Wizard or Pokémon- Zoroark


If there is anything to expect from the Pokémon universe, is a bunch of nasty and unexpected Pokémon.

Here comes a riddle: Wizard or Pokémon? Call him what you would like, but Zoroark is a master of illusions. The illusions he casts can make you question reality. Paranoia and hallucinations from the visions can terrify any Pokémon or humans with intentions of harming and exploiting him.

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Zoroark is an upright walking fox resembling Pokémon. He was introduced in the Pokémon universe in Generation V as Dark Pokémon. According to Pokedex, he is an illusion fox.

He is a gray fox with a mane that might remind you of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Its frame is generally thin and lean. Its narrow face has a miniature nose and sharp-edged blue eyes. It has a spiky red mane that reaches up to its back. A bracelet separates the other half of its hair that is tangled in buns.

It stretches as far as its chest, where it is black. It has thin upper arms whereas the lower part is built and more muscular. It has three digits on each of its limbs. On its digits, it has sharp red claws. The lower part of its body is considerably built and muscular than the upper half.

Their species are 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 81.1 kgs.

Did you know Zoroark’s live in packs? In fact, they are very protective of their loved ones. So much so that they cast illusions over their resting places so that they may remain in safety.

Their species are very loving and protective to the point that they would risk their own lives for each other. They are also known to hold incredibly vengeful grudges against those who do them harm.


Though their habitat is hard to pinpoint you may find them residing in dens. Finding them is difficult since the cast illusions to hide themselves and young ones.


Zoroark is notably known for his illusion ability. This ability is immensely powerful during the battle against his opponents. The incredible power of casting illusion may render even the most courageous powerless. His enemies will be so fearful when they see these illusions, and will flee.

When it comes to battle, Zoroark is powerful over Ghost and Dark Pokémon types. Their attacks deliver half the normal damage which to Zoroark is merely a scratch. His illusion and fighting skills are too much for them to handle causing them to be defeated easily. Also, attacks from Psychic-type Pokémon have no effect on him.


Though casting illusions cannot work against most Pokémon, there are some exceptions to this. Attacks from such Pokémon therefore such attacks are fatal to Zoroark and his species.

Zoroark’s weaknesses include attacks from fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type Pokémon. The damage these Pokémon are double the normal, thus could be deadly.


Zoroark is no exception to the Pokémon evolution. Zoroark’s evolve from Zorua, a baby like a fox. It evolves to Zoroark when it reaches level 30.

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