Bluepoint Games Is Working on a Bloodborne Remaster and Sequel for PS5, According to New Rumors

Reports suggest that Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remaster and sequel for the PlayStation 5. The company has been rumored to be working on the project since last year, but now it seems like we may finally get to see it in action.

The bluepoint games next remake is a rumor that has been circulating for a while. Bluepoint Games is said to be working on a Bloodborne remaster and sequel for the PlayStation 5.

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Bluepoint-Games-Is-Working-on-a-Bloodborne-Remaster-and-SequelImage courtesy of Software

Another week, another rumor about Bloodborne. The newest rumors about FromSoftware’s cult favorite come from PlayStation podcaster and insider Colin Moriarty, who claimed yesterday on Twitter that Bluepoint Games is developing a Bloodborne game. Bluepoint is the developer of PS5’s Demon’s Souls, as well as many other remakes and remasters including Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Shadow of the Colossus. It was recently purchased by Sony for its expanding portfolio of first-party PlayStation studios.

Moriarty tweeted, “I’m hearing via the grapevine Bluepoint may be on a trip to Yharnam.” The Victorian-era city of Yharnam should be familiar to Bloodborne players, since it serves as the game’s focal point.

Bluepoint is said to be on its way to Yharnam, according to the grapevine.

October 4, 2021 — Colin Moriarty (@notaxation)

Moriarty didn’t have much to say, but rumors on Discord indicate that Bluepoint is working on two Bloodborne projects. The first is said to be a remaster of FromSoftware’s 2015 hit, while the second is said to be a full-fledged sequel that would be a direct sequel to the original.

Bluepoint-Games-Is-Working-on-a-Bloodborne-Remaster-and-Sequelmeatsmack69 is an image by meatsmack69.

1633479864_752_Bluepoint-Games-Is-Working-on-a-Bloodborne-Remaster-and-Sequelmeatsmack69 is an image by meatsmack69.

Sony says:

In the ancient city of Yharnam, where a mysterious endemic disease is spreading like wildfire, hunt down your dreams while looking for solutions. Danger, death, and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and terrible world, and in order to live, you must uncover its deepest secrets.

There’s no word on whether the original Bloodborne will ever get a 60 FPS update for PS5, but a programmer named Lance McDonald has created a patch that unlocks the game’s FPS, enabling it to operate at higher frame rates. Last year, Digital Foundry released a video demonstrating the patch’s beauty.


Colin Moriarty is the author of this article.

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The bloodborne remastered ps5 reddit is a rumor that has been circulating the internet. Bluepoint Games, the developers of Bloodborne, are allegedly working on a Bloodborne sequel for PS5.

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