Dyson Sphere Program Major Update – Patch Notes and Highlights

Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes & Highlights Dyson Sphere: We’ve updated the Dyson Sphere level so that you can now visit the following locations: Rimworld Moon (2d) – Water World (2d) – Moon Station (2d) – Moon Station 2 (2d) – Lunar City (3d) – Serenity (3d) – Colony Ship (3d) – The Wall (3d) – Lunar City 2 (3d) – The Wall 2 (3d)

Dyson Sphere is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring real-time combat, character customisation, and a persistent world. The game shares some similarities with previous MMORPGs in terms of gameplay, but it is also different, particularly in terms of the game’s client and server architecture. The game is split into two parts: a client, and a server, which handles the game’s persistent world. The client only connects to the server, which handles interactions with the game.

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Youthcat Studio, the developers of the Dyson Sphere program, have been working hard on the next major update to the game over the past few months. The update adds several important features and changes to the game. Let’s take a look at some highlights and comments about the patch.

Dyson Sphere Update Highlights

The new update has a number of changes, but here are a few that stand out.

  • A new view of the Milky Way – shows all engineers as part of the same galaxy. Each seed has its own place in the galaxy, and the players with the highest energy production in that seed are shown on the screen. The view of the Milky Way acts as an archival system, so to speak.
  • Bulk build feature – You can now click and drag a build to duplicate it in a row. Mass creation is a huge time saver that players used to have to install mods to achieve. Insertion elements are also copied with their structures.
  • Assembly lines in free line – Assembly lines now have a free line mode where they are no longer bound to the grid.
  • Colored foundations – You can now choose the color of the foundations.
  • New planets – There are four new types of planets. Dry Forest Planet, Scarlet Ice Lake Planet, Hurricane Stone Forest Planet, Floral Forest Planet

And more! Read on for the full details of the patch.

Dyson Sphere Update Patch notes

Here are the full notes. Characteristics:

  • View on the Milky Way
  • Free line assembly mode
  • Structure of the functional mass
  • Multi-threaded CPU system (performance enhancement)
  • New advanced merger facility
  • New background music
  • New technology to increase warp speed
  • New logic for chain speed control
  • Four new planets
  • New relief generation algorithm for the Scarlet Ice Lake planet
  • Added an ice shader for the planet Scarlet Ice Lake
  • 9 Model planting of a flowering forest planet
  • Add a basic color setting
  • New basic texture
  • Detail level LOD1 and LOD2 for sorters
  • LOD1 Degree of rendering detail for storage
  • The backup/load interface allows you to view the local file of the backed up data.


  • The code base has been fully updated.
  • The logistical structure of the building system has been completely rewritten.
  • Optimized copy and paste settings.
  • Design collision mitigation for beam receiver


  • MK.II and MK.III mounting Increased operating capacity
  • Increase of the satellite substation backup capacity
  • Increased operating performance of the EM-Rail ejector
  • Increase the basic solar life (0.5h to 1.5h) with improvements to the maximum solar life (1h to 2.5h).
  • Increase in base load power generation by Luch receiver (5 MW to 6 MW)
  • Multiple increase of energy production in the receiver mode for photon beams (from 5 to 8)
  • The warm-up time of the receiver for the beam has been increased (from 15 to 20 minutes).
  • Increase of critical photon energy (750 MJ to 1.2 GJ)
  • Reduction of the antimatter fuel rod energy (7.5 GJ to 7.2 GJ)
  • The amount of antimatter consumed has decreased (from 10 to 6)
  • Electricity production by artificial stars has decreased (from 75 MW to 72 MW)
  • Corrected calorific value for different fuels
  • Replacement of the consumed raw material with crude oil. The well production now slowly decreases over time until it reaches 0.1/s.
  • Oil production on the starting planet has increased

Error correction

  • Destruction of the warp engine during dismantling of the fixed logistics station.
  • Correction of the destruction of the graviton lens during the dismantling of the logistic stations
  • Miplevel algorithm for foundations and foundation rendering problems solved.

Looking forward to the new update. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into Dyson Sphere yet, buy a copy on Steam and enjoy!

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