How Evil Geniuses Won the The International 5

There’s nothing quite like The International (TI), where the best players battle it out for the Aegis. Dota 2 has become such a popular game that millions of fans watch the major tournaments to see the most skilled Dota 2 players play the game.

In most sporting events, there has always been a comeback story that is simply too unforgettable to forget. One of esports’ most defining moments is during The International 5 in 2015, when Evil Geniuses won a magnificent game against one of the top teams during that time.

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How did the Evil Geniuses, popular esports team, pull off one of the most amazing victories in The International? Here is a rundown of their incredible win in one of the most thrilling esports history.

Leading to The International

Being the fifth TI competition in Dota 2 esports history, the tournament was hosted in Seattle for four consecutive years. Even before the competition took place, the 2015 TI was expected to be between Evil Geniuses and Team Spirit.

Also, CDEC Gaming was expected to be among the teams to have a high chance of winning the whole tournament. Regardless, teams like MVP Phoenix and Vici Gaming dominated during the qualifying rounds.

Evil Geniuses faced compLexity and won the round fairly easily with a commanding 2-0 lead going to the Upper Bracket R2 (Bo3). Moving on to the next round, Evil Geniuses again took two games to 1 against EHOME to land on the spot of the Grand Final.

CDEC vs. Evil Geniuses

After going undefeated the week prior to the event, it was a huge surprise that CDEC conceded the first game to EG completely. The rising Chinese team flunked the whole game in just 35 minutes after the Evil Geniuses lashed out on the other enemy heroes during the game.

Game 2 Loss

However, game 2 was a completely different story as Evil Geniuses didn’t have the smoothest sail during the match. Without Storm and Ember Spirit for their middle lane, they were defeated by Windranger, that did well during the series in earlier brackets.

Sumail of EG expected a close perfect game until Broodmother came along and sacked him for the remaining late-game events that transpired minutes after.

The Pivotal Game 3

Game 3 was the game for the ages as the two juggernaut teams eyed for the title of 2015 The International. After a heavy 60-minute game, which is regarded as the longest Grand Finals Dota 2 game so far, EG escaped with a narrow victory in a very intense game.

With Game 2’s lack of a prominent mid-laner, Game 3 showcased EG’s prowess through heroes like Ember Spirit and Gyrocopter, which contributed to their narrow win by the end of the game.

TI 5 Champions: Evil Geniuses

The momentum of EG’s game three wins was the sole reason for CDEC’s collapse in game four which eventually turned the tides in the champions’ favor that got them the Aegis. With Evil Geniuses, popular esports team, being a TI 5 winner, they are now regarded as one of the orgs in the competitive gaming scene.

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