Weekly Update #2 – Teams that won’t attend Worlds 2021

This week we’re going to take a look at the 20 teams that won’t be attending Worlds 2021. Teams that have already qualified for Worlds, like the Titans and the Hands of Fire, aren’t included in this list, as they’re already locked in.

It’s been a rough week for the world’s professional gamers. First, the founding members of Alliance, the team that has dominated the last two seasons of League of Legends, announced they will be going their separate ways. Then, the remaining members of Team WE announced that they too would be parting ways as they ended their partnership with Chinese esports organization Royal Never Give Up. Now, the remaining players on Fnatic have announced that they too will be parting ways. The team hasn’t had a chance to qualify for the World Championships yet, but even if it does, it’s clear that four of the five members of Fnatic aren’t interested in going to the tournament. After struggling to qualify for the World Championships

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If you’re attending the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational and are curious on who has said no to attending next year’s World Championships, there are fourteen teams that have given no answer yet. The biggest names are obviously Fnatic and LG, who have both already been to four World Championships and have no intention on going again. But who are the others?

Everyone, welcome back. With the LCS and LEC’s regular splits over, there are a lot of teams on this list, so let’s go through them.

REMINDER: DRX may still qualify for Worlds by competing in Regional Finals.


-Team #17 from the LEC is SK Gaming (SK). SK finished 9th in the Regular Season with a Summer record of 5-13, despite being a legendary CS 1.6 organization.

Seriously, this squad had a lot of success in the EU LCS/LEC, reaching the Playoffs many times and even finishing first in the RS once with Forg1ven. What occurred this year was really tragic.

Due to problems with Tynx being benched, Treatz moved to jungle after establishing himself as one of the top supports in the league. Then, due to Blue’s inability to participate for the first week and being replaced by Twohoyrz, a team coach had to play as a support until they could get a new one (Lillip) (although some argue he was a better mid).

Overall, this scenario was a “disaster,” as the Bausffs would say, and I hope Treatz finds success as the wonderful supporter he is.


-From the LCS, FreeLG (CLG) is team #18. To be honest, I’m happy I can finally add them to the list since half of the comments on my article were about them, and it was getting old. This hasn’t even been their worst year, haha, with a summer record of 7W-20L and 12W-33L with a 27 percent W/R.

To be honest, I pity all 7 CLG supporters who have stayed with this organization for the last four years. CLG has finished 1st once, 2nd once, 1st once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2nd once, 2 (Which would have been 9th if not for that one 3rd place.)

This is the organization that has single-handedly convinced all NA fans that relegation should be reinstated. Fuck this dog crap squad, and fuck their GMs for that BudLight video. Get Broxah and WT on a team where we can see them smiling again.


-Team #19 from the LPL is LGD Gaming (LGD). Summer is now 6-9 (excellent) and the rest of the year is 10-21. Shad0w didn’t seem to receive the LPL results he was hoping for.

Overall, a rather mediocre squad that has produced a variety of outcomes. They were the first Chinese seed at Worlds 2015, where they finished third in their group, just ahead of TSM. And as the 4th seed in Worlds 2020 with Peanut, where they made it to Groups despite a poor Play-ins performance, only to finish 3rd, just ahead of TSM, déjà vu.


-Invictus Gaming (IG) from the LPL is team #20. There’s basically nothing I can say about this famous team that you don’t already know, which says a lot. It hasn’t been a terrific year, with a record of 5-9 in the summer and 14-16 all year.

With the announcement that TheShy and Rookie are likely to retire, let us honor them by looking back at all of this organization’s achievements over the years.

Multiple 1st place finishes in splits and other tournaments, seldom finishing worse than 4th in any. Quarterfinals at Worlds in 2012, Groups at Worlds in 2015, numerous victories in different Rift Rivals, WORLD CHAMPIONS IN 2018, and semifinalists at MSI and Worlds in 2019.


–League of Legends (LEC) team #21: Astralis (AST). I don’t know about you, but it still seems strange to me that this squad was formerly Origen, the team established by Xpeke himself, that made it to the semi-finals of Worlds 2015, and whose owner gave us one of, if not the most, memorable performances in League of Legends, if not all of eSports history.

Astralis to the beginning was a dream that didn’t come true, with a record of 7-11 in Summer and 13-23 in both splits. MagiFelix and WhiteKnight impressed me with their strong performances, particularly WhiteKnight’s Lee Sin, but Zanzarah’s champion pool and unsteady gameplay, along with promisQ’s filthy garbage, ensured that this low-budget team would not reach the Playoffs. Let’s see what they have in store for us next year.


-From the LEC, Team #22 is Excel Esports (XL). For the sixth year in a row, this club has failed to qualify for the playoffs. The issue was Caedrel. I’m not even a fan of the XL, but it makes me sad that they are ALWAYS one game away from the playoffs, yet they manage to flip the coin on tails every split.

With this group, there’s always a “what if.” What if they hadn’t made this play, thrown the game, or brought Markoon in sooner? All we can do now is hope that the new bright rookies, as well as Nukeduck and Patrick, and maybe a new toplaner, stay with the org for next year.

Let’s get Excel started! The seventh time’s a charm!


-From the LCS, FlyQuest (FLY) is team #23. The LCS’s most environmentally conscious squad. This group has done an excellent job with their branding over the past two years, first associating itself with the whole green movement and then by recruiting Josedeodo from the LLA and forming a Spanis cast. Regrettably, they did not enjoy the same level of success on the Rift.

8W-19L in the summer, 14W-31L in the spring, with a 30% winrate. All this squad needed to do to secure a spot in the playoffs was defeat CLG, yet with nothing to play for, Truly Counter Logic struck once again.

This team was on a 10-game losing run before making the bold decision to switch their entire Academy and LCS lineups, and it seemed to work at first, as they went on a four-game winning streak. But it didn’t work out in the end, and they changed their choice for the last week of the split; nevertheless, since they were on this list, they came up short.


I’d want to thank everyone for their encouragement and for staying with me on this journey! See you in the middle of the week!

fAUR9Yo - Weekly Update #2 - Teams that won't attend Worlds 2021

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The first team to miss out on the World Championships in 2021.

First Weekly Update

Update #1 for the Middle of the Week

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The pace of PlayStation 4 game releases isn’t going to slow down in 2021. Here’s everything to look forward to in the coming months.

In this week’s installment of the Weekly Update, we take a look at the teams that will not be attending the 2022 World Championships. As most of you know, last year, the World Championships were held at BlizzCon in Anaheim, and for the third consecutive year, it was a huge success. The World Finals were broadcasted by more than 150 million people on ESPN, and the games will be available to view on ESPN+, the all-new ESPN streaming service, in 2021.. Read more about weekly update email and let us know what you think.

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