All Fortnite Rules- Definitive Guide 2021

Fortnite Rules: What is rule 32, 33, 34, 64, and more?

The Fortnite rules are a set of unofficial regulations that the game‘s community tries to follow. Some of the most notable entries include rule 12, 23, 34, 63, and 64. You can bookmark this cheat sheet to refer to whenever an unfamiliar Fortnite rule comes up.

All Fortnite rules list

Here are the definitions for each major Fortnite rule in 2021.

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What is Fortnite Rule 12?

The 12th rule of Fortnite is that anything a player says can and will be used against them. Take the time to consider what you‘re saying and typing before you say it out loud or into the chat window.

What is Fortnite Rule 13?

Rule 13, in the game Fortnite, states that anything a fan would say could be turned into something else. Basically, one inconsiderate comment could result in becoming a YouTube memeand not in a good way!

What is Fortnite Rule 23?

The Fortnite rule 23 is that a majority of party members must agree on any action taken. Such decisions may include kicking a member for whatever reason, deciding what mode to play in, or dictating where to drop down at.

What is Fortnite Rule 24?

Fortnites rule 24 allows all players to intervene in a shootout or other game event. Although it may be concerning for another player to join an already active game at full health, the game includes this type of situation and should not be criticized.

What is Fortnite Rule 30?

Rule 30 in Fortnite is easy to disprove by saying that girls don‘t play online. In fact, Fortnite is popular amongst both male and females.

What is Fortnite Rule 31?

Number 31 in the Fortnite rule book is that players must be 13 years of age or older to participate in competitive events. For more information, please see this dedicated article.

What is Fortnite Rule 32?

In Fortnite, the rule is that there must be evidence to back up a bragging argument. Photos showing an impressive headshot or numerous kills count as evidence.

What is Fortnite Rule 33?

This rule of thumb is that Fortnite fans should usually keep their comments to themselves within the game. That being said, they are warned against using the voice or text chat features as doing so could hurt other players feelings or backfire.

What is Fortnite Rule 34?

Fortnite is a video game with adult content present in it. And this rule supposedly applies to every fandom and video game in general.

What is Fortnite Rule 35?

Rule # 35 of Fortnite states that if rule 34 does not currently apply, it will in the future.

What is Fortnite Rule 37?

The scenario of Fortnite rule 37 is that no matter how bad things seem to be, somebody else has it worse. Maybe you lost a fight due to lagging. But another person just disconnected from the server, so they didn‘t get credit for their Victory Royale at all.

What is Fortnite Rule 63?

There are genderswap versions of every male and female character, which suggests there is a fan made version of Jonesy as a woman somewhere on the web.

What is Fortnite Rule 64?

There are alternate universes with the game of Fortnite in them. And true, since it is a part of its ongoing story.

What is Fortnite Rule 69?

Rule 69 encourages players to reply to the phrasenice whenever it appears ingame, or on social media.

That covers all the major Fortnite rules, as determined by internet research. Hopefully, there is now no misunderstanding on the unofficial ruleset when they‘re mentioned ingame.

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