Forsaken main Easter egg quest guide in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

This guide will walk you through the main Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is called “Forsaken” and it can be found on the map “Vorkuta”.

The call of duty cold war outbreak easter egg guide is a complete walkthrough for the main Easter egg quest in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies has had a successful run, but all good things must come to an end, unless they’re undead. The beginning of the Dark Aether narrative is drawing to a conclusion with the inclusion of its last map, Forsaken, which is a great area to play around in and features one of the greatest wonder weapons we’ve ever seen in the Chrysalax. But for now, let’s concentrate on concluding this chapter by completing the major Easter egg quest in Forsaken.

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need.

In this Easter egg hunt, there isn’t much you need to prepare for. This quest may be completed alone or in a group, and it does not take a long time to finish. We’ll be utilizing the Chrysalax wonder weapon as our primary weapon since it’s so amazing, but if you’re playing as a team, use whatever you’re most comfortable with. Field Upgrades are the same as before; use anything you want. We favor Ring of Fire or Aether Shroud in our single games.

Lift the lockdown in the first step.

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We already have a tutorial on how to unlock Forsaken’s lockout, so follow that. After Pack-a-Punch has launched, interact with the button on the wall next to the shuttered window to trigger a cutscene. The guy we were attempting to bring back from the Dark Aether was, in fact, the Forsaken all along.

Step two is to get the Chrysalax.

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The Chrysalax isn’t needed until later in the steps, but it’s such a powerful weapon that we strongly advise obtaining it as soon as possible for as many teammates as possible. Either use the Trials machine or the Mystery Box to construct it.

The next three stages may be carried out in any sequence.

Step three is to get the Fuel Tank.

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To go inside the bunker, go to Fuel Processing (the location where you repair the teleporter). There are consoles on each of the huge canisters that you may interact with. If you’re playing as a group, you’ll need to interact with these consoles at the same time.

When the procedure begins, you will be trapped in this room with a swarm of zombies. All you have to do now is stay alive and slay all of the zombies. This is why the Chrysalax is recommended so you can go through them fast. Look at the orange bars on the side of the canisters to see how far you’ve come. When finished, the Fuel Tank will fall into the center of the earth.

Obtaining the Housing Unit is the fourth step.

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Return to the basement and go to the Board Room via teleportation. A hanging item in one of the corners must be knocked down. To do so, progress the rounds until an Abomination appears. Wait for the item to rush towards you from underneath. Allow it to collide with the wall, and the item will tumble to the ground, allowing you to grasp the Housing Unit.

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Get the Monitoring Device (Step 5)

You’ll need any regular gun with the Deadwire ammunition upgrade from the Pack-a-Punch machine for the following section. It costs 2,000 points to buy.

Go to the Arcade with the mod and stand next to the Grand Prix machine. Shoot a zombie in front of the machine to electrocute it, and it will switch on. Pay 2,000 points to take control of an ARC-XD by interacting with the machine.

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You will be positioned in the center of the arcade machines at initially. Drive beneath the flag and out of the Arcade, heading towards the TV Store across the street. Make your way behind the counter to a vent where the pulse of your vehicle will be able to escape. Turn right after driving through the vent to discover a shelf. Position yourself to the left of the shelf, leap, and then explode the vehicle to push the shelf ahead.

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Now that you’ve regained your senses, head to the TV store and get the Monitoring Device that’s stuck in the wall.

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Get the three Catalyzed Crystal Shards in step six.

This stage requires the presence of the Chrysalax in at least one individual. The Amplifier, Staging Area (spawn), and Storage Zone 5 Rooftops all received a huge cluster of Aetherium Crystals once you removed the lockdown and started the cutscene.

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Every cluster has three purple orbs hovering around it. Shoot them with the Chrysalax to eliminate them, but be aware that zombies will begin to spawn as a result of your actions. Switch the Chrysalax to its axe form and melee the cluster to shatter it after all three orbs have been killed. You will now need to pick up a tiny Crystal Shard item. This will take the place of whatever tactical gear you presently have. There will be a spawning of an Abomination. That shard must be thrown into one of the Abomination’s jaws. Its zombie tail will begin glowing orange if you do so successfully. After you’ve killed the Abomination, it’ll drop a Catalyzed Crystal Shard. Rep this process in each of the three places.

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If you kill the Abomination too soon or miss your throw, just return to the cluster and pick up another shard.

Step 7: Use the Aetherium Neutralizer to help you.

This is the moment when there is no turning back. There will be another opportunity to improve weapons and get perks in the future, but for now, we suggest obtaining excellent armor and all of your perks. Also, try to pack as much punch into the Chrysalax as possible. You should also store some points for the next checkpoint, since you won’t receive much here.

To create the Aetherium Neutralizer, go to Main Street and interact with the Workbench in the center of the road. You’ll have to wait for the gadget to charge before you can play it, and all of the characters will be chatting to each other. Simply kill zombies as they appear. When it’s ready, the Neutralizer will fire a blast that will clear the debris off the way.

If you’ve completed the second major Easter egg quest in Outbreak, you’ll be familiar with the following stage. The Neutralizer creates a safe zone in which you may stroll without fear of being harmed. However, zombies will attack you as you travel with the Neutralizer, and it will soon run out of fuel. You must leave the secure zone and seek for orange crystals. When you break them, additional Catalyzed Crystal Shards fall out. To keep the game continuing, pick them up and put them in the Neutralizer.

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The farther you travel, the more zombies appear, making solo play especially difficult. Outside the bubble hurts, and zombies rush into the bubble, so there aren’t many places to go if you’re low on health. Simply do your best to kill zombies as they attack you. As addition, if you’re playing in a team, the Neutralizer won’t move until all of your teammates are within the safe zone.

The Neutralizer will turn off when you reach the end of the road, and the Pack-a-Punch machine and Wunderfizz will emerge. To begin the final boss battle, gather supplies and interact with the door in front of you.

Step eight is to defeat the Forsaken.

This boss battle is quite simple, and there is no time restriction to contend with. Begin by sprinting forward and firing crystals from both of the Forsaken’s shoulders. You must now follow Samantha Maxis throughout the environment, killing zombies inside the purple aura that surrounds her. This will charge Sam’s essence, which she will deposit in one of the two large cannons on the area’s left or right sides. Ascend to the rifle and point it towards the now-red blazing shoulders. If you don’t hit it hard enough, just repeat the essence charging procedure. He may regain his health, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

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Shoot both shoulders, and when the Forsaken is half-health, the battle will be interrupted for a short while while the Forsaken offers you a vision. When Samantha comes to your rescue, the battle resumes.

Shoot at the Forsaken’s abs in the second part of the battle to shatter the crystals there, then repeat the essence charging procedure. When his abs have received enough punishment, the final target is his head.

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As previously mentioned, this boss battle is extremely straightforward. To finish him off, just do shoulders, abs, and head. If you’re out of ammunition, defeat higher-tiered foes such as Manglers or Mimics, and they’ll drop some for you. The Forsaken may use area-of-effect attacks such as a freezing storm and orbs, but just dodge them and leap inside Samantha’s radius when you can. With no time restriction, you have all the time in the world and must concentrate only on survival.

Once the Forsaken has been vanquished, he will release Outbreaks all across the planet, causing you and your squad to slowly deteriorate and die. Don’t worry; a cutscene will appear shortly, and you’ll have completed the primary Easter egg quest in Forsaken.

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