The 11 Best Pantheon Skins- League of Legends(Ranked)

The Best Pantheon Skins in League of Legends, Ranked –

In the world of gaming, there are many different types of games that each have their own unique styles. One such game is League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Riot Games. The game has been played by over 100 million people worldwide since its release in 2009.

The best pantheon skin 2021 is a list of the best skins in League of Legends. It includes a ranking for each skin, and gives a description of why the skin was chosen as the best.

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Pantheon is one of the few champions that can rapidly increase my blood pressure.

And if you’re going to murder me for the sixth time beneath the tower, you should at least try to appear cool, right?

So, to make my life a little easier, we’re going to rate all of Pantheon’s skins to determine which one has the most awesome factor – while also considering how much money they’ll cost.

Note that Pantheon doesn’t have a single skin that is objectively terrible, thus this rating is all subjective.


11. Myrmidon Pantheon

Myrmidon Pantheon Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: February 2nd, 2010 The cost is 520 RP.

We’ll start with Myrmidon, which is one of Pantheon’s most affordable skins.

Because the skin costs just 520 RP, it doesn’t include any new visual or sound effects – instead, it’s simply a redesigned character model.

And the makeover seems a little disjointed.

It doesn’t seem to be terrible in any way, and it successfully conveys the “warrior” concept. However, in comparison to the rest of his discography, it is thematically weak.

By looking at this skin, it’s difficult to understand what Riot was aiming for. And I’m not about to waste my time learning about history simply to get a Pantheon skin.

It’s worth trying out every now and then, but I wouldn’t make this my go-to skin.


10. Full Metal Pantheon

Full Metal Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On August 1st, 2011, the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

The idea of Full Metal Pantheon is fantastic, but the execution is a little shaky.

To be honest, the character model looks quite nice. However, additional variables taint the experience.

“Oh, that’s really amazing,” you think as you see this robotic-looking Pantheon with a great shield and what seems to be a robotic ponytail.

Then you view his background animation and see that he looks like a Terminator, and you say to yourself, “well, that’s even better.”

When you hear the narration, though, the illusion begins to crumble.

The splash image isn’t very interesting, and the animations are simply recolored copies of the underlying motions.

To top things off, there’s a separate Pantheon skin that takes a similar futuristic approach but does it better. Perhaps this Pantheon should have remained an Alchemist all along.


9. Ruthless Pantheon

Ruthless Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on August 8th, 2010 with a cost of 520 RPG Points

So this skin has an issue that is quite similar to the last one, in that a different skin just covers this subject far better.

When you see this skin, the first thing that comes to mind is Mad Max or Borderlands, which is always a good thing.

It is, however, just a redesigned character model. As a result, there’s a limit to how wild things can become.

The basic animations aren’t particularly strange with this skin, but they’re also not doing it any favors, and the voice-over is simply wrong.

Where the heck is my guy getting that bread out of while he’s in his tighty-metal-whities?

However, being murdered by a half-naked guy is pretty amusing, so Ruthless Pantheon gets extra points for that.


8. Perseus Pantheon

Perseus Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: November 2nd, 2010 The cost is 750 RP.

This skin comes up next, and I have to admit, it irritates me to no end.

If they had only added some additional particles, this might have been an S-class skin, but life isn’t fair.

This one is stunning in terms of design.

You go all Thanos and grab Poseidon’s Spear, a Medusa shield, Aries’ helmet, and a dope-looking cape, posing as the next god of war.

Oh, and he’s wearing small Hermes boots, too.

When combined with Pantheon’s basic animations, though, all of it falls apart.

Imagine if his E had a Cassiopeia-style animation, or at the very least emitted some blue particles. That would have been amazing!

But, until then, this skin will remain at the bottom of my list, just out of spite and annoyance.


7. Ruined Pantheon

Ruined Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on July 8, 2021, with a cost of 1350 RP

I really believed that I would like this skin. But in the end, I simply said “meh.”

Don’t get me wrong: the skin has some incredible qualities:

The shield design is incredibly awesome, the tiny whisper you hear when you ult is creepy yet amazing, and your mohawk is unrivaled.

However, in my view, this simply looks like Viego.

They even had him wear thin jeans for Christ’s sake!

All of the animations are well-polished and tidy. Pantheon, on the other hand, does not fit the stealthy, secretive feel.

He’s brash, bold, and direct, rather than tossing mist at you.

Is this a controversial viewpoint? Reddit is a jungle at this point, so who knows.


6. Pulsefire Pantheon

Pulsefire Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On May 14th, 2020, the film will be released. 1350 RP is the price.

Let’s see how I get out of this one if the previous one wasn’t contentious enough.

The issue with Pulsefire Pantheon isn’t that it’s a terrible skin; it’s simply that it doesn’t match my vision of Pantheon.

