Biomutant Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Started


How to get into Biomutant, by THQ Nordic: here are some tips and tricks to understand the main features of this new role-playing game.

Biomutant is a new RPG that describes itself as a “post-apocalyptic fable” and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 25, 2021.

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In this original open world, you will have to search for devastated regions. The Great Beach is the source of a rapidly growing pollution that is destroying the Tree of Life. During your adventure, you will have to choose a tribe and decide the fate of the world: let it explode and start over, or do whatever it takes to save it.


When you start Biomutant for the first time, you face your first important decision: the class. When you create your character, you can choose its appearance, race and class.

There are currently six classes at Biomutant:

Dead Eye : A class with ranged combat capabilities.
Commando: A class that uses heavy weapons.
Psy-freak : Specializes in controlling ki and energy.
Saboteur : Can carry a weapon in each hand.
Guardian : Fights with long weapons and has good armor.
Mercenary : Versatile class, only available on demand.


Access roads

Going left or right at certain points in the story, or choosing certain dialogues, will affect your journey. These choices affect your relationships with the main and secondary characters in the story, but most important are the dark and light auras.


Throughout the game, you can make moral decisions and choose between darkness and light. This will determine your character, the dialogue options and even the mutations available.


At the beginning of the adventure, you have to choose between the Jagni tribe (darkness) and the Myriad tribe (light). Both want to save the world from the plague that has taken over it, but the Jagni want to destroy everything to rebuild it later, while the Myriad want to heal the Tree of Life to heal the Earth.

You will face tribes opposite to the one you have chosen. There are three tribes of light and three tribes of darkness.

The choice of tribe at the beginning only affects the end of the story.


Take your time: As an open-world RPG, Biomutant invites you to explore different landscapes. If you rush to the first boss, you may miss some useful equipment. Take your time to visit and loot as many chests and ultimate weapons as possible.

Remember to award skill points as you level up, and you will unlock new combos and skills specific to your class.

Don’t forget to use fast travel to facilitate progress: Researching is all well and good, but going back and forth between tasks can sometimes be tedious.

Use of the bindings: There are about 30 different bindings. They allow you to move faster, and some of them even allow you to ride on water or glide through the air. You can get them in the wild with fruits, at the market or through main and side quests.

Change your appearance: If your character’s appearance no longer suits you, you can change it during the adventure using mutation zones. You can find them by exploring (huge green lakes). Similarly, the NPC allows you to change your camouflage.

Learn how to use the crafting menu: Although Biomutant allows you to pick up some pretty powerful weapons during your adventure, you will have to upgrade and build your own equipment if you want to defeat your enemies.

Mutation area to change the appearance

NPC that allows you to change your camouflage

Upgrade your tools: You can upgrade Clonk’s crowbar and fist to open doors. This will allow you to find other rare equipment.

Go and get five endurance suits to explore the world: this will allow you to fully face cold, heat, hypoxia, biohazards and radioactivity.

Change the appearance of your automaton: By completing a side quest on the bulletin board called “Ancient World Knowledge”, you can not only learn more about the history of the biomutant, but also unlock skins for your automaton. Note that this automaton may have some very useful options for exploration, such as gliding wings.

Finally, don’t forget to save often. If Biomutant allows auto-saving, save the game before a boss or an important dialogue.

Stay tuned for more tutorials with more information on these biomutant features.

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