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The game League of Legends quickly became popular because it offered players the chance to battle it out for supremacy. Of course, where there is success in one arena, this is quickly followed by imitators who try to copy the better aspects of the game. Whether they managed or not depends on the developer, but there are plenty of gamers out there who will argue that some of them have made better games than the original League of Legends.

Purists may fight this theory, defending the integrity of the game to the death, but there is no doubt that although they may not measure up to the original, there are a lot of games that emulate enough of the gameplay of League of Legends to be feasible in the gaming community. This list, while by no means a full exploration of these games, does provide a few names of the more popular ones so that those who want to make their own judgments can see for themselves.

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Defense of the Ancients

A game very much like League of Legends, this one allows you to get to the heart of what has made MOBA so popular. However, if you don’t have Warcraft 3 and its expansion, The Frozen Throne, you will not be able to play this one. This game provides a single map extension to those games and is based on how many kills you can rack up over time. Players get to win gold coins as they go all with the end objective of leveling up and becoming a champion. While some may say it is not worth the bother of getting this many games and expansions just for one extra map, others will say that it is the ultimate expansion itself.

Heroes of Newerth

HoN as it is often known is one of the greatest MOBA games available. With two teams of five working to kick each other’s’ butts, the game allows each player to work towards the ultimate destruction of their enemies. Those who have played League of Legends will feel right at home with this game which includes a variety of features such as cheat detection and stat tracking. Players will even be able to build up their clans with friends from their friends list and spend a little time on team communication which is built right into the gameplay making for a familiar, but fun experience.

Rise of Immortals

This game has followed in the success of League of Legends by taking on some of its best feature. With unique masteries for every champion you create and consistent progression of the characters, as one would expect to find in an MMO game, this game allows player to interact while they smash things to bits. There is a lot of damage to be inflicted in this game, and some say that the details outrank any of the other MOBA games on offer, but all agree that this game offers a fresh take on an old idea. While there are still some issues to the game such as a shortage of playable champions, it is still worth the download.

Bloodline Champions

If action if what you are looking for, you have definitely stumbled across it. This unique MOBA game is easy to figure out and allows for those really hard core gaming enthusiasts to really buckle down for a great experience. Even beginners will be able to intuitively figure this game out and with some pretty unique champions and their pretty unique skills, users will be able to fight, dodge and plan their way out of trouble. With three game modes currently available, players will have the option of getting into the arena to fight, capturing the flag, or, to create some interest, go on a conquest.

Land of Chaos


If the cool name wasn’t enough to sell you, know that this game takes some of the best elements from games such as League of Legends and really makes those its own. As a player fighting either for the Army of Purgatorium or the Forces of Nature, your characters will have the chance to kick some serious butt. This game makes a rather big change from the likes of those that use normal linear techniques and offers multiple game modes up to 10v10. There are loads of heroes to choose from and even an RPG aspect to the game to keep it interesting.

Monday Night Combat

Okay, this is not just one game but a series of games that bring to light the MOBA style mixed with some pretty impressive first person shooting too. Originally only available for Xbox, the game is now available on multiple platforms including PC and allows players to choose from a variety of champions all ready and able to take on the fight. The game has a very similar design style to the likes of Team Fortress which makes for a great experience and the fast-paced action will certainly get players heated up. There is a sequel to the original game that was released just this year.


You have got to know that with a name like Demigod, this game is going to be awesome. Developed by Gas powered Games a few years ago, the game uses the MOBA style to its best effect. Players can become a variety of demigods all of whom have their own secret ways and weapons. The Assassins make up the offensive part of the game and have the privilege of killing demigods. The generals are the support system that keep demigods going. Whether you manage to avoid death or inflict a lot of pain, the game is a great one to play, despite the issues it had when it was first released.


What is it with these games and their cool names? Another free (yup, free) game thanks to Hi-Rez Studios, this one includes some third person combat to keep you on your toes. Players get to become gods (sound familiar?) and battle it out for supremacy while buying in-game currency. Though still in the testing stages at this point, players are looking forward to what this game is going to bring and are sure that it will feature all of the greatest parts of the MOBA style they have gotten to know, as well as some other impressive features to keep the game interesting.

Avalon Heroes

This one is tough to figure out because as so many players have already noticed, it doesn’t seem to be the stock standard MOBA game. Inspired by the DOTE, the game combines some MMO gameplay with MOBA style and somehow they have gotten it completely right. The game offers loads of map types and modes to keep players engaged and well as champions who will allow you to kick ass and take names. At quite a small download size, players will be glad of this game and will spend countless hours looking for hints, while also downloading some of the frequent updates available.

Legendary Heroes

This game has been developed especially for mobile devices and those who have loved League of Legends from the first will certainly not be disappointed just because they have to play on their smartphones. The game makes use of pretty simple controls that allows players to monitor the battle and control their characters. Every character, or hero, in this case has access to four skills that they can make use of. Even new players will find this one quite easy to figure out, thanks to some great hints and tutorials, and while they may not be able to put it down between battles, they will certainly have something to keep them busy.

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