3 Old Games With Fantastic Visuals

Many people think that the classic games can boast of the plot or elaboration of the world, and graphics and gameplay there are outdated. But there were a lot of action games, shooters, races, and even strategies, which are still a pleasure to play. All thanks to their cinematic and smooth, responsive gameplay.

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)

Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the first popular console shooters that shattered the stereotype that shooting with a gamepad is uncomfortable. Each gun here has its purpose: rifles are good at medium ranges, shotguns are good at close range, plasma pistols are perfect against mini-bosses, and so on. Earthling weapons are easier to handle, but much weaker than the aliens’ deadly energy guns.

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Through the spacious levels you could ride the buggies to plenty, fly the alien fighters – and still take a couple or three of fellow soldiers who sat behind turrets on board.

The plot in Halo is as unpredictable as the process when you’re looking for live betting odds in the sport you don’t know. In the distant future, humanity populated deep space and one day met a hostile alien civilization that unleashed a war of extermination. The situation was complicated when a ring planet was discovered that threatened all species in the galaxy. Master Chief has to fight his way through the crowds of aliens who have landed on the Ring to prevent disaster.

Max Payne 2 (2003)

About 20 years ago, we learned the story of a lawman who lost his wife and daughter and was heartbroken. The delivery of the story was unusual: a noir drama was played out in front of players with comic book inserts instead of cutscenes. In action heroes, the motivation often doesn’t go beyond saving the world, but if you add personal experiences, you get a masterpiece.

By the beginning of the events of Max Payne 2, the main character has already avenged the death of his family, but at some point, the demons of the past resurfaced. Max sees hired assassin Mona Sachs everywhere, who crossed his path several times in the first part, but whom he ended up falling in love with. Mona was mortally wounded in the finale of the original game, but in the sequel it is revealed that she is alive – and in great danger.

In the second game, the time dilation, one of the main features of the Max Payne combat system, was pumped up and made more spectacular. The environment became interactive, thanks to the new physics engine, and Max learned how to reload weapons during protracted jumps. The result is an even more cinematic action game that is still the best game from Remedy Entertainment.

Half-Life 2 (2004)

The events of Half-Life 2 take place several years after the finale of the first installment. Gordon Freeman returns to Earth and finds out that humanity was captured by aliens – and some people willingly serve them. So you will have to fight not only with alien monsters, but also with human traitors from the so-called civil defense of the Alliance.

The variety of enemies requires a variety of tactics. Alliance soldiers try to surround Gordon or flank him, ant lions come at arm’s length and try to pierce him with their limbs, and headcrabs try to jump on his head. Grenades and rapid-fire weapons are good against the first, the second – a shotgun, and for the third – the good old tire iron. And with the grav-gun, which allows you to pull up and throw most of the items at the enemy levels, you can not waste ammo at all.

Visually, Half-Life 2 doesn’t get old. Maybe it’s the high-quality textures, maybe – in detailed characters with smooth facial animation, or maybe – in a simple but spectacular physical model. Or many people simply fell too much in love with this unforgettable adventure in a dystopian world inspired by Orwell and Wells.

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