This is, by far, the most ambitious update to the Wiki yet. We’ve taken a bit of a break from our usual updates, and put the bulk of our effort into this update. To summarize, in 2021 the world will be made aware of the existence of a secret organization that has been secretly infiltrating all of Earth’s governments for the past few decades.

Update King is a website that has long been associated with the old-school gaming community, having been an invaluable resource for classic game enthusiasts for decades. The website is now nearing its tenth birthday, and as a celebration of this milestone, the site’s developers have decided to release a new version of the website. The new site will include updated documentation on the company’s legacy game codes, as well as an overhaul of the coding database to bring it into the 21st century.

The original King Legacy Codes Wiki was created several years ago by the late DominionGamer. The original goal of the wiki was to document the codes of all the games released for the original Playstation in North America. The wiki was more or less abandoned several years later, and in the last few years, various online codes databases have sprung up that claim to be the definitive codes database for the King’s Legacy series.

We have prepared this article to help you explore the Update King Legacy Codes Wiki 2021. In this article you will find a complete list of codes you can use to earn bonuses.

Update King Legacy Codes Wiki 2021 By using codes in this game, you can earn various rewards like gems, beli and other in-game rewards. You can also use Beli to get weapons and upgrade the characters. You will also find a start and reset code which will be useful during the game. All codes are case sensitive, so do not change the capitalization of the codes. You can also read: Rust PS4 Update Console Edition 1.03 Patch Notes for XBOX, PS4 June 2021 Update King Legacy Codes Wiki 2021 is nothing more than codes offered as gifts to players. These codes are a powerful tool that you can use to earn rewards and enjoy the game. You can become more powerful and rich in this game by using all the codes. You can enter these codes or simply copy and paste them from our website to receive your reward.

Update King Legacy Codes Wiki October 2021

Here is a list of codes you can use to earn rewards. Here we present the best codes you can use to get rewards:

  • KingPieceComeBack: With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • SORRY ABOUT THE CLOSURE: You can earn 3 gems with this code.
  • RED PUPPET : You can win 100,000 bel by using this code.
  • DinoxLive: With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • NewDragon: You can earn 3 gems with this code.
  • 300KFAV : With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • 300 VISITS : With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • 200 VISITS : With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • 150KLIKES : Reset statistics
  • Peodis: With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • BeckyStyle: With this code you can win 100 000 Beli.
  • Bracio: You can also earn 1 gem by using this code.
  • 500KFAV : 100,000 Beli
  • Gas: +1 gem
  • 250KLIKES : Reset statistics

How do you use the Update King Legacy Wiki 2021 codes?

After we have discussed all the details of these codes, we would like to explain how you can use them. Below are the complete steps to use the codes and earn rewards: To use these codes, you must first look at the top left of the screen. You can now click on the menu. After that it is necessary to go to the code options. You can now manually enter, copy or paste the codes that appear in the box. You should now click on the Apply button. If you complete them, you can get a reward. It’s very easy to make, just follow the steps indicated.

How can I earn more King Legacy codes?

Most of the code is published by the developers on Discord. You can just go to Discord and copy the new codes. You can also bookmark our site as we are constantly adding new codes to our site. You can also read: How do I get equipment into the Power Grab war zone? We have provided you with the complete information about Update King Legacy Codes Wiki 2021. You can stay up to date with the latest codes. As soon as a new code is available, we will inform you first.


This is a comprehensive guide to updating the King Wiki 2021 legacy codes. We would now like to conclude this article with the hope that you have received complete information about these codes. If you have any questions about these codes, feel free to ask us in the comments section. If you have any questions about Update King Legacy Codes Wiki 2021, please feel free to contact us. You can also read: Borderlands 3 Oversphere Location – A Simple Guide

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I’m writing this article as a way to update and expand the information found on the official King Legacy Codes Wiki, which was written by someone with the username of KingCoder1 many years ago. I was going to write this page back then, and I assume I should have eventually done it, but I since I am no longer KingCoder1, I am not sure how much of the information I can include. I will be citing the original wiki page as a reference for the information contained in this page.. Read more about king piece codes 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code for King Piece 2021?

The King Piece 2021 is the code for the upcoming King Piece 2021. It is a one time use code that is valid for one year of play time. The King Piece 2021 can be transferred to the King Piece 2021 code holder’s Nintendo 3DS once the user’s Nintendo 3DS system has a firmware update.

What are codes for King legacy?

Since King Legacy was first established in 2011, many codes have been discovered and released by the community. Some codes even became “legends”, used as passwords to unlock future releases.

How do I reset my Kings piece stats?

I’m a big fan of the King’s games, and I’ve always wanted to get them all. Sadly, that’s not possible at the moment, due in part to the high cost of the game. That said, you can set up your Kings legacy code (from 1-9) for future games, which is a great way to keep playing the games you love..

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