“Enhanced Tab Menu” Feedback – Warhammer: Vermintide Games Guide

The “Enhanced Tab Menu” Feedback thread is a place for players to share feedback on the new tab menu, which was released with Patch 1.3.0.

The vermintide 2 guide 2020 is a feedback that has been submitted to the Warhammer: Vermintide Games Guide.

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https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/eventcomments/4975907019730135727/?ctp=4#c4975907019734586483 be placed to the Tab menu for the aim of collecting more answers and eyeballs on the subject in the hopes of possibly gaining additional information

FatShark, I’m hoping this article attracts even a single developer’s attention since I’d want to see the Tab Menu improved, but not in the way it’s displayed here. Please.



The TAB menu has been revamped. The new features will display all of the players’ equipped equipment, and a new, more compact layout will make it simpler to spot any approaching opponents, even while viewing the TAB overlay. The new overlay also displays current mission modifiers and retains the same features you’re used to, such as the ability to mute people or link through to their Steam community profile.”


In terms of character loadouts, you offer less information than Player List Plus by Squatting Bear, whose mod will undoubtedly be BUSTED with the release of this version.



In your example, the slots for Necklace, Charm, and Trinket do not exist.

I’m not sure whether you even display rarity, much alone properties/traits of equipped gear, based on the example of Level 1 and 3 bots. I’m guessing you don’t. I had hoped, but not anticipated, that you will rebuild this menu at some point. I had hoped you would notice the empty area that seems to be intended to store such data and utilize it. YOU NOW HAVE SIMILAR UNUSED SPACE THAT SEEMS TO BE DESIGNED TO HOLD SUCH INFORMATION, BUT IN FACT DOESN’T. The Necklace, Charm, and Trinket may all fit in the free area on the right side of all equipped weapons. And now it just doesn’t have them, which I presume will need the mod creator to put in additional effort to put it back together. Not to mention their abilities. Unlike your initial Tab menu design, which SEEMED to be meant to include the final result of Player List Plus as a basic feature of the vanilla game, but was never completed, there is no simple area for Talents to be listed readily.


Your preview does not “display all of the players’ equipped equipment,” but it does reveal less. Because you may now see equipped Necklace, Charm, and Trinket doppelgängers. Without a mod to translate its characteristics to us, it’s useless in its present state. Given that this is a level 1 test account for the sake of a preview, I doubt you implemented the feature that this mod introduced three years ago, since if you did, you’d be bragging about it.


I’d want more information about what’s being contributed to a mission, not less.

I’d want to see Talents with equipment.

I’d want to see their actual weapons, not a gray imitation of it.

I’d want to witness their Necklace, Charm, and Trinket in action.

I’m interested in the properties and characteristics of what they offer. There isn’t even a smidgeon of a cosmetic description.



This paragraph is a rant about wanting to know what other people’s builds are like. Knowing whether someone is more oriented toward damage against Monster+Chaos/others than myself offers me insight into how I can assist them while not getting in their way. Knowing whether someone’s Revive Speed, Block Cost Reduction, or Stamina Recovery has improved provides me with knowledge that allows me to choose if they should have priority in picking up people or holding the front over myself. I’d want to know a Sienna’s skill set so I can estimate how much her heat meter will be strained during a horde. I’m looking for a Bardin’s Talent Set to see whether he’s running Boss Killer, Armor Control, or Horde Clearer. I’d want to know whether the Waystalker is using enhanced self-healing, party healing, or cooldown reduction, since each affects my healing and buff priorities. I’m curious whether the Shade has a Crits or Strike boost on her ability, since this affects whether or not I think she need boss assistance. I’d want to know if anybody is using Scrounger so that I may WHC boost their crits during downtime. I’d want to know if the Footknight’s party support, partner support, or solo talents are active, since this affects how close I should hug him depending on opponent density. I’m curious whether a Zealot has Barkskin and the Damage Reduction skill, or if he has Boon of Shallya and the Heal Increase talent, since it affects whether I leave the meatier foes to him. I’d want to know if anybody is running Natural Bond so I can acquire the Medkit and give him the Tome first. I’m curious whether anybody is foolish enough to use the trait that gives Stamina while shooting opponents (I’ve never seen it function in reality if someone isn’t aware it exists in the party). I’m curious as to what the Ranger uses in his Survivalist Ammo Drops so that I can determine whether or not I should be conservative with my own ammo and consumables. I’d want to know whether the Bounty Hunter is using the Shotgun or the Double Shot, so I can decide whether I should leave the hordes to him or wipe them out so he can take on the Chaos Warriors.

I’d want to know. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to. Because such information is contingent on people in my party voluntarily installing a mod that fills in blank spaces in the Tab menu. And now that place is no longer available. Taken removed for the additional advantage of…. Is it possible to have a vertical center with transparent opacity? Everything else is simply rearranged knowledge that we previously knew. Some may argue that I could figure it out if I just asked the party. How frequently do you pause at the entrance to coordinate builds before entering the portal in public play? I want to have a good time, but I also want to be as coherent as possible with the rest of my group.


I’ll HOPE and BEGG FatShark to make this feature VANILLA instead of having to wait months for a mod to POSSIBLY be updated in order to POSSIBLY be Greenlit for Official Realm.

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The vermintide 2 broken connection 2021 is a feedback thread that was started by someone who has been having problems with the game.

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