How to do the Ferris Bueller Challenge in BitLife?

BitLife is a virtual world where you can live out your most creative and exciting fantasies in a safe and productive way! Create any world you want, meet with friends, or go on adventures. You’ll never run out of things to do! All of this is possible thanks to the creative platform at BitLife, where developers create all-new worlds for players.

Courtesy of Ferris Bueller

With such a creative platform, the community created two challenges: One on how to get out of the house and go to school on time, and another based on the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. On this challenge, players had to copy what Ferries did on his day off: Meet up with friends and perform several challenges.

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The goal is to get outside and do all these things. Valet Valet is a means to get out of the house without getting caught by your parents or siblings. You can easily walk away from them while doing this challenge like what Ferry did in the movie.

When the challenge is started, the player will get a private room with 10 “friends”, each holding up different numbers. When you reach the valet, get in the car and go back to your house. You’ll go out of your house without getting seen by anyone after that. Valet Valet (VV) is also an easy way to get your siblings mad at you, but let’s not blame them for this one!

Location Apparition

Be sure not to tell them where you are going! If you do, they’ll go out of their way to find you; plus if they do, they’ll know where your house is on your block. Location Apparition (LA) will make you virtually disappear to everyone for a while. When you use this, people won’t be able to find you anywhere in the BitLife world! It’s the perfect way to get out of your house and go to school on time. There is even a challenge that involves this: The Valet Valet Challenge.

School Notebook

If you want to get into school, it’s all about your notebook! The school notebook is used by students and teachers alike in almost every school in the world. Buying one is easy: Just go to any book store and grab one. If you run out, just go to the book store again! And if you are good at writing, other students might even ask you to write in their notebook for them. If your teacher asks you about the school notebook, just tell them that it’s in your locker. You should also learn something from other students while inside of school. If other students are drawing, ask them for their drawing. But make sure to give it back before class ends!

The notebook may be put in any locker. So make sure to take it if someone puts it there.

The locker can be open and closed, but if it’s open and someone walks by, they will see you. So make sure to make the locker close and hide inside of it.

You may also learn other students’ notes; however, if you don’t know what to answer, make something up! Also, remember to give them back before class ends.

School Building

The school building is like any other building in BitLife: You can go into it as many times as you want. However, as an added challenge, you can’t teleport out of there until lunchtime! If this sounds like a problem for you, LA yourself out of the building for an hour or so. Then go back in before lunch ends.


You won’t learn anything if you don’t eat. When school ends, make sure to grab your lunchbox before heading home. However, make sure to remember where you put it; otherwise, you will run out of hunger points (HP). Lunchtime starts after school ends. The lunch bell rings at 12:00 PM. After the bell rings, lunch begins and lasts until 1:00 PM. Any students that are on campus during that hour aren’t at school; they’re outside eating their lunches!

If you want to grab your lunchbox earlier than everyone else, go during the first period (8:00 AM). If you do that, no one will see you and it will be like you’re at your house.

You can also get it during lunch (1:00 PM). However, if you do that, everyone else will see you and they’ll talk to each other about it. This too is dangerous because the school staff may start looking for you. So be careful!


Your locker is your safe haven in your school life. There’s only one way to access your locker: Walk up to the nearby lockers and stand next to them. You can then use Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase.

You can also use your usual lockpick, but make sure not to mess with the locker. You may even get yourself in trouble if you do! (Be careful!)

You can clear all of the lockers next to you, making them empty, by using Erase Over Erase Erase Erase Erase.

When you’re done with this challenge, make sure not to tell anyone where your locker is. If you do that, they’ll try to get into it while you’re out of it—and that could be bad! You don’t want anyone discovering your safe spot in BitLife. The reason being is because your lock will be filled with lint which will catch on fire. Just be careful, don’t do anything that’ll get you into trouble.

And if your school’s locker isn’t safe, use your private locker (which is bound to your email) instead of public lockers! If you go out during lunch or after school, make sure to look around to see if anyone sees you.

If someone catches sight of you, though it doesn’t happen often, ask them out. If they say yes, you can even go back to your locker together.

Don’t let anyone see you do anything in the school; if they do, you’ll get busted! You could even be suspended without even knowing about it! (But that won’t happen.) However, there is a way to avoid that: Instead of going out to lunch or after school, just stay home. If someone catches sight of you, though it doesn’t happen often, ask them out. If they say yes, you can even go back to your locker together.


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