Best Shikari Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Shikari is one of my favorite classes in FFXII Zodiac Age, as it is the only class that gives you access to awesome ninja swords. In particular, they have access to ninja swords and daggers, which are the standard weapons. But both depend on the speedometer, so it’s an inherently quick and clear job. By the end of the game, your Shikari (with the right approach) will be able to rip apart the strongest opponents with ease. And to make sure you can, here are the best Shikari weapons in FF12, along with details on where to find them.

10. Arcturus



The Arcturus is a weapon that I generally consider above average because it is a decent weapon. And you can get them very early, which makes many fights very easy at this point (weapon damage is independent of user and opponent stats). However, this is not the case with Shikari, as you must defeat the Esper Shemhazai before gaining access to the license. Still, it’s a good weapon. And it can fill the gap if you only use Shikari as a side job before he has access to his deadlier weapons. How to get it: Get 2 wyvern wings from an early wyvern lord hunt or a rare game with the enemy Aeros. Then, when the opportunity arises, steal Salamand Halcyon from Salamand Entite and poach 2 Yensa Fins from the Yensas that appear randomly. If you sell them all together at the bazaar, you get a late model gun. You can also get these weapons from the chests in the mines of Lhusu – lot 5, or in the steppe of Serobi – northern hills of Liawel.

9. Shikari Nagasa



Maybe it’s just me, but when I saw Shikari’s name on the weapon, I immediately thought this dagger would be an excellent choice for the job. The kind that’s worth choosing for the class itself. But no, it’s just a standard dagger (with admittedly high specs) that dwarfs almost every other weapon on this list. Good for the time, but better weapons will be available as the game progresses. How to get it: You get it from a chest in the Serobi steppe – north side with a diamond bracelet fitted.

8. Twin Crossblade



Since it only has 3 less attack points than the previous variant, you can get this dagger a little earlier than the Nagasa Shikari. Additionally, she is infused with the element of wind, which allows her to remain relevant against certain enemies for longer than Nagasa. Overall, Zwill is a good investment of your time – if you haven’t already switched to Ninja swords. How to get it: Get it from the vampires in different parts of the Lhusu mines after unlocking the deeper areas.

7. Orochi



As the best of the worst ninja swords, Orochi is pretty powerful. And it can grant deactivation status with a 10% success rate. The problem is that Shikari can only unlock 3 of the 4 ninja sword licenses, and the other 3 are probably better. How to get it: You can get it guaranteed from a chest in the mines of Lhusu – page 11, or you can get it from a chest in the steppe of Serobi – Northwest equipped with diamond armor.

6. Maine Gauche



While it is an excellent dagger from an offensive standpoint if you can buy it alone, Left Hand’s true strength lies in its defensive capabilities. With a ridiculously high dodge factor of 50, combined with the main shield and Bait Shikari abilities, he can act as an absolute tank and dodge damage like crazy. Be careful though, as later on many high level characters and bosses will be able to get around the Dodge. How to get it: Can be purchased in Jahar or Bur-Omisas Mountain.

5. Fomalhaut



The second most powerful weapon in the game is also available to Shikari, and should be used instead of Arcturus based on stats alone. While not as useful as some of the other options, it’s worth using if you feel like your Shikari damage is too low against certain enemies. It is also interesting to note that if you plan to use the Yagyu Dark Blade and Black Raven strategy, the same combo can be found with Fomalhaut combined with Dark Shot and Black Raven. How to get it: Either in Hen’s Mines – Excavation Phase 2, or in the Serobi Steppe – Feddick River, there are chests where you can find Fomalhaut.

4. Iga/Koga knife



I’m not used to working two jobs side by side….. But statistically, these ninja swords are the same – that means very high combo potential combined with decent evasion and attack power. The only difference is that Ig’s blade is soaked in water, while Kog’s is soaked in dirt. The question of which is better comes down to whether you like the rarer earth element or the more common water element. How to get it: Get the Ig Blade from the chest in the Lhusu Mines – page 9 (guaranteed) or in the Serobi Steppe – Terrace Bank equipped with a diamond bracelet. You can also kill the boogie in the Zertinan Caves. For the Koga blade, you’re in the same relative positions: Lhusu Mines – Section 3 or Cherobi Steppe – Feddik River. You can also get the Ash Wyrm on the Mosforan Highlands after defeating Exodus.

