The Sims 4: Best Not So Berry CC To Download

Best Not So Berry CC To Download –

Choosing a game for you are time is always difficult. There are so many games available nowadays and most of them are good, but which are the best?

Who has time to download over 200 games to their computer? If you do, you already know how amazing the Newgrounds app store is. There are thousands of pixel art games being released every day for your gaming pleasure. The problem is that some of the games are so time intensive that you would have to devote an entire day to downloading them all. This is where the Newgrounds app downloads come in.

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For those who are new to the CC world, there are a number of places where you can download the games you want. The good ones are really good. The bad ones are really bad.

If you’re a fan of TS4 as much as I am, you’ve undoubtedly heard about lilsimsie (aka Kayla).

lilsimsie is a Sims broadcaster, YouTuber, and Custom Content developer who has created a number of Sims 4 challenges (especially shell challenges) that have gone popular in the past.

The #justiceforcowplants build challenge is one of my personal faves by her.

She and alwaysimming (Zo) launched the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge in 2017.

A colorful idea that invites Sims 4 gamers to explore areas of the game they may not have previously explored (i.e., mastering the Mischief skill, leaving some poor Sim at the altar, living in three different worlds before death, etc.)

And, despite the fact that it is years old, it seems to have exploded in popularity lately, resulting in a strong demand for CAS products in particular colors.

So, without further ado, I offer to you some fantastic CC for your Not So Berry Sims!

(P.S. lilsimsie’s Tumblr has the full guidelines for the Not So Berry challenge!)

Sims 4 Not So Berry Character Builds


Mint, first generation


Simandy’s hair is silver.

Silver Hairdo Style CC / TS4

Check Out This CC

Colors like mint, rose, and plum are tough to come by since EA is sticking to their guns and refuses to offer us more than 18 hair colors (including the 5 new ones introduced with the current patch).

So, spoiler alert: hair is a big part of the CC I’m suggesting.

Because I believe that a Sim’s hair completes the appearance, you know?

If you want that beautiful, eye-catching mint hue, you’ll need to download both the mesh and the Puppy Crow files (and 39 other awesome colors in the Puppy Crows palette).


Jeans: Saurus Jellybean Jeans

Jellybean Jeans in multiple colors / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

If the name isn’t enough to entice you (because how adorable is it? ), the versatility—and the numerous rips—might.

A swatch collage of all possible colors may be found on the download page.

In the second row, second from the left, you’ll find the slightly darker hue (that I used). If solids aren’t your thing, consider the striped dark mint patterned one (bottom row, fifth from right) for a colorful contrast.


Rose (Generation 2)


sophiescrapbook’s Rose Gold Hair Recolor

Rose Gold Hair Recolor CC / TS4

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Fun fact:

I had a hard time figuring out what rose was since I wasn’t sure how different it was from pink (aka Generation 7).

To keep things simple, I chose for a rose gold hair recolor of an existing Sims 4 BG hairdo.

This download merely adds two new swatches to the original game item, eliminating the possibility of image duplication.

One swatch is for rose gold on blonde hair, while the other is for dirty blonde hair. Both look fantastic, so it’s entirely a matter of personal preference.

(If you’re interested, the author also created rose gold swatches for this base game hairdo.)


Lipstick: Pralinesims December Lipstick Trio

December Lipstick Trio preview

Check Out This CC

Finish the look with Pralinesims’ beautiful dusky rose lipstick.

Snow Doll, Night Fairy, and Twilight Rose are part of a trio of sets (all lipsticks and glosses).

I went with one of the swatches from the Snow Doll collection, although Night Fairy and Twilight Rose also offer a lot of rose-colored options.


Yellow is the third generation.


Grace Wrap Dress from hezzasims

Grace Wrap Dress CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

By choosing for a beautiful wrap dress instead of a yellow top and yellow candy bottoms, I spared myself (and you) the effort of looking for a yellow top and yellow candy bottoms.

This CC is also available in three other yellow colors: dark yellow, light yellow, and warm yellow with white starbursts.

For people who like variety, this is a fantastic choice!

I maintained the Mint Generation’s hairstyle but altered it to a beautiful, crisp blonde.


Grey, 4th Generation


turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtle

Turtleneck for males / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Turtlenecks are flattering for everyone.

Let no one persuade you differently.

They’re simple, elegant, and make “casually distinguished” seem easy. Lazyeyelids offers 15 color choices for this bespoke turtleneck, three of which are different hues of grey: charcoal, slate, and light.

It also seems to automatically tuck into any pair of high-waisted trousers. For that extra-sleek street style, you know.


Sims4 Marigold’s Roll-Up Jeans: Male Roll-Ups

Male Roll-Ups Jeans CC / Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Marigold from The Sims 4 produces some of the most unusual alpha CC pieces I’ve seen, and she’s responsible for a lot of the items in my Downloads folder.

These slouchy men’s denim jeans, with their rolled-up cuffs, are no exception.

They go with almost every style—slouchy, grungy, sophisticated, smart-casual… you name it.

There are two types (short and long), each with 11 colors.

There are three swatches in various colors of grey for you to mix, match, and switch out as you want, much like the turtleneck from lazyeyelids.


Plum is the fifth generation.


Simandy’s Bloom Hair v1 is a hairstyle designed by Simandy.