He’s not even wearing a helmet, and his outfit is so extravagant that he appears more like a scientist than a true warrior.

Even I can’t deny that these animations are spectacular for what they are.

The little loading screen that appears as you load your Q, the holographic E, and the small marker on the spot where you ult, all of these elements help to bring the skin to life.

But, then again, I like my Pantheon to look old-school and badass, so this skin must be halfway there.


5. Baker Pantheon

Baker Pantheon Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 7th of October, 2016 was the date of release. The price is 975 RP.

Pantheon’s fondness for baking has been a running joke for a long time.

Finally, Riot answered our requests and gave us a Baker Pantheon skin.

Sure, we won’t be able to toss baguettes at people as we had planned. However, beggars can’t be picky.

The skin is amusing, but it’s also very well-made, with some brand-new animations and effects.

Your E is now blowing pie pieces all over the place, and buttery sound effects are everywhere!

Smaller touches, like as the pastries that surround you as you prepare your ult, or the ultimate Master Chief recall animation, are also fantastic.

Again, it’s a silly skin that goes against Pantheon’s badass reputation, which is why I can’t give it a high rating.

It’s also worth a look if you’re looking for a good laugh when tower-diving.


4. Glaive Warrior Pantheon

Glaive Warrior Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On the 30th of May, 2012, the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

This is a skin that adheres to the Pantheon’s mythology.

Simply a tough warrior with a spear and a shield, ready to trigger some life insurance plans.

Every history geek will immediately respect you a little more than normal since the character model is based on Dacian soldiers.

And the level of attention to detail is astounding.

The shield alone seems to have gotten more attention than Mordekaiser’s whole skin collection. Also, the helmet is a badass.

The ability animations have been somewhat altered, with the colors becoming slightly more greyish, which blends in well with the skin.

Overall, Glaive Warrior Pantheon is a superbly detailed, historically accurate skin that is highly worth investigating.


3. Zombie Slayer Pantheon

Zombie Slayer Pantheon Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On November 5th, 2015, the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

Is there anything I like more than historically correct League skins?

Skins that portray the end of the world and complete anarchy.

After all, I’m a simple guy.

All of the promises made by Ruthless Pantheon are fulfilled by Zombie Slayer Pantheon.

You’ve got a Mohawk, a stylish motorcycle helmet, and a chainsaw tied to a stick on your person. If it isn’t the greatest spear substitute, I’m not sure what is.

It just gets better!

When you have your passive active or ult, there are real chainsaw effects.

In addition, you have a real jetpack on your back that you utilize to take flight.

I’m sure I raved over the Pantheon fantasy a lot. This insane Mohawk-wearing, chainsaw-wielding, mutant baguette-loving berserker, on the other hand, fits right in with what Pantheon stands for.


2. Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition

Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On July 8th, 2021, the film will be released. Sentinels of Light tokens cost 2000 Sentinels of Light tokens.

Prestige skins are seldom separated from the rest of the entries since they rarely change.

In fact, I generally don’t like for them as much as the original and dismiss them as flex bait.

This skin, on the other hand, altered everything.

This skin instantly transforms you into a Greek deity, and I love it. It all adds up: the blue skin, the white and gold armor, the white beard.

Ulting into the bot lane feels like inflicting heavenly wrath on some skeptics.

If you missed the event, getting this skin may be a real hassle, so it’ll only get more scarce over time.

However, this just adds to the allure. Not everyone is capable of becoming a god!

So, if you happen to have a surplus of 2000 Sentinels of Light tokens, you know what to do.


1. Dragonslayer Pantheon

Dragonslayer Pantheon Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On the 14th of May, 2014, the film was released. 1350 RP is the price.

If you were aware that this skin existed, you would expect it to be at the top.

The only drawback to this skin is that I can’t use it on anybody other than Pantheon, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

The Eye of Sauron is embedded in your shield, and it even appears while you’re charging your Q.

Plus, said Eye of Sauron spews actual fire from your E.

You sprout dragon wings and soar off into the sky in your background animation.

What about your ult? Your ult not only grants you dragon wings and a wave of fire, but it also places a dragon skull in front of you to deal the most terror damage imaginable.

And if none of these is enough to pique your interest, this skin also comes with a large number of chromas to choose from.

I’m going to die on this hill because Dragonslayer Pantheon is the ideal Pantheon skin.

Note that this material was produced utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

The best pantheon skin reddit is a website that ranks the best skins in League of Legends. It features a list of the top 10 and then the top 5, with each entry giving information about why it was chosen for the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best pantheon skin?

I am not able to answer that question.

When did Glaive Warrior pantheon come out?

The game came out on April 23rd, 2019.

Where is Pantheon from League of Legends?

Pantheon is a character from League of Legends.

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