GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G Video Card Review

GIGABYTE is one of the more popular motherboard manufacturers in the market nowadays. On the contrary, they do not do much that is unique, and that is why we are going to be testing out their latest product from the GeForce RTX 20 series. The GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G Video Card is a 6-pin, dual-fan cooling solution with a price tag of $999.95. The card comes with a slim design, and with an interface that is ideal for gamers. The card also features a speed of 1515 MHz, and this is a fitting number for the RTX series that the RTX 3080 Ti, and the RTX 2080 Ti are a part of. ~~

In the video card market, it’s hard to keep up with the newer mainstream hardware being released every year. To keep up with these new releases, we have to be more innovative and constantly innovating ourselves. We have to be on top of things because the other guys will be. The other guys are always coming up with something new and we have to be different, in order to stay ahead.

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For many gamers, getting a new graphics card is exciting, but the process of choosing the right card can be daunting. So how do you know what type of card is best for your needs? In this review, we’ll take a look at the latest in AMD’s and Nvidia’s RTX series of cards, along with the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G Video Card to help you make the right choice. If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out how these cards stack up to the competition.. Read more about best rtx 3080 and let us know what you think.


The second one. In June 2021, NVIDIA released the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card.  A day later, Embedded Board Partners released their graphics cards.  It’s time for AIBs (add-in card partners) and with that in mind we present the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G GV-N308TEAGLE-12GD graphics card.

This is our first custom retail graphics card based on the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU, which we tested here.  When we say it’s a retail map, we mean it. We paid shipping and borrowed the card from a generous forum user.  This person bought this graphics card after winning a contest from Newegg.  We want to thank this man for lending us his card to put through the wringer.  There is no greater shopkeeper than this.  We can’t wait to see what GIGABYTE has to offer with this option.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

First, a word about the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti itself.  NVIDIA brought it in at 3. June 2021 on the market with a retail price of $1,199.  It is important to remember that NVIDIA is not a manufacturer for add-in card partners, but only for Founders Edition, so manufacturers like GIGABYTE still set their own MSRP prices.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is based on an 8nm Samsung GA102-225 chip, which is based on NVIDIA’s Ampere architecture.  It consists of 80 SMs, 10 240 CUDA cores, 112 ROPs, 320 TMUs, 80 RT cores (2nd generation) and 320 Tensor cores (3rd generation).  The base clock frequency is 1365 MHz and the gain clock frequency is 1665 MHz.  It features 12GB of GDDR6X memory running at 19 GHz on a 384-bit memory bus and provides 912GB/s of memory bandwidth.  The TDP is 350W.


Today’s graphics card test is very interesting: Instead of looking at the highest SKU or model, let’s look at the most recent SKU/model.  Ultimately, any SKU or model you can get your hands on is good news.  In general, low-end SKUs are more common, while high-end SKUs are in high demand.  These basic SKUs, as we call them, can still be worthwhile because often, as in the case of our graphics card, it’s a custom build with special cooling and GIGABYTE features.

At the base is the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G and right above that is the OC model with factory overclock, but with the same cooler.  Our card was not overclocked at the factory, it runs at the NVIDIA reference frequency of 1665 MHz.  The OC version of the EAGLE is factory overclocked to 1680 MHz, which isn’t really a big difference.  Above EAGLE is VISION, then GAMING, then MASTER, then XTREME and finally the water cooled versions.

Since the clock speed and specs are the same as the Founders Edition, let’s move on to what makes this card different from the Founders Edition.  This applies to assembly and construction.  GIGABYTE has tweaked the card’s hardware components and provided the graphics card with its own heat sink and fan, as well as RGB Fusion 2.0.

This graphics card is equipped with the GIGABYTE WINDFORCE 3X cooling system with alternate fans.  There are three fans in total, two of 90 mm and one of 80 mm.  The fans have a unique blade design.  The airflow is separated by a triangular fan edge and smoothly guided by the curves of the 3D strips on the fan surface.

The fans also rotate in the opposite direction of the adjacent fan to reduce turbulence from adjacent fans and increase air pressure.  The nano-lubricated graphene is used to extend the life of the fan by 2.1 times, which is close to the life of double ball bearings, but with a lower noise profile.  The fans also support GIGABYTE 3D Active Fan technology, which allows the fans to remain off when the GPU is in a low load or low power game.

The heatsink consists of seven composite copper heat pipes and a large copper plate that sits directly on the GPU.  This copper plate not only touches the GPU, but also the VRAM for cooling.  GIGABYTE’s screen cooling system is used to force airflow through the heatpipes to further cool them, allowing for more efficient heat dissipation.  This graphics card has a full metal back panel.  It also serves as an additional structure that makes the graphics card less pliable and more durable.  The back wall is raised and ventilated to prevent heat build-up.

GIGABYTE uses a more advanced power phase design that allows the MOSFETs to operate at lower temperatures.  Overtemperature protection and load compensation are integrated for each MOSFET. In addition, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable chokes and capacitors are used to ensure longer life.  The PCB design uses a fully automated manufacturing process that ensures the highest quality and eliminates the sharp protrusions of soldered connectors.

GIGABYTE has also implemented its RGB Fusion 2.0 technology.  It has 16.7 million customizable color options and numerous lighting effects.  You can also synchronize your lighting with other AORUS devices.  Supports AORUS Engine software to manage overclocking functions including voltages and RGB configurations.

This brings us to the size of the graphics card, it is much larger than the Founders Edition.  It measures 12.5 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2.7 slots or 2.2 inches high.  The power supply requires two 8-pin power connectors. GIGABYTE recommends using a 750W power supply.  For connectivity, it has three DisplayPort 1.4a ports and two HDMI 2.1 ports.  That’s a lot of connectivity.

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