3. Mesa



Ultimate Ninja Sword lags behind in this list, but not because it’s weak. Rather, it’s because the last weapon in this ranking is simply much more powerful. Mesa is a weapon that commands respect with its insane 32% base combo rate. Even without the tricks, this is by far the most powerful weapon with the most damage available to the Shikari. How to get it: You go to the Bazaar to make the Snake Sword by collecting 2 Heart Knives, 2 Crescent Knives, and 3 Crab Gems.

2. My



Mina’s ruse is the outright death of everything she touches. With an instant kill rate of 70%, Mina can easily run through entire masses of enemies, making her a fantastic weapon. Not to mention that the other stats are all best in class, except for dodging behind the main goch. How to get it: Get ready to loot and head to the Great Crystal, where you’ll have to kill a lot of enemies to retrieve the rare Grub Eater, with a 5% chance of getting Mina as a gift.

1. Yagyu Darkblade



Yagyu’s Dark Blade isn’t necessarily the best weapon, it’s outclassed by Mina and Mesa. But combined with a class that has access to the black cloak, the Dark Blade Yagyu is one of the most powerful weapons in FFXII. You can inflict tens of thousands of damage with ease thanks to the cape’s excellent combo frequency and dark element boost. If you want to get through the Zodiac Age with Shikari, you just have to use this combo. At least try it and see what you think. You’ll be surprised how strong it is.

How to get it: It is relatively easy to access the Great Crystal – Sirhru Jilaam Pratii’vaa by entering the area until the chest appears. It can also be easily obtained by killing a rare game bomb in the Lhusu mines – Tab Span along the chain, as it has a 20% chance of appearing in force upon exiting and re-entering. And this weapon can also be obtained in the chest of Steppe Serobi – Crossfit with diamond bracelet, as well as many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

Final Fantasy 12 is still one of the most popular titles in the series, and a lot of people are looking forward to the game’s much-anticipated sequel. The question is: is it a remake, or a re-imagining – and how does this affect the game’s story? Final Fantasy 12 is a fan favorite, along with some of the best Japanese role-playing games of all time. The story is tremendous, the characters are fantastic, the battles are engaging… The RPG community holds this game and its predecessor Final Fantasy 11 with a great deal of esteem. But, will the Zodiac Age be a remake of the original title, or a fresh new experience?

Is Zodiac age turn based?

When I started this blog, I felt that it was the best way to share my experiences and learnings with the gaming community. However, I never once imagined that I would have the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on an entirely different genre of gaming. Zodiac Age is a turn-based RPG set within the world of the Persona series; think old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. I was initially sceptical of the game, but as I played it, I found myself enjoying it very much. So much so, that I haven’t stopped playing it since it came out on 3DS in October. The South Korean gaming studio Preeusoft released a mobile RPG called The Zodiac Age , and the company didn’t give many details on the game. What we do know is that it will be an action RPG with turn-based combat. While there has been some talk that the game may go overseas, there has also been speculation that it will remain in Korea. With all of this information in mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what the Zodiac Age is about. What is the story about and how is gameplay structured? Is there a real story behind the game’s development? Is there going to be a beta test?

How long is Ffxii?

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X-I’ve beaten the game three times. I’ve beaten it on hard mode three times. It’s about time I finally beat it on normal mode. I’ve been practicing for a while, and I’m ready to take on the Zodiac Age. I’m dreading it, because this game is so long. Is it really going to be that hard? FFXII’s Zodiac Age is coming next year, and more info about the new content is emerging every day. As a result, it’s hard to keep up with all the new information. Here, we’ll do our best to share everything we know about FFXII’s Zodiac Age to help prepare you and your party for the upcoming expansion.

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