Interview With Why You Should Back: Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 Creator

As a sequel to the original volume, this Kickstarter is meant to be an opportunity for creators like you to fund your dreams with additional content unheard of in most game development.

The “steven rhodes games 2” is a game series that was created by Steven Rhodes. The first volume of the series includes nine different games, while the second volume includes ten.

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Why You Should Back: Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 on Kickstarter is the newest installment in our interview series. We chatted with Cryptozoic Entertainment, the company behind the game, to learn more about their most recent release. This series of games, based on the paintings of a legendary figure, explores some intriguing topics and gameplay concepts. The Kickstarter campaign will begin on November 24, 2021. Continue reading to read the interview with the developers or click the link below to go straight to The Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 Kickstarter page.

On Kickstarter, you can get the Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 Board Game Collection.

Steven Rhodes Games Vol 2 Kickstarter Series

1. In a few lines, how would you define your product?

Vols. 1 and 2 of the Steven Rhodes Games series are light tabletop games that are simple to teach and play. Each book includes three new games that were first released as part of successful Kickstarter campaigns. You may purchase all of them at once or one at a time! Each game exposes newcomers to a well-known genre while yet giving enough hidden complexity for seasoned gamers.

2. Who is the team that is bringing this to market? What is your history, and how did you come to start this?

All of the games are based on the art of Steven Rhodes, a well-known artist who is recognized for his amusing vintage works. Cory Jones is one of Cryptozoic’s founders, and his vision is important in the development of these games. Since the release of Ghostbusters: The Board Game in 2017, lead designer Mataio Wilson has been engaged in the development of games and the promotion of successful Kickstarter projects. Finally, the project is being brought to life by a team of outstanding project managers and graphic designers.

3. How would you compare your game to other games?

These three new games are based on popular genres that we wanted to emphasize and complement Steven Rhodes’ artwork. Cryptozoology for Beginners is a drafting set collecting game that has been compared to Sushi Go!, Sweetlandia, and 7 Wonders, all of which are games we like. Let’s Call the Exorcist is a 4-8 player social deduction game with rules that have been compared to Werewolf, Don’t Mess with Cthulhu, and Secret Hitler, all of which we’ve had wild game evenings playing. Living Well Is the Best Revenge is a spin-off of the popular pub game Shut the Box, a 12th-century dice game that encourages players to take chances with delicious point-gaining skills and sneaky dice manipulations.

4. What distinguishes your game from others?

We’ve made sure that Cryptozoic’s Dynomite Games brand provides goods that are simple to learn and exciting to master, in addition to the twisted graphics inspired by Steven Rhodes. Each game delves into complex tabletop genres with simple rules and new twists on classic game principles.

5. How can everyone be certain that they will get high-quality components and that you will keep all of your promises?

Many Kickstarter projects have been finished and successfully delivered, and we’ve sent thousands of copies of our games that you can find on the shelves of your favorite game stores. Visit our website to see a list of our high-quality games. Each game has taught us a lot, and we now know what to look for in card, dice, tile, box, and rulebook content.

6. Why should someone support your initiative?

It’s very simple: if you like games that are simple to pick up, have hidden depth, have gorgeous art, and are a lot of fun, you’ll enjoy them. As a result, you should contribute to the Kickstarter campaign!


We’re happy with it!

A dedicated design team provided excellent insight and excitement. This series has a lot of character and offers something for players of all skill levels. It has definitely been directed by enthusiastic hands and seems to be a high-quality product. For additional information, see their Kickstarter page or website.

On Kickstarter, you can get the Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 Board Game Collection. Cryptozoic Entertainment’s official website Facebook page for Cryptozoic Entertainment Twitter – Cryptozoic Entertainment Instagram – Cryptozoic Entertainment Youtube – Cryptozoic Entertainment

Have you gotten enough reasons to fund Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 on Kickstarter? Are you on board? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our BGH Facebook page.

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Steven Rhodes is a game designer who has worked on games like “The Oregon Trail”, “Civilization”, and “Age of Empires”. He has released a number of works that have been well received by the public, including “Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2” which is an award-winning book. Reference: steven rhodes wiki.

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