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Best Kazuha Build in Genshin Impact 

As we all know, Genshin Impact is one of the best online games to play, but it can be quite difficult to grab the high level gears. And if you have the high level gears, it is still difficult to make a good performing team….

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Angry Sony fanboys Open petition to cancel game 

Sony has long been making a fuss about the PS4 being hacked and the PSN being compromised. Well, one angry fan decided to take some action and opened a petition to cancel the upcoming game, Infamous: Second Son. The petition has been opened with the…

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Madden 22: Best Home-field Advantages 

Home field advantage is one of the biggest factors that determines the outcome of a football game. The idea is that teams playing in their home stadium will be more confident of winning and have better performances than those playing in road stadiums. Now, although…

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Destiny 2 Forsaken Campaign Walkthrough 

While the original Destiny was a fun FPS to play in the rare moments I did play it, it was since then I’ve found myself gravitating more towards games like Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront 2, which have much more involved and engaging gameplay. I’ve…

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The best Minecraft mods (2021) 

We feel that Minecraft is a great game, and we think that it’s even better with mods. The mods listed below are ones that we use on our server and love. Some of these are so popular that they have been updated several times over….