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Final Fantasy is a franchise of games and movies that bring with them a very popular gaming style. The RPG style is one that many players have come to know and love and it also available for multiple devices. Where there is success in one field, others tend to follow and this is why the makers of Final Fantasy have released so many games. While they may have cornered the market share, others have certainly made some good efforts to push their way in and be a part of the franchise.

Anyone who has played an RPG game will be able to tell you that is probably the most popular genre by far. What they don’t tell you is that even within this genre, there are sub-genres that emerge as players opt for a game with more action or less, more adventure or more puzzles, or simply a game that is easy to play and easy to enjoy.

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Lost Odyssey

Originally made for Xbox360, this game should be one that sticks in your mind because it comes from the same guys who gave you Final Fantasy. That being the case, there will be a lot of aspects of the game that feel familiar as players take Kain, the protagonist, out for the test spin. Kain may have lived for over 1000 years, but that doesn’t mean he has a great memory and that is why he needs to go on this long adventure to find out all the things about himself he doesn’t know. There is a lot of gameplay and players will find themselves lost in the magic of this fantasy world.


This one is strictly for iOS devices but that certainly doesn’t make it any less interesting. The game has been quoted as being a little more Legend of Zelda than Final Fantasy, but that doesn’t mean those who loved the latter won’t fall in love with this one too. The game isn’t very expensive and certainly makes for some great gameplay with its classic graphics and its very well written story and dialogue. Those who need a game to take with them anywhere certainly could do worse than this one. And frankly, for under $1, why not buy it and keep it with you?

Dragon Quest 9

The ninth in this series, the game and its predecessors have bee exceptionally popular in the gaming community for their RPG style and their ability to be downloaded to handheld devices, such as the Nintendo DS. With enemies that spawn pretty much all over the place and a level system that players need to work their way through, you might be forgiven for wondering what the big deal is about this game. Suffice it to say that while it may look like the others, it is one of the toughest games you will ever play, and probably one of the best too.


Just looking at the release date, players may be thinking, oy vay, but just because it was developed 20 years ago doesn’t mean that it is not still very cool. The storyline is a bit predictable with the main character having to find their fiancé who has been kidnapped on their wedding day, and venture through the kingdom to save her. However, for those just starting out this genre, the game is perfect because it offers a great story, varied difficulty settings and the ability to defeat enemies as you go. While not the most challenging game you will ever play, it does have a certain old school charm.


Japanese game developers are probably the most trusted in this genre and when it comes to Xenoblade, this is especially true. Released a few years ago in the East, the game made its way to the West soon after and quickly soared to popularity. What made it so popular? Well besides the great weapons and the adventures that players had the chance to go on, there is also a mix of attacks and all kinds of special powers that players will be able to access. While there are no potions to heal you, one of the most interesting features this game has to offer is the ‘aggro’  ring and the vision system, two character skills that allow you to plan for future attacks.

Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes

A popular iOS game, this RPG was created by the powers that be behind the greatest game ever made and sold, namely, final Fantasy. The game offers players the chance to make their way through a story while still playing and battling the hordes. As the main character, Ziggy, players will need to journey through a rather strange world to try and find their kidnapped brother. Thankfully, you will have the power of music to help you summon soldiers and transform your world. While not the classic type of RPG, this game does take a new approach to the genre and may become a firm favourite for some.

Shadow Hearts

This series of games is also Japanese (surprise, surprise) but despite its many similarities to the likes of Final Fantasy, has its own story to tell. Set in the world just because the First World War, the game is filled with interesting characters and some uncharacteristically bizarre plot twists that will send players spiraling deep and deeper in the heart of the game. Turn-based combat makes the game quite a lot of fun, as does the great storytelling aspect, making this game one to watch out for and definitely one to play if you love RPGs and the chance to get a good story too.

Wakfu Online

This game is kind of like Final Fantasy but takes play to the online realm. Themes in the style of MMORPG games, it is published by the same guys who brought you FF, making it one that will seem both familiar and excitingly new. Players have to take on the character of a reincarnated hero who goes on a mission to restore their land and world to its original state. You can fight with friends, you can try to win territory and you can even establish an ecosystem. How cool is that? With its small download size but access to loads of graphics and character classes, this game is one to watch out for.

The Last Remnant

If the name of this game wasn’t enough to make you sit up and pay attention, perhaps you need to know that it is another of those RPGS brought to you by the Japanese. However, the difference is that while the design is distinctly Eastern, the gameplay has been developed with a Western player in mind. Originally for Xbox360, but quickly released onto all platforms, the game encourages players to set out on a voyage for ancient artifacts, all with their own power and magic. The combat system is unlike any you will have seen before and players will be thrilled to find that not only can they control individual characters, but groups of characters too.

Rogue Galaxy

Even the name of this game sounds like fun and though only playable on PlayStation 2, this game like so many others made in Japan has brought the best of the East to the West. The game was so successful in fact that its sales got up to about 500 000 within a few months of release and it is probably because of the very cool characters and the many special features. Even the critics have to admit that this game is one of the coolest currently available. With the chance to earn trophies and collect relics as you go, those who loved Final Fantasy won’t want to miss this one.

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