The 35 Ugliest & Creepiest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Ever Printed

Everyone has heard of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the popular trading card game series that’s been around for a decade and a half. It’s a staple in most children’s bedrooms, with a huge following of fans. It’s pretty much the same story with the trading card game’s collectables, which also have a fanbase. The Yugioh! TCG has gained a huge following over the years, and fans have made a huge impact on the card game’s artwork and design.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game is one of those card games that started out as a kids game and then evolved into a collectible toy line, an anime show, a manga series, a video game, and a trading card game on places like Amazon. The card game seems to have no end in sight, and we have yet to see a new set released. We look back at the cards that have come before, and see if they are as bad as the old ones.

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Yu-Gi-Oh features some of the most recognizable cards in the history of trading cards.

These cards and their stunning artworks are etched into the memories of everyone who grew up in the late 1990s, from the renowned engine of devastation that is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon himself to strong arcane masters like the Dark Magician.

Then there’s Ojamas, who is nothing more than the 1% of germs that no disinfectant can eradicate. Ew.

Yu-Gi-Oh has some really obnoxious cards hidden under the surface. And for this list, we’ll rank the 35 most obnoxious – sorry, “best” – cards we could discover.

35. Weather Report

Weather Report Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Every aspect of this card is perplexing.

His face is so basic in comparison to the intricacy of his body that it seems like someone in the art department worked for hours on his fluffy cloud tail and traditional Japanese sandals, only to have to slap on a face in the final five minutes.

When you combine it with his face of slight dissatisfaction, as though the supermarket just ran out of his favorite brand of milk, you’ve got yourself a really strange-looking card.


34. Vampire Baby

Vampire Baby YGO Card

I’m shocked DreamWorks hasn’t taken up on this idea yet!

Vampire Baby has the appearance of a three-year-old and a thirty-year-old at the same time.

With his enormously large clothing and big cheeks, he’s clearly a baby. But something about those eyes and that hair makes me think he’s a lot older than his appearance suggests.

This man is certainly in the Yu-Gi-Oh monsters’ uncanny valley!


33. Nightmare Penguin

Nightmare Penguin Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Given that it was technically a duelist on the original show, this card has a lot of admirers… However, it gives me the creeps.

It’s so close to being adorable – after all, it’s a penguin in a waistcoat.

That seems lovely on the surface!

What we get instead is a hellish-looking penguin that would devour you if given the opportunity, which is an unpleasant vibe to receive from a penguin.


32. D-Boyz

D-Boyz Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I’m not sure which is ugliest in this card:

The fact that they’re zombies, or the clothes they’re wearing from the early 2000s!

These men look like zombies, with their eyes protruding and their skin becoming green. However, all I can think of are those baggy old pants.

Remember when wearing big pants was really considered cool?

This card makes me want to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the PlayStation 2 and blast my Blink-182 tapes.


31. Avatar of the Pot

Avatar of the Pot YGO Card

If you think Pot of Greed is unattractive, try giving it a strangely jacked physique.

Seriously, there are so many muscles on this guy that I’m not sure half of them are genuine.

Avatar of the Pot has such a muscular build that he resembles one of those squishy balls with the netting around it. I can’t be the only one who notices this, can I?

When you add in the fact that he’s just wearing a loin cloth, you’ve got yourself an unattractive card that’ll make you feel quite uncomfortable.


30. Lullaby of Obedience

Lullaby of Obedience Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Despite the fact that this card isn’t as “ugly” as some of the others on this list, I still have a problem with it.

A card called “Lullaby of Obedience” might have some really cool artwork on it, maybe including the man from Solemn Judgment.

Instead, we get a man with Super Monkey Ball ears, a physics-defying hairline, and a Ned Flanders moustache.

I retract my statement; this individual is unquestionably unattractive in the conventional sense.


29. Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter

Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter YGO Card

I get what you’re aiming for, Konami, but this card is scary as hell.

I’m sure this card would be beautiful if it was designed a little differently. Chu-Ske, on the other hand, is unsettling as it is.

Konami’s homage to Bruce Lee is fantastic, yet something about this mouse gives me the chills.


28. Big Eye

Big Eye Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This man is a perfect illustration of how ancient Yu-Gi-Oh cards are a rich mine for terrible artwork.

Something about the way his eyes burst out of him like muscles, and his two “face” eyes squish into one other, just hits that ugly place perfectly.

Furthermore, this individual lacks eyelashes.

Can you image how much dust gets inside those things?!


27. 7 Colored Fish

7 Colored Fish YGO Card

Many people remember 7 Colored Fish fondly since it was once one of the greatest level 4 monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh, despite the fact that it was a regular summonable monster with 1800 attack.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that this card is revolting!

