15 Best Mog Station Items in Final Fantasy XIV (Our Favorite Picks)

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role playing game in which you play as either a male or female character and go on adventures with other players. In each adventure you can interact with NPCs, which are people that you can learn more about as you play. These NPCs can also give you items or take items off your hands. There are a lot of different types of items that you can receive and give, and they can be very important to you in your adventures. Here, then, are our picks for the best items that you should look for when you’re out in the field.

This is a week when we are taking a look at the 15 best items for Mog Station from the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. In an earlier article, we covered the best mount and pet items that you can get in the game, and now we are looking at some of the best items that you can buy in Mog Station. These are items that are best for completing quests, obtaining items to sell, unlocking quests, or simply helping the Mog Station function at 100%.

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The Mog Station is full of items you can purchase for your characters. And if FFXIV offers anything, it’s an abundance of options. We have everything from outfits to bindings and even Minions! There’s a lot to love here, so which ones are worth buying? Here’s a list of some of the best (in my opinion) to check out.

15. Tales Of Adventure: Stormblood


It is ranked so low because it is only useful in certain situations. I think it’s still relevant. Imagine that you want to start playing Final Fantasy XIV, but you can’t… really play with your friends until you complete a few expansions. This hell is a reality for some players. I will always advocate for players to come back and finish the story on their own terms. With New Game+, it’s easier than ever. So, if you decide to use one of these items to go to a new extension, remember to go back. Anytime.

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14. Mount: Lunar Whale


The Moon Whale is one of the newest items added to Mog Station. It’s on this list because it looks so amazing, even compared to a regular whale. It’s painted black and probably comes from the moon. If you’ve always wanted to fly on a space whale, this flight is for you! But do you want to know what’s most interesting about this particular bracket? It can hold up to 8 players! At the time of writing, the Moon Whale is the only mount in the game that can accommodate that many players. And with this suspension, you can bring all your friends!

Check It Out Here

13. Emote: Toast


Now imagine you and your friends fighting together against the deadliest monsters. Perhaps you are facing a brand new challenge and have spent hours trying to tame this beast. After hundreds of attempts, you finally manage to defeat the evil monster and go to one of the big cities to celebrate. Maybe you’re all drinking and want to make a toast, but you can’t. That’s where the feeling comes in. With Emotion Toasting, you can do exactly what it says: toast! With this cute little extra, you can celebrate with all your friends, and once you have it, you can toast to whatever you want. Happy moments, sad moments, strange moments… all the same. Just make sure you don’t spill any.

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12. Minion: Panda Cub


This was always meant for the list. You can’t tell me you didn’t look in the subway station, see this man and want to take him home. It’s like seeing a puppy in a pet store and instantly falling in love. But instead of a puppy, it’s a panda! I strongly suspect that you once considered buying a Panda. Unfortunately, the real world is dirty and won’t allow it. But thanks to Final Fantasy XIV, you can legally (and safely!) own a panda, more or less. This little guy will follow you everywhere and will probably do his best to keep you safe. What more do you want?

Check It Out Here

11. High Summoner’s Attire


Here’s an article from Mog Station that’s a real nostalgic look back for all Final Fantasy fans. At least, the fans who played the tenth episode of the series. If you buy this outfit, you can dress up as Yuna, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy X. And you will certainly ask the question in connection with this ranking: Why Yuna’s outfit? There are plenty of other outfits, right? Well, yes. But they don’t all combine nostalgia and style to give you, in my opinion, one of the best outfits in the entire game. Yuna’s outfit is beautiful. And if you’re a caller, even better! You’ll be able to play one of the best summoners in Final Fantasy history.

Check It Out Here

10. Phial of Fantasia


I was surprised to see that I had posted this article here. This makes perfect sense, as everyone makes mistakes. I know I do. The fantasy vial is basically a second chance to create your character exactly the way you want. And you don’t have to feel guilty! Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO. And you’ll probably spend hundreds if not thousands of hours with your character if you’re addicted to the game. If you’re not happy with your character, there’s nothing wrong with changing it. Just try to make sure you do it right the second time! You don’t want to spend money on Fantasia every few months.

