How to navigate the Wielder Temple in Chicory: A Colorful Tale


This is a very long game, so I will not go in to detail about the game itself. The story:  our hero is a young boy who one day finds a magic sword in the woods on his way home from school. The sword is a very powerful weapon, so he decides to take it to the town strong man, Chicory, to see if he can get it to work.

The Wielder temple is a series of precarious rooms and corridors where a random assortment of colored crystals are placed in random places, and only the most adept of adventurers will find their way to the center of the temple. In this guide, I will show you the best, most efficient route, and explain the reasoning behind the selection. If you are skilled enough to navigate this dangerous maze, you may find a rare and powerful weapon deep within this dungeon, as well as the shrine of a powerful god.

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Your first real task as the bearer of the magic brush will be to enter the bearer’s temple and investigate the mysterious corruption and color loss that has plagued the land. Once inside the temple, you must paint the area to find your way around and open the doors. But first, we have to go in.


The entrance to the temple is just north of Potluck, and there’s a door with a web of dots that you lock inside. You must first make your way to Appy Foothills, which at this point is isolated by some nasty rocks that you can easily remove with explosive paintballs. In the foothills of Appia, you will find a large lion named Cardamon, who was once a feudal man himself – he is much warmer in character than the other feudal men you have met so far. Follow him into his house and he will show you the design you need to paint on the door to open it.

Take a screenshot or picture of the game if you can’t remember.word-image-5484 If you draw this enigmatic symbol on a dot, you can walk past it – only to encounter another door that looks the same. The next part is easy to imagine because there is an area in front that looks like a 4×4 grid on the door. It’s an obvious nod to the door motif, but the easiest way to do this is to draw the plant buttons so that they grow fully. Fill in the dots on the grid on the door that correspond to these grown plants. screenshot word-image-5486 The temple itself, like the rest of the world, has been stripped of paint, and on the walls are eerie texts and messages describing the history and significance of the Guardian.

Our advice: Hold down the paint function to fill the entire floor with paint, as there are hidden messages when you paint. These can be text messages or triangles indicating hidden passages. Move around and use explosive paintballs to make these passages in cracks in the walls or for hidden triangles. Explore each room, and on the right side on the second floor you will find a design that looks like a tree, which you enter through the door of the central room. screenshot word-image-5487 The next floor is a 4×4 gate that can accept different inputs to open certain areas.

Go far left and paint the area in front of the two large stone doors to find a pattern that allows you to pass through two of the four stones that block your path, including the passage on the far right. If you paint this room, you will learn how to open the other two stone doors. Note, however, that if you change the grid pattern, the doors that open will be different. You have to go from one pattern to another as you pass the stones; from the main room go past the top left stone, back to the first pattern, then go to the left room and through the right corridor, which is now open.


On the top floor, a 6×6 grid will appear in front of you – notice that it is divided into three. Scroll down to see three stone doors and a 5×5 grid; the screen below has another stone door to the south. Notice also the triangles marking the stones. From there, go far to the left to find the shrine of the first guardian; slide across the floor to see a pattern that looks like a triangle pointing up. Return to the central room and draw the triangle on the 5×5 grid to locate Nest in the upper room. It may not be obvious at first, but you have to pull this triangle in different directions to get through the other three doors. In each of these rooms, you get one of the three pieces of the 6×6 door puzzle.

word-image-5489In the room on the right, use the plants to get to the other side; there you’ll find the first drawing on the wall, specific to the top right third of the 6×6 door. The room on the left may be a little hard to see; paint the entire room and you will see hidden spots on the floor. It’s essentially a 6×6 grid, and the plus-shaped pattern that the bouncing bushes form is actually the pattern of the top left of the 6×6 door. Finally, go to the downstairs room and paint the floor and walls for the 6×6 door floor pattern. Enter the three sections in the right place and get ready to fight the final boss right after.word-image-5490

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