Why does one fish have so many teeth, for example?

What about tusks? Where this guy comes from, there must be some big predators in the water.


26. Mucus Yolk

Mucus Yolk Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I believe “Mucus Yolk” is something you should discuss with your doctor privately than than bringing to a Yu-Gi-Oh game.

Mucus Yolk is a combination of two of the most repulsive words sewn together into one ostensibly sticky monster, and I despise the sound of it.

The unfortunate part is that this card is really very powerful – by equipping it with any equip spell, you may effectively strike your opponent every turn, making this card stronger by 1000 attack each time!

Still, I believe I’ll pass on this card.


25. Jinzo

Jinzo YGO Card

Jinzo and I have such a love-hate relationship.

On the one hand, Jinzo is a very strong card in Yu-Gi-Oh, allowing you to shut off any powerful traps that may interrupt your game strategy.

Jinzo, on the other hand, resembles a potato alarm clock that operates on a ham piece.

I’m creeped out by the veiny head, the painfully pink skin, and the Darth Vader-like mask.


24. Spear Cretin

Spear Cretin Yu-Gi-Oh Card

What if Gollum was more interested in weapons than rings?

This card is unsettling to look at in every way.

The gangly limbs, each hand’s six digits, the wicked grin that knows something you don’t but should… This man meets all of the criteria for being labeled as unsettling.

Also, despite having wings, the way this person crawls about on the floor is quite frightening.

Although this is unmistakably a humanoid, this guy’s posture is nearly insect-like.

10/10, I’d avoid looking at that at all costs!


23. Firegrass

Firegrass Yu-Gi-Oh Card

While old school Yu-Gi-Oh has some of the most powerful and breaking cards in the game’s history (such as Raigeki and Harpie’s Feather Duster), it also has some of the most incomprehensible cards ever produced.

The lower half of this fire-breathing plant resembles a Goron wearing the Deku mask from Majora’s Mask, while the upper part resembles two Bellsprouts in desperate need of a rest.

Seriously, how did they manage to make two plants seem that irritated?

When you add in the fact that Firegrass is a regular monster with just 700 attack, you have a formula for a card that will almost certainly end up at the bottom of the spare cards pile.


22. Kumootoko

Kumootoko YGO Card

Kumootoko, on the other hand, is probably the ugliest spider I’ve ever seen – and spiders have already set a very high standard!

Let’s speak about those legs for a moment.

Six of them are “regular” insect legs (as normal as yellow striped and point legs can be for an insect), but the final two look unsettlingly human. And he’s strong.

Is this spider a real person?

Was this spider a real person? Why was it just the legs that were kept?!

Everything about this spider is just off-putting enough to make me feel uneasy — it’s an egregiously ugly card.


21. Mystic Tomato

Mystic Tomato Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card’s OCG artwork is beautiful.

They chose a tomato that had been carved with a little grin to resemble a charming little Jack-o-lantern in Japan.

Is it in the West?

Nah, a genuine mouth with sharp teeth and an absurdly long tongue, protruding veins on the top of his head, and a stare that makes you want to turn away from this card right now.

They really nailed the scary factor, and I’ll be sure to display a couple of them with the pumpkins this Halloween!


20. Humpty Grumpty

Humpty Grumpty YGO Card

Humpty Grumpty is a parody of the children’s rhyme Humpty-Dumpty. Aren’t we all aware of how it turned out?

The egg that rested on a wall and then fell off.

The story isn’t the most exciting, but it’s a classic that we all know and adore.

The demon version of this is Humpty Grumpty, who is a real Deviled Egg.

The most unsettling aspect of this card image is those tiny limbs and legs, apart from the all-too-realistic expression of terror on this poor egg’s face.

Seriously, they resemble a baby’s limbs! Why does an egg with such a huge size have such little legs and limbs to move around with?


19. Gimmick Puppet Humpty Dumpty

Gimmick Puppet Humpty Dumpty Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I’d have two pence if I had a penny for every Yu-Gi-Oh! card that has destroyed the children’s nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” for me, which isn’t much, but it’s strange that it’s occurred twice.

Gimmick Puppets are one of the creepiest Yu-Gi-Oh archetypes ever produced.

What do you anticipate when you create an archetype based on possessed puppets and dolls?

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing what’s wrong with this man.

He sort of looks like an egghead on a puppet body, apart from that far too human grin. Something about this one gives me the chills…


18. Corroding Shark

Corroding Shark YGO Card

The Corroding Shark is nothing more than a shark’s decomposing body.

How did this one get past the Yu-Gi-Oh! censors? Oh, but Exodia’s backdrop was simply “too pentagram-y”?

