What Are the Most Popular Puzzle Video Games of All Time

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Players have enjoyed some of the most popular puzzle video games worldwide in recent decades. Game creators from different continents and nations used modern technology to create simple yet thoroughly engaging video games.

Some of these popular puzzle video games have stood the test of time and remain popular today. Also, many have influenced modern online casino gambling and slot games.

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Here we look at the most popular puzzle video games ever.


One of the most played puzzle video games ever is Tetris. Players rotate different-sized blocks and fit them into an existing structure. Then, once a block fits, the structure decreases, and players earn points. But if the structure reaches the top of the playing screen, you lose the game.

The simplistic puzzle game was addictive to players when it was first released by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1985. In fact, the game got so popular that technology giants Microsoft and Nintendo eventually bought the rights to Tetris in the following years.

Very few puzzle games are as well-known as Tetris. The game is still played by millions today on smartphones and other devices.


The number placing game of Sudoku has roots in 19th century France. Originally, a form of Sudoku, which requires players to place the numbers 1-9 in rows, lines, and determined boxes, was published in French newspapers and magazines. However, the modern game was developed by American architect Howard Garns, who created a 9×9 grid and formalized the game’s rules.

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Initially, Sudoku was called Number Place before it grew in popularity in Japan during the 1980s. It was renamed Sudoku and has since moved on from a pen-and-paper game to a digital puzzle. Players worldwide can now access different forms of Sudoku online and on smartphones.


In the 1990s, Microsoft emerged as one of the biggest global tech companies. The tech giant released several versions of its computer operating systems and PCs. But the brand had also expanded into gaming services to offer a complete package of computing experiences.

Within the Windows 3.1 system was the puzzle game Minesweeper. This click-and-reveal puzzle game required players to uncover safe zones on a grid by using logic and number sequencing. However, some squares had mines hidden underneath, and the game would end once a player uncovered a mine.

Minesweeper ultimately showed a shift from previous puzzle games, largely due to the inclusion of a computer mouse. Whereas previous puzzle games may have required a specific controller.


Recently, online casinos have introduced puzzle video games on their sites. Some popular options include poker, blackjack, and roulette, while Keno is often played.

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Keno is a draw-and-win style game with a dealer calling numbers and players matching these on their scorecard. On this page about keno odds, you can find out how different game probabilities work.

Modern online casinos often have video keno in their selection of games, and there are many variations available for this popular puzzle casino game.

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