Bloom Hair v1 CC / TS4

Check Out This CC

Simandy’s hairstyles are one of my favorites.

I’ve been since I first downloaded the Sims 4 CC.

This is a new item that comes in 18 EA colors and 40 Puppy Crow hues, the latter of which includes the rich, jewel-toned plum.

I selected the version with bangs for my Sim (simply because it appeared to fit her face better), but the Bloom Hair v2 version, which is the same wavy bob but without bangs, is also available on the download page. Choose whatever appeals to you!


LeeLeeSims1’s Bow-ho Jumpsuit romper

Bow-ho Jumpsuit for girls / TS4

Check Out This CC

To be honest, I believe that one-piece clothing is the simplest method to fake an outfit.

Dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers are a lifesaver for someone who has a hard time matching tops to bottoms.

The Bow-Ho Jumpsuit by LeeLeeSims1 is a true vision in rich, deep plum.

If you want to use it for other generations, it also comes in pale orange and forest green.


Orange is the sixth generation.


Natalia-Auditore created Helia Hair.

Helia Hair for girls / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Another hue that is almost difficult to get without the use of modifications is orange.

The three colors of reddish-brown on the top row (between the black, brown, and yellow samples) are probably the closest to EA’s normal 18-color palette, but they’re just not bright enough.

Could I suggest Natalia-Helia Auditore’s hair for your Not So Berry Sim?

Curled chunks of brilliant (I’m talking vibrant) orange, pushed back into a fashionably disheveled ‘do.

And the front shoulder-length curlicues are perfect for framing almost any face.


Madlen’s Novara Sandals by Aveira (Recolored)

Madlen's Novara Sandals shoes / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Madlen’s original Novara shoes have thick shiny straps and hefty heels (about three inches).

It’s lovely and comes in a variety of colors.

Aveira’s recolor offers 58 more color choices for a total of 64 swatches, including orange hues!

The straps have been recolored to appear more vivid and matte.

Have fun with these—they’re bright and beautiful!


Pink is the seventh generation.


Simple Simmer Skinny Jeans in Skin-Tight Skinny

Skin-Tight Skinny Jeans CC / Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Custom skin-tight jeans that don’t seem like they were painted on my Sim’s body are something I like.

As a result, I was drawn to Simple Simmer’s extremely detailed CC item.

Although I understand that wide-legged trousers and mom jeans are more popular these days (unless I’ve been indoctrinated by TikTok), what Sim doesn’t love a good pair of skinny jeans?

There are a several styles to choose from, but the high-rise (with front pockets) is the one you want.

It comes in nine different hues, one of which is a lovely light pink tint.


Peach is the eighth generation.


berrybbbies recolors Peach, Peach Puff, and Curly Stars.

Peach, Peach Puff, and Curly Stars Hair / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Credits for the original mesh These extremely beautiful hairstyles are courtesy of CC artist pinkpatchy.

berrybbbies recolors of these appropriately called Peach hairs (and Curly Stars, if you want a full up ‘do) add 76 new color swatches to each unique hairdo.

The Sorbets Remix palette has 76 hues, so you can be sure there are many beautiful tones of peach and light pink in there.

For my Not So Berry Sim, I chose Peach Puff, and I was not disappointed.

The original CC designer (pinkpatchy) also offers a Peach Puff hairdo sans the flower attachment that you may download!


Shorts: Simlaughlove’s Summer Breeze Shorts

Summer Breeze Shorts CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Are you tired with solids and want to try some prints?

Simlaughlove has you covered.

They made a pair of very adorable, quasi-sporty lounge shorts out of the TS4 Season’s romper, and they’re pretty cute.

16 EA swatches, 20 unique solid swatches, and 15 fun summertime patterns are available in this high-thigh, high-rise number.

Although none of the solids have a peach hue, one of the patterns has delicate pink flowers on a peach backdrop. It also looks great with the tank top from the basic game.

I would give it a 10/10.


Green is the ninth generation.


Saurus Overcoats: Men’s Autumn Collection Overcoats

Men’s Autumn Overcoats CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

These uber-uppity jackets from Saurus are a must-have if you’re in a fancy, stylish, and/or joyful mood.

Seriously, I’m a huge fan of the look.

There are two design choices as well:

(1) long overcoats layered over ribbed turtlenecks (20 colors); (2) hooded overcoats layered over casual layers (18 colors).

I went with the combat-fatigue-green and desaturated-green combination for the second look.

However, if you don’t like it, there are approximately two other green swatches in the similar manner.

The first is a light green piece worn over a mustard-yellow top (excellent contrast), while the second is a deep forest green hue paired with a deep blue undershirt (bit too dark a combination, but no less striking).


Blue (Generation 10)


Turtleneck: Noodles Sorbets Turtleneck Bodysuit (Recolor)

Turtleneck Bodysuit Outfit / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

CC artist okruee created the original mesh for this adorable, embroidered turtleneck bodysuit, which comes in 16 colors (and an add-on accessory).

The Noodles Sorbets recolor increases the total number of color choices to 76 (the Sorbets Remix palette), adding four to six stunning blue hues. Because I wasn’t sure whether light blue, sky blue, or cerulean counted for this generation, I went with a solid deep blue.

Blue, like green and yellow, isn’t difficult to find in a vanilla TS4 game since it’s part of EA’s 18 color pallet.

However, I am a big believer in having an abundance of wardrobe choices.

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