His ribs are almost coming out of him, and his fin is barely keeping him together.

I really feel terrible for the little fellow!

His flavor text also mentions how he can cast a spell to pass on his awful curse — and based on his appearance, I believe I’ll avoid whichever aquarium this person is staying at.


17. Gernia

Gernia Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Gernia, unlike Corroding Shark, is difficult to explain.

It has two arms and stands on two legs, thus it’s humanoid in some ways… But what about the rest of him?

I’m completely oblivious to what’s going on.

His visage is adorned with much more horns than is reasonable. That’s not even taking into account the one horn sprouting from his abdomen!

What happened in your species’ evolution to make you require an ab horn to survive?


16. Ojama Green

Ojama Green YGO Card

Ojamas, ojamas, ojamas, ojamas, o

These were a trio of monsters created to be ugly, since they were Chazz Princeton’s obnoxious duel-spirit friends in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime.

Konami really hit the nail on the head with the ugliness.

Ojama Green is a misery to look at in every way.

His tongue is casually rolled out of his mouth, trailing over the floor and licking up everything is on the floor. His eye is clearly turned away from where it should be.

Last but not least, those tiny little spandies that seem to be much too little to hold anything.

When played correctly, Ojamas is a very entertaining deck to play, so if you can look beyond what may be the ugliest monsters ever made, I’d strongly suggest giving them a try!


15. Niwatori

Niwatori Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Niwatori resembles me after two seasons of Netflix binge-watching.

He’s barely awake, way too full of food, but still looking for an extra snack & what can only be described as an awful hairdo.

Tell me why anybody would summon Niwatori in a game about summoning the greatest creatures with magical abilities from the period of the Ancient Egyptians.

Overall, this card is unattractive – yet in a charming manner.


14. Crass Clown

Crass Clown YGO Card

What is it about Yu-Gi-Oh! and creating monsters that look like eggs?

Crass Clown is unsettling in every way possible.

Not only is he a clown, which is scary enough, but the fact that his body is precisely shaped like an egg (and his head and neck almost melt into it) takes this clown to new heights of creepy that shouldn’t be conceivable.


13. The Kick Man

The Kick Man Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Yu-Gi-Oh has some of the most inventive monsters in the history of trading card games.

You’ve got cards like The Egyptian God cards, which are monsters that represent ancient magic.

The Elemental Heroes are a group of superheroes that each represent a different element.


The Kick Man is a fictional character. He kicks the ground. Yeah…

He has the visage of Pot of Greed and kicks.

This card might have been very amazing if it had been done with a different character, like an excellent Karate fighter or a Sumo wrestler.

As it is, it simply seems like a man who can’t fight but is pretending to be able to.


12. Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler

Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler YGO Card

The sight of gimmick puppets is really a curse.

And this individual epitomizes the scary stereotype.

It’s the most frightening idea I can conceive of: two puppets stitched together, sharing the same head.

Is it the same person in two bodies? Or two unfortunate individuals who have been tethered together by something much more heinous than they are?

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it since it raises too many concerns.

It’s a good thing this guy has a terrible monster effect, since I’ll never have to think about include him in my deck.


11. The Wicked Worm Beast

The Wicked Worm Beast Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you hate insects and bugs, this card is not for you.

It’s the remains of a human with an unbelievable amount of worms protruding from his flesh all over him.

My skin crawls just thinking about how much agony the man must have been in before succumbing to the worms.

The worst part of this card, in my opinion, is his left hand. The stubs of worms that have been chopped to the appropriate length should be where his fingers should be.

This is one of the most revolting cards ever to make it to a printing press, and it begs the question: who on Earth determines the censoring choices at Yu-Gi-Oh/Konami headquarters?!


10. Dice Jar

Dice Jar YGO Card

The dice jar resembles a titan from Attack on Titan.

And that’s enough to make me flee in terror.

Those lifeless eyes and that maniacal grin give me the creeps, as if this jar is out of control and has nothing to lose – not a sensation I want to receive from a real jar.

The large tongue protruding from his mouth, as well as the fangs that occupy up half of his face, create the idea that this man can and will devour your hands or dice if they get too close.

What a terrifying tool!


9. Il Blud

Il Blud Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Il Blud is a fantastic card for zombie decks, and it helped turn zombies from a niche strategy played by a small number of players into one of the strongest and most popular decks of the time.

That doesn’t alter the fact that Il Blud is nightmare fuel par excellence.

It seems to be a prisoner of some kind, with a demon, monster, or god knows what sticking out from the center of the inner zipper.

That face is so wicked and insane… This is what gives the card its eerie appearance!

