Destiny 2 Forsaken Campaign Walkthrough

While the original Destiny was a fun FPS to play in the rare moments I did play it, it was since then I’ve found myself gravitating more towards games like Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront 2, which have much more involved and engaging gameplay. I’ve been wanting to try out the latest expansion to the game, Forsaken, for a while now, but never had the chance to play it. I decided to finally jump in and give it a try, which will serve as the basis for this walkthrough. I’ve picked up the game from the base Destiny 2 disc, so I can’t talk about the newest expansion, but I’ll still be covering the major changes in “Forsaken” and I’ll be focusing on the “War

Destiny 2 is a sci-fi first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Bungie was founded in 1991, and has released many games since, most notably the Halo franchise and the Destiny series. Destiny 2 was released on October 8th, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Hey Guys! I’m Eric, and this is my blog where you can find all the full walkthroughs of the Forsaken campaign for Destiny 2. I will be covering all the different activities and missions from start to finish for your convenience.

The Forsaken quest follows closely after Cayde-6’s death, in which your character seeks revenge against Uldren Owl and his barons.

Originally, Petra Venge was going to go after Uldren and the Barons, but Zavala didn’t want that, as it would leave the Traveler unprotected.

You, the Guardian, volunteered to go after Uldren and his barons yourself, and traveled to the Tangled Coast to seek justice for Caid-6’s death.

Search steps

Search for Qaeda killers at Tangled Banks

First of all, you have to find Kaida 6’s assassins, who are at the other end of one of the sides.

You can just ignore the rest of the enemies in this area and concentrate on finding the Scorn enemies that trigger the next stages.

Complete High Plains Blues mission

In one of the very first quests, you must complete the High Plains Blues mission to begin the main parts of the quest.

Learn more about our High Plains Blues mission.

Conversation with Petra

After you pass High Plains Blues, you will talk to Petra because she has a potential ally who can help you find Uldren and his barons.

Follow the waypoint to the new ally you need to talk to, just as Petra planned.

Talk to the spider

Petra Ven and Spider are the only allies who will help you avenge Cayde-6, so it’s important to get Spider involved as well.

You have to talk and endure Spidey’s nasty comments before you can prove that you really are his ally and even his friend.

5 Completion of tasks

To prove to Spider that he can trust you, you have to complete 5 missions that you can get from him.

Completing these quests (which you can do and complete in the quests tab) proves to Spider that you are an ally and forces him to reveal information and help you.

Back to the spider

Once you’ve proven that the spider can trust you, go back and talk to the spider in its lair, then inform Petra.

Return to Petra

Once you’ve proven yourself to the spider, it will give you information about the location of the barons you need to chase.

During this conversation, Petra will tell you that she will take care of Uldren Owl while you take a walk with the Barons.

Complete order disrupted

To find the barons, start the Spurned mission, which can be found on the Tangled Shore in the Objectives/Map tab.

Back to the spider

The attempt to defeat the Barons has failed, but there is still hope. Spider will tell you more about the enemies you will encounter when you talk to him again.

Conversation with Petra

Talk to Petra before continuing your mission. After that, you are assigned a series of missions that consist of destroying each of the barons.

Full purpose: De RuiterMission

In this mission you have to take on The Rider, a maniacal pike that you have to defeat on the race track.

Check our target: The Rider Walkthrough for more information.

Full purpose: Mission Mad Bomber

After you defeat the Horseman, you must lure the mad bomber to his lair and stop him before he causes any more destruction.

Check our target: The Mad Bomber Walkthrough for more information.

Full purpose: Implementation of the mission

The next target is the Executioner, a baron who likes to torture his enemies, and in the process you must free some of Spider’s followers.

Check our target: The Hangman Walkthrough for more information.

Full purpose: Mission Trickster

Your next target is the Trickster, with whom you must deal as quickly as possible, because she is planning to send bombs disguised as exotic engrams into the city.

Check our target: The Trickster Walkthrough for more information.

Full purpose: Deployment sensor

After defeating the Trickster, you must deal with the Mind Mage, who is trying to take over the other factions to do the Barons’ dirty work.

Check our target: The Mindbender for more information.

Full purpose: Operational gunner

Revenge on the sniper who destroyed Spook Kaida-6 (Sundance), allowing him to be killed.

Check our target: The Rifleman Walkthrough for more information.

Talk to the spider

Talk to Spider to get information on the machinist who is Fanatic’s right hand man, then go after him.

Full purpose: Driver’s seat insert

The train driver, the last of the barons, is your next target after talking to Spider. He is a baron who likes to steal technology and use it to destroy you.

Check our target: The Machinist Walkthrough for more information.

Conversation with Petra

Return to the Spider’s Den where Petra is waiting to tell you about the recent discovery of Uldren the Owl.

Talk to the spider

Spider has important information for you. Before you challenge Uldren, you have to talk to him.

Climb the watchtower to stop Uldren and the fanatic

Follow the indicated steps and go to each waypoint to continue your search.

Mission accomplished Nothing more to say

The last target you and Petra chase, the Uldren, will be the next target of the Nothing Left To Say mission.

View our presentation of Rien à dire for more information.

Completing this quest ends the entire quest and ends the story of Uldren and his barons.

Conversation with Vanguard

You must return to the tower and speak individually with Ikora and Zavala after completing the Nothing to Say task.

On the way back to Petra, along the confused banks

Return to the Tangled Shore, talk to Petra Wenge, and she will give you the quest Key to Light and Darkness.

Conversation with Petra

Talk to Petra Venge again, and she offers you a Vestian dynasty handgun that she says may come in handy when you get to the City of Dreams.Destiny 2 Forsaken is the latest expansion for Bungie and Activision’s acclaimed first-person shooter. This is the first expansion for the game since it launched in October 2017, and it marks the end of the game’s initial story adventures, but not the end of its content. While the main game has been released into early access, Forsaken continues the story with a small cast of new heroes and villains and new missions for you to complete. For this walkthrough, we’ll be going through the story missions in this expansion; you can find other guides for the game here.. Read more about destiny 2 forsaken campaign 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many forsaken campaign missions are in Destiny 2?

There are a total of 20 campaign missions in Destiny 2.

How do you do the two forsaken campaign in destiny?

The two forsaken campaign is a story mission that takes place in the European Dead Zone.

What are the missions in Forsaken campaign?

The missions in Forsaken campaign are: 1. The First Step 2. The Second Step 3. The Third Step 4. The Fourth Step 5. The Fifth Step 6. The Sixth and Final Step 1. The First Step 2. The Second Step 3. The Third Step 4. The Fourth Step 5. The Fifth Step 6. The Sixth and Final Step

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