Mobile Strategy Game Where You Control Insects- Ant Raid

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Strategy game for cell phones in which you control insects

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The answer to your question about a mobile strategy game in which you control bugs is ANT RAID.

About the ANT RAID game

mobile strategy game where you control insects

It is one of the highest-rated games and has received a score of 9.5 on the iPhone Quality Index. It is also the third highest-rated strategy game on iOS, as well as the eighth-best GAME OF THE YEAR for iPad on

Also, make sure you don’t need any additional purchases to complete the game. Also, there is a smart bomb to help you if you have trouble defeating it.

Also, if you crash while running this game, you will get free memory by simply restarting your device.

Review Rating – 5/5. The game is similar to Ants vs Zombies, but the controls are more organic than PopCap’s game, and it has a quirky design and humor.

Ant Raid is one of the most casual games compared to traditional RTS. It’s smartly made, and the iPad-centric gameplay is polished, fun, and also the best.

Ant Raid shows how insidious a casual RTS is. It has 148 applications and is rated 4.5 out of 5.

For those who want to use strategy in their game, this is one of the best options. It features Touch Arcade, which is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Ant Raid game features:

If we talk about the features of the movie “Ant Raid”, it is full of funny HD cartoons on the big screen. Likewise, if we talk about its hilarious story about a colony of ants trying to survive among swarms of their fellow ants and turning into mindless monsters.

  • Great graphics:

It will offer high-resolution 3D graphics and also has an animated design so that the iPad user can play the game in the best possible way.

  • 100 levels of pure fun and action

You can fight in this game or play with your own strategies, it has more than 60 stories and 40 challenging levels against hordes of enemies.

  • An unconventional story

In this game, you can experience an epic story with animated character scenes and unexpected twists and turns.

  • Easy-to-learn controls and unique gameplay

When you play this game, we assure you that you will love its touch controls that are so responsive and also when you play, you will get a lot of action, arcade as well as strategy.

  • Endless game

When you play this game, you can challenge both your friends and other players from around the world in four different dynamic survival modes.

  • Great soundtrack.

With the original soundtrack and crazy sound effects, you will delight your ears with this game.

Game Center Support

This game has many achievements and is also in the world rankings provided by Game Center.

Review of ant hunting

As you know, strategy games are a type of game that gamers love, but their controls and mechanics always leave us scratching our heads. But one of the best things about this type of game is the old basic principle. Strategy games are a lot of fun when all the obstacles are removed. If the obstacles aren’t there, it’s because all the ants don’t have them.

Ant Raid is one of the arcade games that created a strategy game. It is a fun and exciting game in which you have to defend an ant colony against insects. You will also have to defend against bees and snails and coordinate your ant troops to protect their home. We know that defending ant from other insects doesn’t seem like a difficult task, but when you encounter mutant insects, you’ll come to your senses.

How it works

To start protecting the ants, you need to install the game from the Play Store. Once you have successfully installed it, you will be able to play this game. There are two game modes: story mode and survival mode.

If we talk about the plot of this game, in each level you have to defend your colony from large mutant insects. Moreover, you can choose from many levels, and when you start the game, you are offered to watch the intro or not, which depends on your choice.

Basically, this game helps you learn how to select a group of ants. You can also do this by simply tapping on a small group, after which the game will ask you to move on to the next step. The best thing about this game is that it helps you learn how to play without instructions. Also, a small group of ants is not enough. For larger insects, you just need to select a larger group of ants, which you can do by simply tapping down on the screen until the circle highlights more ants.

When you start going through the level, you’ll have a few types of environments where you’ll have to defend ants and boots, but soon you’ll see that you’ll have to defend a melon and much more.

In this game, you have to send ants in number to defeat the bugs, but you have to get more ants in this game to do more damage. Besides, there are many bonuses in the game that will help you to progress in the game and scare the bugs.

After completing a level, you will receive a three-star rating. In addition, you must try to get three stars in every level of the game, and it’s not that easy.

Survival mode is one of the best ways to prove your skills. You have to fight off wave after wave of horrible mutant bugs until you can escape.

Our point of view

In my opinion, I like this game and also games of this type that have some difficulty, but will also help you. Ant Raid does not leave players in the dark and helps them get started. Ant Raid is one of the best strategy games that offers control of a group of ants to keep the big mutant bugs and you also have to make sure that you don’t stretch them to thin them out. This is one of the best strategy games that is a lot of fun.

Ant Hunt Game Reviews :

  • Speed (4/5 ) – Actually, Antraid is one of the fastest games and there is no slowdown when I play this game. Other than that, the speed of the game is comparable to other similar games.
  • Features (5/5) – It has perhaps less features and didn’t feel like an arcade action/strategy game to me. There is something missing in this game.
  • Theme (5/5) – If we talk about the graphics of this game, I like it very much. It has the best look with 3D graphics. It looks great and has a lot of fun elements that will make you smile.
  • Overall (5/5) – This game is a little hard to find on a smartphone, but really easy to enjoy. The controls can be difficult to master. When you play Ant Raid, you won’t encounter any obstacles and it’s one of the best games for you if you want to have fun and have a great time.

The pros and cons of playing Ant-Raid:


  • This game has the best 3D graphics.
  • Plus, its tutorial is simple, easy and quick and won’t leave you in the dark.
  • It is a game with arcade strategy elements not found in any other game.
  • This is one of the most fun games of all time.


  • It is a protection against mistakes that will always be repeated.

Download Ant Raid game for Android – Click here.

Final Judgment :

Honestly, when I start playing games on my smartphone, I enjoy it a lot, but no game gives me as much joy as Ant Raid. I tend to stay away from PC or Xbox games and mobile games because the controls are cumbersome and a few other things. But with Ant Raid, I’ve found that there are no issues that keep me from playing this game. It may sound silly, but it’s a lot of fun, trust me. This is one of the best games and one that everyone will enjoy.

This is a game that you can play without hurting yourself. Also, it is a bit challenging and if you are bored of the games on your smartphone, then this game is what you need. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, hurry up and start playing this mobile strategy game where you control bugs.

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