How Much Are The MBA Fees In Singapore

How Much Are The MBA Fees In Singapore

The MBA is a graduate degree that equips managers with the skills they need to lead and succeed in the corporate world. It is usually a three-year degree course that requires a lot of dedication and focus. Those who pursue an MBA are looking to go beyond their company, become more strategic and gain a broader perspective on their career path. Any business graduate who has a passion for management will know that an MBA is the best way to advance their career. However, not everyone can afford the high costs of an MBA in Singapore. This article lists the general fees and scholarships to help you estimate how much the MBA fees are in Singapore.

Singapore Business School Fees

The cost of studying at the Singapore Business School will vary depending on your school of choice. However, they were not too expensive. Tuition fees for a part-time MBA will range from SGD2,500 to SGD3,000 per semester. For full-time students, tuition is SGD6,000 to SGD10,000 per semester. Some scholarships are also available with Singapore Business School as well as other partners in Singapore that offer scholarships and funding for students who demonstrate excellence in academics and leadership development.

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Ivy League MBA Fees

The fees for an Ivy League MBA vary depending on the school. Harvard has the highest fees at $399,000 per year, and Stanford has the lowest fees at $60,570.

Asia MBA Fees

The fees for studying for an MBA in Asia vary depending on the degree, school, and country. The cost of tuition and living expenses are generally higher than in other countries with universities. Also, many schools offer scholarships to help students cover their costs. The cost of studying for an MBA in Singapore is between $45,000 and $60,000. However, if you’re willing to take out a student loan or have parents that can help finance your studies, then the costs will be much lower. The average annual salary for individuals who receive an MBA is around $92,000.

Exchange Program Fees

The fees for the exchange program vary depending on your nationality. For those who are not Singaporeans, the fees can be as high as SGD $32,000. If you are a Singaporean, then it will cost you SGD $10,000.

Networking FEE

The networking fee is a one-time, non-refundable charge that applies to all courses and is usually for a total of $1,099.

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Financial Assistance for an MBA

The fees and scholarships for an MBA in Singapore are not cheap. But, there are some financial assistance options available. There are full scholarships, partial scholarships, and loans that you can use to pay your tuition fees. There is also a one-time application fee of $450, which will give you access to the application process of universities in Singapore. To learn more about the cost of an MBA, how much are the mba fees in singapore for you to know.


When considering an MBA, it is important to know how much the MBA fees are in Singapore against the potential return on investment. Singapore’s Business School offers the best in-country MBA program for just about half the price of an American Ivy League school.

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