Games like Fantage

There is no doubt that Fantage and games like it have taken the market by storm and whether it is because people have curious natures or the games specifically target a younger audience, they have become extremely well regarded. The popularity of these games is dependent though on how many characters the players get to control and how detailed they are, and this is why Fantage has become such a winner in this regard. Specifically designed for kids aged six to 16, the game was brought to market in 2008, but since then has registered over 16 million users.

Parents love games such as these because they provide a safe space for kids to interact with one another and engage with a virtual pet. As you may well expect, where one game succeeds, another soon follows in its wake and this is certainly the case with Fantage. What’s great though is that these games need not compete with one another. They are all so much fun and so subtle in their differences that players may want to engage them all.

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Club Penguin

This awesome virtual world is perfect for kids and is one of the most popular too. Parents will be thrilled at all the safety aspects put into place by the game that has over 30 million users. In this game, Puffles are your pets and these adorable and super fluffy creatures give kids the chance to create a pet, nurture a pet and if they want to, ignore their pet until it runs away – something parents will hopefully not allow. The game is available online or for those using Wii or Nintendo DS and is great for kids and adults of all ages.


Okay, this is frikkin’ adorable and whoever came up with this game must be a marketing genius. In this game for kids and teens, users can create their own account free of charge and start building a personalized avatar of their very own (known as a WeeMee). The game allows these avatars to explore a virtual world meeting others as they go and because it has over 50 million registered users, there is even the chance of running into celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Sleena Gomex and even Taylor Swift. This is a game kids will love coming back to, to see who they can meet next.


They’re new. They’re pets. They’re the Neopets and they’ve been going since 1999. Though the game has aged, like a good piece of steak it has only gotten better and better and with the addition of mini-games has remained a household name for parents and kids. Players need to adopt and care for a pet of their very own and if they do not, the pets will wither away. You definitely do not want this to happen, especially if you want your pet to battle against others in between bouts of chilling out in its Neohome. This game is and probably always will be a favourite.


Besides the fact that this game has one of the coolest names ever, it is also very popular amongst the pre-teen and teen market. Playing as a panda, the game is filled with other red pandas that can build and decorate a tree-house of their very own. This virtual world is colourful and exciting, ensuring that kids have the chance to engage with each other and collect treasure as they go. The amount of items you put in your tree house is up to you since there are so many to choose from, and players who loved Fantage will definitely love this game too.

Moshi Monsters

This virtual world is the perfect place to adopt a pet, but kids will never have had a pet like this one before. With over 60 million users all over the world, this game has soared to the top of numerous charts and all because it offers kids the chance to own a cute monster of their very own. Explore the city of Monstro, complete puzzles and engage with friends. These are all easy activities for kids, and ensure that whether playing online or on Nintendo DS, they are thoroughly occupied. As there are so many users worldwide, it is also the perfect place for kids to make friends.


This website is based on social experiences and while it does not offer kids many games to play, it is almost more of a social media platforms with a few games attached. As their virtual avatars, kids will be able to chat to others and make friends, while playing games too. How popular is it? Well, with over 50 million registered users, the game is one of the few that has really opened up a whole new social world to kids and allows them to design the game that suits them best as they go. Besides clothes and accessories, kids also get the chance to win items and submit their designs for consideration in the IMVU catalogue.

Gaia Online

This virtual world is more of a social forum that allows people of all ages to meet and play together and the site has registered that it gets over nine million new visitors every month. The site has received various awards for its amazing mini games and excellent player-centricity, and allows players to really live out their fantasy worlds. For those who love the holidays, this site really brings them to life and allows players access to special content that is geared just for Christmas, Thanksgiving or whichever major holiday happens to be on the cards. Those who wish to do so can build up their virtual home on Gaia.

Habbo Hotel

This is one of the world’s largest virtual hotels ever and allows players to meet others as they go from room to room discovering new and exciting things to see and do. Players have to create an avatar that they will use when they are in the hotel and can play mini games with each other or just have a good chat. Those who have inclinations tending towards design can even design their own hotel rooms which makes the game so much more interactive and so much more fun. This is really a social game that allows players to connect and complete tasks together.


Based on Facebook, this game was first introduced I 2008 and since then has picked up millions of users. Whether playing for fun and to meet people or for real cash, converted into YoCash, the game allows players to create a world much like their own and interact with others to create a virtual community. Those who play can buy and arrange furniture, visit various stores and stock up on what they think their avatar needs. Though the game has seen significant declines in user numbers over the years, there is no doubt that it is still worth playing for those who like a little casual and social gaming.

Second Life

As the name of the game may imply, this game is all about creating your own alternate life online. With loads of space to explore and adventure, players will find loads of friends and comrades along their journey and though not really right for the younger audiences, older players will love this game. Since the game’s launch nearly ten years ago, it has gained in popularity and become one of the most played games, perhaps due to its 3D environment. Players have the option of playing just for fun or of using real money to keep the game going for as long as they want.

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