We’ve All Played These Addictive Mobile Games At Some Point

These days, you can play computer games from anywhere—a home console, a gaming PC, online, or on your tablet or smartphone. Many people prioritize filling new gadgets with games in order to kill time during their daily commute, whether it’s spinning on https://nationalcasino.com/en_nz/casino/slots at the gym or playing Angry Birds on the sofa.

However, every now and again, a goofy little phone game morphs into hours of nonstop gameplay. Good luck getting anything else done with the most addicting games that can be played on your smartphone phone!

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Temple Run

Temple Run is widely regarded as the pioneer of endless runners. Imangi Studios’ signature mobile time killer captivated everyone’s curiosity before the mobile gaming industry became swamped with original and licensed products in that category.

Moving for as much as you can while escaping a gigantic beast, collecting gold, and performing clever movements to simply survive brings out everyone’s brave archaeological spirit.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the type of AAA action RPG that thrives on more powerful technology. We’re not sure how Chinese video game production and animation firm miHoYo accomplished it, but they were able to squeeze all of their awesomeness into the limits of mobile devices.

The sensation of amazement synonymous with the Legend of Zelda franchise is analogous to stepping into this game’s enormous universe full of magic and other fantasy aspects. Because of the constant flow of relevant information, Genshin Impact is expected to thrive for many years to come.

Geometry Dash

Maintain constant rhythm, avoid a slew of perilous traps, and do your best to accomplish the many levels thrown your way. These goals are at the center of Geometry Dash, a fairly basic mobile platformer with elements of rhythm-game principles.

The game’s distinct music is compelling enough to keep you playing as you grapple with the game’s vast array of level components. Half of the enjoyment in Geometry Dash comes from making your own stages and discovering how good your game development talents are.

Fruit Ninja

Slicing up various fruits with the edge of your fingers produces a unique form of satisfaction that we had no idea existed before Fruit Ninja became a phenomenon. There’s a lot of fun out there as you glide across your smartphone screen as quickly as possible and use a variety of powerups to chop down every variety of fruit that crosses your path.

But when it comes to pulling off massive combinations via fruit slashing, both the first game as well as its sequel have a habit of throwing players into a state of calm.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, the tower-defense, strategic RPG that spawned a slew of imitators, is the original. The frantic action that ensues when competing tribes clash coincides with the game’s trademark graphical style.

Aside from the random fights, you’ll spend a lot of time building your kingdom, developing your forces, and designing the best layout you can. Clash of Clans’ impact can be seen in a slew of other tower-defense games for a valid reason: it’s just that awesome.


Before Fortnite entered the battle royale universe and claimed the top place, it was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that defined the genre and drew the most attention.

Players were shocked by how true to the original material this port wound up being when it eventually found its way to mobile devices. PUBG MOBILE performs exactly as well as its console version and has consistently introduced special events to maintain a happy and devoted player base.

Marvel Strike Force

There are a plethora of conventional turn-based RPGs available on the App Store and Google Play. When Marvel Comics and Foxnet/Scopely decided to go that way, mobile gamers got one of the finest comic book-based games in history. Marvel Strike Force has a large roster of Marvel heroes and villains that may be assigned to various fighting groups.

Combining the game’s famous characters for conflicts throughout Marvel Strike Force’s multiple modes has been and will continue to be an engaging hobby for years to come.

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