“The Lab” Speedrun Contest! – Fortnite Games Guide

The Lab is a new map introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale that allows for fast-paced competitive gameplay. The Lab has three rounds with each round getting progressively faster. Players are encouraged to complete the Lab as quickly as possible, doing so will reward them with Battle Stars and other goodies.

The how to do challenges in battle lab season 7 is a guide for how to complete the challenges in the Battle Lab.

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Commanders of Fortnite Nightmares, I wish you a happy Fortnite Nightmares!

We’re bringing you a new contest sponsored by the Fortnite Discord server’s administrators!

Read on for the complete contest regulations, as well as information on how to participate and, of course, the rewards.

Rules of the Competition:

  • At reset, the contest entry period will run from October 17th through November 20th 2021.
  • All submissions must be submitted within the contest entry period; entries submitted outside of this timeframe will be disqualified (I.E you cannot use an old video).
  • There are no bugs, exploits, or other types of cheating or abuse. It must be a flawless run from beginning to end.
  • Entries must be submitted in the form of a video that depicts the run from beginning to end, from the pre-game lobby to the mission results screen, which displays your completion time.
  • The Lab Power Level 88 must be completed. There will be no additional power level runs allowed.
  • If another user is seen in your party in the video, your video will be rejected.
  • You are free to submit several entries and attempt to beat your own record!
  • On Discord, entries must be in the #lab-speedrun-contest channel, and on Reddit, they must be in the Lab Contest subreddit. Any entries received from a different source will be rejected.

Note: We are aware that the mission results screen has the potential to return you to the lobby. We don’t need it to show in your video since we can validate your run by checking at the time of the video. The results screen is just a “end window” that lets you know when it’s time to stop recording. We’ll reveal the winners a few days after the event closes, since we’ll need time to double-check all of the results.


The top five quickest speedrun videos will be chosen, and the following prizes will be awarded:

One Winner – First Place

  • 2 months of Discord Nitro for 2,800 V-Bucks
  • On the Fortnite Discord Server, you may play a unique role.

Two Winners in Second Place

  • 1 month of Discord Nitro for 1,000 V-Bucks

Two Winners in Third Place

Disclaimers for V-Buck Prizes:

Prizes will be distributed in the form of currency cards to the platform of your choice. We’ll ask for this information when you’re notified as a winner.


You have two options:

A) Directly upload your video to #lab-speedrun-contest.


B) Post the URL to your video on youtube/streamable/etc. and in #lab-speedrun-contest.


Subreddit submissions must be posted directly to the subreddit. This is because of our self-promotion restrictions. You are, however, free to provide a link to your YouTube/etc video in the comments section of your entry.

For your submission to be counted, you must choose the “Lab Contest” flair. Submissions that lack the required flair will be disqualified.

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For the game Fortnite, post ““The Lab” Speedrun Contest!”

The fortnite challenges in battle lab season 7 is a speedrun contest that will be held on the Twitch.tv channel of The Lab. The game used for this contest is Fortnite and the prize for winning is $100,000.

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