will have to clean the pets, clothe them and feed them and generally make sure they are happy, but will not be able to take the pet with them wherever they go. One of the great features of this game is the Battledome, in which players can pit their pet against another to see who emerges the champion.


Again, like so many others on this list, this game is all about adopting your own virtual pet. However, this game does it with a difference. Kids get to adopt a pet they could get in real life if their parents would let them. Adopt a cat or a dog, a bunny or a snake, horses, monkeys, and even turtles. One of the greatest things about this game is that kids can chat with and interact with their pets, giving their pets friends, dressing them up (probably like they would in real life) and all in all making their own companion.

Mara Pets

Similar to Neopets and Moshi Monsters, this game is a very unique virtual world in which kids of all ages get to adopt pets that they can dress up, feed and love. The addition of loads of mini games to the offering has made this a unique game to play and kids who want to do so can even put their pet in the battle arena for a chance to kick some other pet’s butt. The game is constantly updating itself and this means there will always be new content to keep kids coming back for more, though it is available in internet browser only.


Though this site opened just five years ago, it appears to be on hiatus, which is a pity because it was one of the more popular games like Moshi Monsters. With the ability to dress up pets and give them a chance to perform in fashion shows, this game really knew how to capture the hearts and minds of kids aged six to 14. However, they must have done something wrong because they are not currently operating as far as we know, but if they ever open their doors again, this will be one you really want to play on.

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