This isn’t a Yu-Gi-Oh monster you’d want as your duel spirit partner.


8. Ooguchi

Ooguchi YGO Card

I’m not sure where to start with Ooguchi.

Is it a canine? Maybe.

Is it welcoming? Most likely not.

What occurred to make it appear this way? We’ll never know for sure.

With all those humps and ridges on his back, he appears like a tiny mountain range, and I can almost smell his breath through the screen.

Ooguchi takes the cake when it comes to sheer ugliness.


7. Ojama Yellow

Ojama Yellow Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The ugliest of all Ojamas has arrived:

It’s the color Ojama Yellow!

Ojama Yellow is the ringleader of the Ojamas, so it’s only natural that he’s also the most revolting-looking of the three.

I’m a little uneasy with the way he’s drooling all over the place with that huge mouth. If you encountered this monster in person, you could know he’d be sticky just by looking at him.

There’s also something about his awkward posture, which makes him seem like he’s having stomach pains while attempting to grin for a picture at the same time – it contributes to Ojama Yellow’s strange vibe.

Easily the ugliest Ojama on the market.

And I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


6. Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis YGO Card

Here’s a card that’s so unattractive that it’s been outlawed! It’s prohibited because the effect is so ridiculously powerful that any deck that uses it might win in a flash.

You may tribute a monster you control to special summon any fusion monster with the same level from your extra deck, enabling you to get some incredibly strong cards out on the field with little effort.

This card has a great impact, but let’s talk about why it’s so bad.

Something about this poor little creature steadily transforming into something more ugly and evil in real time is disturbing.

On the back of his skull, you can see the beginnings of a grin that says he knows he’s won… All the while, the wretched creature looks in amazement at his own hands.

It’s almost depressing to look at, but it’s also a real eyesore.


5. Tongue Twister

Tongue Twister Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The connotations of this card irritate me much.

Is it everything just one huge tongue?

If that’s the case, then why does it have fangs and eyes?

Is this to say that there’s a creature so huge, nasty, and repulsive that its tongue need its own fangs and eyeballs to live as a distinct organ?!

This also implies that the monster is soaking wet with saliva. And, if I’m being honest, I can’t think of anything more revolting than this slobbery creature wreaking havoc on the battlefield.


4. Twin Long Rods #1

Twin Long Rods #1 YGO Card

If you’re searching for a Yu-Gi-Oh monster that seems to be completely insane, you’ve come to the right place.

Everything about his expression suggests he’s going to murder you.

The bulging eyes, the massive Ojama-like smile that exudes frenzied energy… If this card had its tongue out, it would be much worse.

The worst part about this card, in my opinion, is that it’s a #1, implying that there are more than one of this character (and sure, there is a #2).

Any atrocity like this should be maintained at number one – or zero if possible.

It’s safe to say that Twin Long Rods #1 will not be making an appearance in my deck.


3. Worm Ugly

Worm Ugly Yu-Gi-Oh Card

It’s no wonder that Worm Ugly is ugliness personified.

I’m not certain it’s a worm, however.

Aren’t worms supposed to be long and slender, not simply a huge blob of goop?

This card is unattractive in a variety of ways.

This creature’s tiny beak-like mouth and chubby eyes make him seem sad, and the green ooze pouring from it isn’t helping matters.


2. Parasite Paracide (OCG art)

Parasite Paracide (OCG art) YGO Card

Now, this is one of the cards that was so awful that it was picked up by the censor team – which, as you can see from the list, implies it was dreadful.

This card’s TCG artwork consists of a scary insect on a generic swirly backdrop.

You know, Yu-Gi-Oh things from back in the day.

Instead, the OCG image depicts this insect ripping through a man’s neck and face as he screams in pain. Embarrassingly creepy!

I’m not shocked we didn’t receive this card in the TCG over here. And in some ways, I’m happy we didn’t.

I’m not sure I’d be able to pull this card from my deck since I’d be too terrified.


1. Necroface

Necroface Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you thought Gimmick Puppets were the creepiest Yu-Gi-Oh dolls, you’re in for a surprise.

Necroface features the broken face of a frightening porcelain doll, yet it’s filled with tentacled and bulbous horror.

In my opinion, any doll with visible veins and arteries is the definition of scary.

A zombie is also a card type.

That whatever that tentacled monstrosity was, it was alive and sentient – and that’s all that’s left of it.

This is not something I want to see or spend time with in any afterlife if I ever die.

The Yugioh franchise is plagued with one of the most hideous card designs in all of collectible card games (CCG). The original card design for the ancient Egyptian God of The Sky, Osiris, is a prime example of this phenomenon.. Read more about most complicated yugioh card and let us know what you think.

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