What to Know About Wired Headphones in Singapore

What to Know About Wired Headphones in Singapore

In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace and companies are constantly releasing new innovations to keep up, it can be hard to know who has the best headphones. Today we’re going to explore wired headphones in Singapore and what they offer you.

What are Wired Headphones?

Wired headphones are the newest incarnation of the old radio or cassette player that used to be. They transmit sound from a device by means of metal conductors, or wires, as opposed to ways such as Bluetooth and WiFi. These types of headsets also have an audio connector that plugs into your device’s headphone jack for playback with normal speakers.

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What are Wired Headphones Good For?

There are a number of things that wired headphones can do, especially since they’re so prevalent in today’s world. Some of these include:

– Listening to audio books or music on your smartphone or computer

– Playing video games on your television (especially multiplayer video games) without the need for any wireless headsets

– Connecting with other devices that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities (such as old MP3 players) using an audio cable/adapter.

– Accessing your phone from across the room with headphones that have a remote control function.

– Listening to music while exercising

– Listening to music while in the shower, since they won’t be ruined by water

– Watching television in bed or on a plane, as your regular headphones might not provide enough noise isolation

– Keeping your conversations private with earphones that you can use at work, among other places where you don’t want to be recorded

– Accessing local content on Singapore television channels using a cable from SingTel or M1 (Singtel’s cable service)

– Listening to foreign news radio programs during the day. Wearing headphones is also more comfortable than wearing a watch for many jobs as it allows you to listen without having to take off your glasses.

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What are Not Good for?

While wireless technology has come a long way, there are still situations in which wired headphones are the better choice.

– Using your headphones to watch a movie or TV show. While wireless headsets give you better quality sound, there can be enough static from the cable that it can interfere with your enjoyment.

– Listening to music while exercising. This depends on how active you are and what type of exercise you’re doing. If you’re running or walking, then wire is fine but if you’re jogging or biking then you might want something more lightweight and portable.

– Playing video games without a surround sound system. While wireless headsets do provide this feature, they’re often much more expensive and bulky.

– Recording in poor quality. Wired headphones can be good for recording in situations where people would expect a wire to be there but wireless is not recommended for the same reason. This is because the audio cable can interfere with your video and audio recording devices.

– Using them outside on a windy day or while using other equipment such as power tools, drills, etc. Wireless headsets are much more resistant to external noise but these types of headphones generally cost more than wired ones so you might want to get wireless headphones too if you want something that’s both durable and secure depending on your needs and whether you’re outdoors or not.

– Using them in the shower or bathtub. Wireless headphones are more efficient in wet environments and don’t lose sound quality like their wired counterparts might.

– When prone to falling off your head. Wires can also tangle and get caught on things which could lead to you losing them altogether if they’re not secure on your head.

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– The wires can be unsightly, especially if you wear glasses.

– Can fit better inside a bag or pocket than wireless ones, making them less portable.

– If they’re too big, they will block out your vision or cause discomfort when worn for long periods of time.


Wired headphones are great for a variety of purposes, but they’re by no means the perfect product. If you need a cheap way to get a lot of bang for your buck while also needing something reliable, then wired headphones are the answer. However, if you’re looking for something that’s mobile and lightweight, then it might be worth looking into newer types of headphones such as Bluetooth earbuds.

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