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Sid Meier’s game ‘Civilization’ took the world by storm when it was first released. The game is a turn-based strategy simulation that allows players to take on a variety of roles from the strategist to a fighter. It is this game and the games like it that have helped players evolve from the normal point and shoot genre to one where they can use their minds and their planning skills to take down an entire city, civilization, or world.

Games such as this one have become very popular because they balance out thinking with action. The balance of those two skills allows players a new dimension of gameplay and one they have not necessarily tried before. This is why there are so many games based on Civilization and why they release so many sequels too. We have listed a few here that have found certain notoriety and that players may want to try.

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Total War

This series of games has rushed to the top of the polls when it comes to turn-based strategy even surpassing the game upon which they are based. The game allows players to take on one of seven roles, that is, leaders, generals, mayors, and others. This means that as any of these characters they can add to and make the best of building their world, allowing for economic growth, advancements in technology, and even the development of the military. The game has scored very highly on many review sites and players all over the world are queuing up to become a part of the Total War family.

Evony: Age 2

This free online game is like Civilization in many aspects. Set in medieval times, players need to develop their own small cities that will keep developing and growing even when players are not actually playing. These small cities allow every player to gather certain resources and then spend them to build a successful city. With armies and attacks, defenses, and natural disasters, players will have a lot of fun trying to figure out how to take their small civilization to the next phase while not wasting resources. Although the game is built on the same principles of so many others in this genre, it brings its own unique flavor to the mix too.

Galactic Civilization

As the name implies, this series of games is set in the world of outer space where technology and politics have advanced. The series’ AI allows for players to keep going and going, allowing their personalities to dictate how the game will progress. The first game in the series started out with no multiplayer mode, but it quickly became obvious to developers that players would simply not stand for a game they would have to play all alone. This is why later versions quickly adapted and came with the facilities needed to play with more than one person, ensuring multiple opportunities for fun.

Master of Orion

This game is one of the few remaining original games released just after Civilization and like its counterpart, uses computer-controlled graphics to ensure continuous gameplay. Players start their journey on a single planet and need to slowly make their way into new territory building up the sparse resources they have. To get to victory, they need to destroy all of their enemies or negotiate with them, reaching a peaceful endpoint where they can co-exist. This is an oldie but a goodie and thus you may not be able to find it in the shop of your favorite game, but you can look out for free downloads of it online.

Dark Age Wars

Like Civilization, this game is a perfect way to start your strategic adventure. Played entirely online and set in the clutches of Medieval Europe, players are tasked with building up a kingdom from nothing. As the king of your realm, you will need to build, to fight, and to build alliances all in an effort to keep your citizens happy. The game takes strategy to the next level by providing players with an experience that is very realistic and gives them the feeling that they may actually have gone back in time and be stuck in the dark ages fighting a war that they may not win.

Alpha Centauri

Those who loved Civilization will be happy to hear that Sid Meier, the creator of the game, released yet another offering for strategy lovers, known simply as Alpha Centauri. This science-fiction game has a four-turn based strategy, which ensures that those who play can take their time planning campaigns and making the world they have been given their own. Some reviewers consider the game to be a sequel to the original Civilization, and so players shouldn’t be too surprised if they see a lot of familiar elements. In the 22nd Century, players may not have to worry about the kinds of problems the occupants of Chrion do, but in the game, they are going to have to do a lot of planning to get out of the mess they’re in.

Endless Space

A relatively new game, Endless Space is able to offer players an experience similar to Civilization in that they get the chance to build up their own little civilization from scratch. With maps that are randomly generated and able to accommodate at least eight players, there is a lot of action and some very deep strategy that comes with this game. Every player has to reach a predetermined objective which can be either military, diplomatic, or economic. They have to learn the combat system and plan how to make the best of their limited resources, a task that is not easy but will definitely be worth it if fulfilled.

Dragons of Atlantis

This free game is set in a time when dragons are the masters of the Earth (or in this case the little planet you’re given). Players have the chance to build one of the most powerful empire known to man and dragonkind and use the dragon to attack others and defend their own city. In this game, dragons are both allies and enemies and it will take a clever strategist to outwit others as well as some real brute force to crush their buildings. An entirely online game available for play in your web browser or on Facebook if you prefer, the game has much to offer players, not the least of which includes the chance to have your own pet dragon.

Age of Empires

This series of games is one that doesn’t use the same turn-based combat that Civilization does, but what it lacks in turn-based play, it certainly makes up for in single-player and multiplayer gameplay. This game started in 1997 but has since developed with a variety of sequels all set across the Earth. Players have to follow the progression of history across Europe, Africa, and Asia, all in the hopes to expand the planet and take citizens from the very bowels of the Stone Age to modern civilization. The game has been a huge success with over 25 million copies sold, but whether all of these players have managed to complete is as yet an unanswered question.


With no turn-based gameplay, you would be forgiven for doubting this game’s similarity to Civilization, but it is. One of the few strategy games available on console, the focus is on global strategy rather than on managing every single citizen in this virtual world. Players will have access to some pretty impressive gameplay though with multiplayer and a variety of possible modes. While not the most popular game on this list, this game should still feature on your to-buy schedule if you enjoyed Civilization. Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that this game will force you to use your brain and strategy skills.

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