Biomutant Hoof Puff Boss Guide – How to Beat, Weakness, Attack Types

Hoof Puff is one of the world devourers you have to defeat in the Biomutant game, and there is a very specific way to destroy him using Mekamjut. Here is our guide to help you kill him and unlock the hidden achievement.

Hoof Puff is one of the four bosses, called World Eaters, that you must defeat in the main Biomutants mission. Your objective is to free the Tree of Life so that the world you live in is free of contamination and other radioactive mutations. To do this, you will have to defeat the four devourers of worlds that feed on the tree.

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When the game is in the open world, the main story is fairly linear. The decisions you make do not affect the final objective described above. Here is a guide on how to easily defeat Hoofbeat with Mjut.

This guide to the biomutant boss Hoof Puff will show you how to defeat another world-eating boss in a game called Hoof Puff. Hoof Puff is very similar to Porky Puff in the sense that he has weak spots on his body that you must exploit to win the fight.

However, you should have at least one ranged weapon with high accuracy to make your job easier. If you can’t get such a weapon, upgrade your current weapon to make it accurate and effective in terms of range. You don’t have to worry about high damage, reload speed or rate of fire, because you don’t need it as much in combat.

Here is how to defeat the Hoof Puff in the game.

Combat with a Hoof Puff takes place in three phases, with each subsequent phase adding a new attack. In the first phase of the fight, the Hoof Puff relies on its melee attacks, using mainly its claws. The boss also attacks fairly quickly, and at times appears desperate as it tries to keep you in sight and strike.

For the fight, you will need a rider to help you move around Hoof Puff’s body and look for weak spots on the boss’s legs. Behind each of the boss’s legs is a weak spot in the form of a pink lump. If you shoot all of these points, the boss will be stunned and open its mouth wide. At this point, the game will ask you to press the button shown to pick up one of the boss’s teeth, and then press the button to pull out the boss’s tooth. This process – running, shooting at the four weak spots and then entering the mouth to pull out the tooth – will continue in the first stage until you have used up a third of the boss’s health.

In the second phase of the fight, the hoofed dog returns with a fiery, colorful tail and sends orange peacock feather spikes at you. At this point, all you can do is run and rush forward on your horse to dodge all the flying projectiles. Your attack is the same as in the first stage, except that instead of knocking his teeth out, you have to knock the boss down after pressing the button, and then punch him as hard as you can while he is stunned.

Weak spots will keep appearing, so you will have plenty of opportunities to inflict heavy damage on the boss.

In the final stage of combat, the hoof puddle spits out a green, poisonous liquid that lingers in the environment for a long time. You must avoid the poison puddle and watch out for Hoof Puff’s attack as well as his melee attacks during this stage. Hoof Puff will unleash everything he has in this final stage of the fight, and your strategy remains the same: move and hit weak spots to take down the boss and accompany him with a hail of bullets.

How to get the Mjut in Biomutant

The main mission awaits you: first, you must help Noko find his Mjut in order to defeat Puffy Hoof. A quest called “The lost Mjut” will lead you to a cave located a few hundred meters away. Enter the cave and climb up the wall behind the waterfall. You will have to fight several enemies before you can save Mjut. Interact with him to make him follow you to Noko (you can’t climb on him yet).



Noko is in sector 6J                                                                                      Noko will give you some mjut

Then you will have to go down a little further at the intersection to enter the destroyed building. Since it’s locked, you’ll have to go through the building across the street and up the stairs to get to the yellow beam.

When you enter the building, you will find a vending machine at the bottom: Complete the rotating puzzle to get the Good-Good gum. Complete the other puzzle to unlock the door and exit. Now go back to Noko.

Take the two zip lines - Biomutant
Take the two zip lines


The vending machine - Biomutant
The vending machine

Your new objective is to find Mekamjut half a mile away. He is in sector 5H and you must activate the electricity (follow the yellow wire) to free him.


Now that you have recovered Mekamjut and his saddle Noko, he will ask you to go to Mito. He is in Brightlight and gives you a new task: find the cave of Glittermoth Gave. This cave is located on top of a cliff: to reach it, you have to take the climbing path (yellow dots on the rock). At the bottom of the cave, you will find a shelter and a Glittermoth nest. You have to catch five moths with your net.

Let’s go back to Noko: for simplicity’s sake, take a short trip.

Mito is located in sector 5J - Biomutant
Mito is located in sector 5J
Mito and his quest for Glittermoths - Biomutant
Mito and his quest for Glittermoths
Climb the cliff to find the cave - Biomutant
Climb the cliff to find the cave

Once you have helped Noko, she will give you the Mjut an

After helping Noko, he will give you the molt and you will see that your focus has changed to the puff hoof in sector 5L.

  • How to summon the Mjut

Mjut can be found directly in the Mounts menu as a shortcut, just like Mekton or Googlide. Press the down arrow key (console) or the key associated with the mount (PC) and select Mjut on the selection wheel.

Hoof Puff's lair - BiomutantHoof Puff’s lair

How to beat the Hoof Puff

Mjut is in the northeast corner of the Biomutants map and is about to destroy one of the roots of the Tree of Life. Enter the hideout to start the battle with Mjut.

  • To unlock the Boss achievement

To get the trophy “Ruminant Show”, you must pull out all the teeth of the animal with Puff hooves.

  • The different phases of the Hoof Puff

In the first phase of Hoof Puff, you must use your Mjut and his hook to grab the pole. Wait until the creature is next to you to pull the pole and drop it on top of it. Once it’s on the ground, you can also grab one of its teeth with your claw to pull it off.

In the second phase, the monster throws ruffled feathers with its tail. Throw Glittermots to create a distraction and remember to dodge the attacks. When Hoof Puff is having fun with the Glittermots, take the opportunity to pop the red bubbles on his body.

In the final stage, the horsenail spits out an acidic bath that should be avoided at all costs. Again, try to distract it with Glittermouths and shake its bubbles to cause maximum damage.

That’s right, you’ve defeated Hoof Puff! Of course, Mjut has been acquired, and you can use him as an amount at any time.

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