8 Benefits of Magento 2 for E-Commerce Business

A lot of information is known about the famous Magento. But few people know that 2015 has become a truly promising year for those who have long wanted something even better. And we are talking about Magento 2. This version is really different. These changes are felt when a web developer begins to directly apply others – new tools, add other options, apply more advanced templates. In fact, the 2015 version opens up more opportunities, which are in the real prospect of more effectively setting up and managing an online sales resource created on the basis of the technology of the second version.

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What are the 8 pros of the 2015 version?

Magento 2 is versatile, but you need to understand all the advantages. So, the TOP 8 features that should be emphasized:

Better scalability and performance. The platform of the second version was delivered from the creators, taking into account improved indexers. In turn, the latter includes not only effective updates but also really allows you to make faster queries. As for indexing, we are talking about information transformation (special index tables are created with updates), so you can use HTTP accelerating tools that cache requests more quickly. This allows you to scale up your business as well as increase productivity by more than 50 percent.

Full caching of web pages

When they say that you need to make maximum performance, then you need to understand that it’s time to make an order with the cache. Processed information needs to be somewhere, and functioning queries need to work at high speeds. Therefore, automatic sorting of the cache to a specially created place is something that should be taken care of at the stage of creating an online store. When the cache has somewhere to go, the load on the server is reduced; as a result, downtime can be avoided at the moment when increased traffic on the website begins.

Modernized admin interface

It is impossible not to emphasize that an innovative and convenient panel with functions that are responsible for the functioning of the online store allows you to perform work duties several times faster. At the same time, the panel is comfortable, understandable, easy as well as its navigation. Thanks to the new interface, you can quickly process user requests, work with orders, manage changes, and carry out settings and other business activities in the online store.

Smartphone compatibility

It is known that the present time can be considered a “mobile era”. People literally do not part with their smartphones. And on top of that, why do this if the convenience of shopping in an online store through a mobile device can be done at any convenient time? With the help of the new version of the platform, you should not worry that the website will not open or will work “somehow wrong” or intermittently. Developers adapt websites to any screen sizes of different devices.

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Increased business prospects

Each client who decides that he needs this particular platform for the operation of his online store will be in 100% win of everything. The fact is that the platform was created specifically for business tasks and solves any problems well, quickly and without problems. And since management functions are very important in business, it will not be difficult to optimize your online store using the platform. It is enough to use the cool administrative panel, where you can set up touch control, edit products, and resolve disputes if they arise.

Improved customer and shopping experience

The developers of the 2015 version of the platform took care to minimize the “pain” points when making purchases by customers. Therefore, now all online stores based on this technology work more quickly, without failures, very simple in functionality, have a search bar, and also provide quick checkout for users.

Ease of ordering by customers

Of course, for business owners, the most important thing is the income and prestige of the website. To maintain prestige, you need customers, and to save sales and gradually increase them, you need a specific improved platform. That’s why Magento 2, with new tools, features, and plugins, is a great solution. Now you can improve transitions, ensure a smooth website experience for your customers, and have peace of mind that your checkout processes will run smoothly. You can place orders in any convenient place and at any time from any electronic device.

Ease and safety of updates

It is known that all web developers are always waiting for something new. Therefore, Magento 2 pleases on an ongoing basis because the creators of the platform are trying to release updates and, at the same time, remain completely safe when new versions of updates are released. As they say, experts will take care of everything.

You should not wait without doing anything, and you should act. Therefore, contact magento mobile app development service and choose reliable professionals in your field.

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