Check It Out Here

9. Carbuncle Slippers


Even the warrior of light sometimes gets discouraged, and I mean that literally. Fortunately, the Mog station will take care of you. If your character has cold feet, you can wear these cute (but stylish) carb slippers. Not only are they cute, but they come in a variety of colors! There are actually three different pairs of Carbuncle slippers. And they are all cute, but I like the emeralds best. But if they don’t get your attention, maybe one of the other pairs will. The ruby and topaz are just as amazing. Whatever color you choose, they’re sure to warm you up – and you’ll be the talk of the day at the Free Company house.

Check It Out Here

8. Mount: Fatter Cat


You know the big cat’s sidekick, right? Imagine that, but bigger, fatter, and you can drive fast. That’s exactly what this frame is! When you blow up a fat cat beyond recognition, that’s what’s left. And it’s… fantastic! This horse may not be as majestic as others. But cat lovers everywhere will be happy. If you read the description of the mountain carefully, you will see that the old woman called the cat Chubbs. In short, this cat is everything you could possibly want.

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7. Loyal Butler’s Uniform


There has to be at least one outfit for the boys, right? Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of cool and terrifying outfits, but not as many… fashionable ones. This is exactly what Warriors Of Light offers. Choosing such an outfit is a conscious choice to increase your character’s status. People will think you’re a nobleman if they see you walking around in that stupid costume. And you’re perfect for places like Ishgard. If there were a downside to this outfit, it would be that because you look like a butler, people might try to treat you like one. But that’s okay! If they ask you to bring them something, address them as their butler.

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6. Angelic Barding


You see, sometimes your pets deserve to be pampered too. And there is no better pet in the world than a Chocobo. They transport you throughout Eorzea, fight with you, fly with you, and sometimes even heal you. I don’t think there’s anything a Chocobo can’t do! Which is impressive in itself. It’s like they’re… yellow angel chicks. And with this beautiful angel frame you can turn your Chocobo into a real angel! By applying it to your Chocobo, you will turn his wings white and give them the appearance of angel wings. And that’s not even the best part. Best of all, the Chocobos have a halo on their heads when they wear their angelic robes. It’s beautiful.

Check It Out Here

5. Mount: Starlight Bear


There was a time when, as a new player, you were not allowed to have this bear. But thanks to the Mog Station, this bear is available again. It was given at the Christmas party in the early years of the play. And he’s back, better than ever. It’s basically just a big bear that you roll around in a Santa suit. This will make you radiate the Christmas spirit everywhere you go. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a big Christmas bear from Mog Station.

Check It Out Here

4. Brand New Alphinaud’s Attire


Alfino was initially a character most people didn’t care for. He didn’t really emerge until the end of the base game, and then got a real boost in Heavensward. Since then, he has made even more progress. And he has become a fan favorite. This outfit will make you look like your favorite character. I only chose Alfino’s outfit because he’s grown (not physically), but Mog Station has outfits for other characters too! For example, you can pretend to be your favorite MSQ character. From Minfilia to Tancred, and yes, even in Alfino, Mog Station has your back.

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3. Miniature Dreadwyrm


Here’s another thing that really surprised me when I made this list. This is one of the few things I didn’t know existed, and I bet it will appeal to many housing enthusiasts. In fact, it is a small miniature statue of Bahamut that you can install in your home. Simple, but ingenious. As for me, the best time to get it is of course after beating the Binding Coil or Bahamut raid. You can think of it as a status symbol for defeating one of the deadliest and most powerful Final Fantasy creatures of all time. Plus, it’s really cool.

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2. Emote: Play Dead


I think this is my favorite emote in the entire game. It really speaks to me on every possible level. Sometimes there is too much in life. And you want to play dead for a while. This emotion allows me to do it whenever I want (at least in the game). When life in Eorzea gets a little too crazy, I just type /playdead and call it a day. Here, wherever I am. I can be as dramatic as I want and no one can stop me! And your friends can’t stop you either. Did someone steal your loot? /playdead Did someone send you an angry private message? /playdead You hit the wrong key and accidentally deleted your game ? /playdead.

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1. Mount: SDS Fenrir


I have to say that this song fits right in here. It’s a combination of all my favorite things on this list. It’s nostalgic, really cool, and pretty useful. You can’t wish for a better ride – especially considering the impressive Final Fantasy VII remake. If you’ve played the game, you’ll recognize this engine as Cloud’s. She is also one of the most popular maunesses in Mog Station in FFXIV. Probably because he’s so cool. You can even combine this mount with the Cloud outfit you can get in the game. So you’ll really be rocking and rolling.

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