Diablo 4 Call of the Wolves Quest Guide in Season 4 Loot Reborn


The much-awaited ‘Loot Reborn’ season 4 of Diablo 4 is here, and the game features new aspects, both in terms of content and features for the players to solve. One of the new things about this particular season is the new faction called the Iron Wolves, which the players interact with and whose tasks are completed alongside the players throughout the season. The initial quest in this series of quests is titled Diablo 4 Call of the Wolves, which acts as the starting point for the Iron Wolves branch and its respective quests and rewards. In addition, for a better gaming experience, you can also consider purchasing in-game items such as Diablo 4 Gold or Diablo 4 Item. I’ll give you an introduction at the end. To begin with, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you get through the “Call of the Wolves” and start the adventures of Season 4 in the game.


As with all the ghost quests in Diablo IV, the “Call of the Wolves” quest cannot begin until the player has progressed through the main campaign to the endgame. Moreover, to do the quests announced for the current season, you will also have to have created a new Seasonal character for Season 4.

Step 1: Collect Medallion Shards from Helltide

For the first part of the “Call of the Wolves” quest, players are to gather Medallion Shards obtained during Helltide activities. Helltide events are available in Season 4 for all of the World Tiers, which makes it easier for players to participate in this endgame content right from the beginning.

To locate the Helltide location, a red mist covers some parts of the map, which is the signal that Helltide is nearby. After you have found a Helltide, begin attacking the demons that will appear in that zone. It is immensely valuable, just like Medallion Shards, which can be looted by killing any monster during Tainted Helltide.

The requirements for the last quest are to collect at least five Medallion Shards.

Step 2: Visit the Iron Wolves Encampment

The next thing that you have to do after gathering the required amount of Medallion Shards is to travel to the Iron Wolves’ hideout in Kehjistan. The encampment can be found on the western side of the Imperial Library and on the northeastern side of Gea Kul. Depending upon which level you start at, search for the fast travel point, which is indicated by the name “Iron Wolves Encampment.”


Upon getting to the encampment, interact with Soudeh the Anvil, who is the field commander of the Iron Wolves. She will understand the importance of the collected Medallion Shards and give you more missions to support the Iron Wolves against the demonic creatures.

Step 3: Increase Your Reputation with the Iron Wolves

To continue with the seasonal missions in the game, you will be required to level up your reputation in the Iron Wolves faction. There are ranks you can gain by engaging in Helltide and accomplishing missions specific to the Iron Wolves’ work.

If you decide to continue raising your reputation with the Iron Wolves, you will get new quests, additional rewards, and more background information about this mysterious group. It also helps to have a high reputation in the game as this grants you more opportunities and additional storyline missions.

Step 4: Complete Additional Seasonal Quests

The new Season Pass missions will become available to you after you clear the “Call of the Wolves” quest and gain some reputation with Iron Wolves. These quests include such tasks as tracing caravans that have gone missing and dealing with the corrupted Iron Wolves who have fallen to the vices of demons.

Every quest will reward you with different loot drops like items of armor, crafting metals, and consumables, amongst other things; quests will also shed more light on the Iron Wolves’ background.

Step 5: Reach the Finale – “The Voice in the Night”

And then, as you go through the successive tasks associated with the seasonal renewal and leveling up the reputation with the Iron Wolves, you will be able to take part in the final task of the chain, called “The Voice in the Night.”

Expect the difficulty to rise high in the boss battle, and do not forget your equipment. The player defeating this last enemy will not only bring the season to an end but also receive the grandest bonuses and the Iron Wolves’ acclaim.

Rewards and Benefits

Completing the “Call of the Wolves” quest and the subsequent seasonal quests will grant you access to a variety of rewards and benefits, including:

1. Unique Gear and Cosmetics: There are specific pieces of armor, weapons, and even cosmetic appearances that can be gained only by raising the reputation with the Iron Wolves faction.


2. Crafting Materials and Consumables: Throughout the adventures, you will collect a variety of materials and consumables, which will help upgrade your equipment or boost your statistics during battles.

3. Wolf’s Honor: When you have completed the missions and proved your allegiance to the Iron Wolves, you will have the ability to collect Wolf’s Honor, which is a currency that can buy unique and valuable items from the Iron Wolves merchants.

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4. Lore and Story Insights: The seasonal quests provide more insight into the history and the story behind the Iron Wolves, the values and purpose they fight for, and the place they occupy in the struggle against the invaders of demonic origin.

In-game Currency: Diablo 4 Gold

Diablo 4 Gold can be used to purchase D4 items, upgrade skills, abilities and attributes, craft items, and repair and upgrade equipment. Diablo 4 Gold for sale can also be used to trade items or services with other players.

Buying cheap D4 Gold for the new Diablo Season 4 is a wise choice for players who want to advance quickly in the game or gain an advantage over their opponents.


The “Call of the Wolves” quest in Diablo 4’s Season 4: The Origin of Loot Reborn is the beginning of an incredible experience that offers players the chance to join the Iron Wolves and fight the Hell creatures. But when you take this quest and the subsequent plot, you will get a lot of experience and valuable items and learn more about the essence and activities of this rather vague organization. Get ready, bring it on, polish your weapons, and brace yourself to answer the call of the wolves!

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