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Terraria is one of the coolest adventure RPGs you will ever play and as with so many other games, once one has some success, all the others latch on to it like leeches and make similar games. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these similar games aren’t good. In fact, many of them even exceed the fun level of the original and this is why more and more people are looking for games that are just like Terraria.

Of the wealth of games available, only a few have been included here for the sole reason that there are so many awesome games, a full list would be miles long. This list then should be used as a guideline for looking for games just like Terraria, because as every gamer knows, playing these games is heavily dependent on personal preference. If you don’t like a game, you just won’t like it no matter what other people say.

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Epic Inventor

This cool 2D game is totally free and like Terraria, offers players great gameplay and side scrolling action. The game has been designed in the same vein as Terraria, and this is why when playing it, many may recognize the game. As you gather resources and learn how to play the games, you will see your world start to shift until you have the chance to build a city. Once your city is built, you will have to defend it from your enemies, ensuring that your citizens are safe and your defenses are in place. To keep the game exciting, the developers have added extra bits and pieces such as the bug squashing feature.


This is one of the best known games that follow the features of Terraria and gives players the chance to play online, totally free of charge. Players can download the game if they wish to but there is no need to do so. As well as great multiplayer action, you can expect a lot of interesting features, such as survival mode, which gives players a chance at surviving when all odds are against them in a random game world. The game gets to pick your environment. All you get is the chance to use your brain to make the most of it.

King Arthur’s Gold

This game has a strong focus on PvP and allows players the chance to collect resources that allow them to defend their cities. Available for Mac and PC, as well as Linux, this game gives players a choice of three classes, either the Knight, the Archer or the Builder. With these three, there is a lot of gameplay variety especially considering players have the chance to use brute force, be more stealthy, or build up the defenses of their cities. The game is free but there is a paid version that offers players the chance to get even more than they would in the free version.


This game is one that can only be described as a mix of genres. While similar to Terraria, it also has enough differences to make it completely unique. In these games, players must build up their civilization, collect ore, and work towards the goal of advancing the worlds they have built. This game cannot be defined specifically as RPG, but it is not a classic strategy or adventure game either. The genre of the game is one you can define for yourself while playing alone or with friends online and because there are so many versions, there will be lots to keep you busy while you make up your mind.

Junk Jack

If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it here, but despite the big adventure, there is just a little world to control. A game for Apple devices, this one is based quite heavily on the likes of Terraria and Minecraft, but only costs $2.99. the game has been highly rated time and time again by players and though this may be because it follows a successful formula, the truth is that many games do. What does this one do differently? It may take playing it to find out. However, you are sure to enjoy the time you spend in this sandbox, especially if you loved any of the others on this list.


Adventure galore await you in this world of 2D adventure and for just under $6, it could be yours. However, if this is sounding a little expensive, you can play the free demo and find out if the game suits your needs. This is a little sandbox adventure that allows you to complete quests in an amazing world. You get to release your creative genius as you build airships and fight the bad guys. And if you’re not quite sure what to do at first, it doesn’t matter because there is a pretty extensive tutorial to teach you as you go.


This multiplayer game is perfect for those who love to go on adventures and costs just $5 on the website. Playing this game will give you the opportunity to explore lots of worlds extensively and look into caves, over mountains, and through the ruins of abandoned cities for rewards. Of course, it’s not that easy. You will also have to face all kinds of dangers and will have to equip your tough weapons to do it. This is a game with a large number of items to craft, loads of achievements to be won and character skills to upgrade. It is praised as one of the best games in its class.

Treasure Adventure

This free game gives you the chance to enter a world brimming with potential. A 2D game – as is Terraria – you’ll be able to explore huge environments, change the weather and meet some very strange and exciting characters. As an added bonus, the game also has beautiful music to accompany you as you explore and as a young boy exploring a larger than life world, you will have lots to keep you busy from seeking treasure to completing all manner of quests. It may be like Terraria, but it has enough of its own style to make it interesting and fun to play.

Dwarf Fortress

RPGs usually follow a pretty similar formula and though this is no exception to that rule, it also employs some pretty impressive adventure qualities that make it unique. As the boss, you get to control a group of dwarves (no big surprise there) who have to explore their little world and keep their fortress safe from the evil creatures of the darkness. And if you start a new world, you’ll get a big surprise because thanks to random generation, no two games are alike. This game is sure to provide plenty of fun for those who play and is definitely one that should be on your list.

Ace of Spades

This game may be the most fun you can have with your pants on. It is a totally free game that lets you combine all of the best parts of the games you love. Why? Because it is not just a game of creating your surroundings, but also one that will turn you into a pretty decent first person shooter. You can build your defenses or tunnel through enemy lines while also arming your players. The graphics are simple and this can run on any computer, ensuring that even if you’re not running the latest software or the fastest processor, you’ll still be able to enjoy it.

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