Wayward Woods Dungeon Map and Treasure Chest Locations – Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 is the sequel to Bravely Default, a popular RPG game that has been released for many consoles. The game is available for both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. In this guide, you will find all of the Wayward Woods Dungeon Map and Treasure Chest Locations in Bravely Default 2. This map contains information on where each chest can be found within the dungeon, its contents, and how to get past certain areas of the dungeon. This article also includes pictures of these chests so that you know what to expect when searching for them!

Wayward Woods Dungeon Map

The Wayward Woods Dungeon is located in the northeast corner of the map. The entrance can be found east of Caldisla and north of Starkfort. This dungeon is filled with enemies that deal a lot of damage, so it is best to come prepared!

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When you first enter the dungeon, take the left path to find a chest containing a Brazen End. This weapon for Edea is great as it deals extra damage to aquatic creatures and beasts, but also allows her to absorb fire elemental attacks!

Continuing along the left path, take the first right you see in order to find a chest containing an Iron Sword. If Tiz has any trouble taking out enemies quickly, this sword will help him do so!

Backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon and take the right path this time. You will find a chest containing an Eikon Cloth very soon. This cloth can be used to enhance equipment with the eikon suffix, which provides extra effects such as increased attack power or added elemental properties!

Further down the path, you will find another chest containing Gauntlets. These gloves can be equipped by any character and increase their attack power!

Eventually, you will reach a locked gate. To unlock it, you must first defeat the boss that is guarding it. After doing so, proceed to the end of the dungeon to find a treasure chest containing a Stardust Rod. This rod can be equipped by any character and increases their magic attack power!

Area 1



North Side

Southwest Side

Area 2

Area 3

East Side

Area 4

North Side


South Side

Treasure Chest Locations

Now that you know where to find all of the chests in Wayward Woods, let’s take a look at where can you find them!

1. Mimic Chest

From the save point, travel east then north. Face three Fresh Fronds.

2. Normal Chest

Head deeper into the forest from the teleporter. Hug the river bank after emerging from the other side to bring you to this treasure chest.

3. Normal Chest

Take the stairs down and head west then south from the previous chest. After emerging on the other side, continue north until you reach this lone chest.

4. Normal Chest

Take the path leading east from Chest No. 2, deeper into the woods. After emerging on the other side, continue straight west. Continue going even further west and you’ll come to this chest on the other side.

5. Normal Chest

Continue south from Chest No. 4 and follow the path west. Head east, north, and then west deeper into the forest once again on the other side. Continue to the southeast for another chest.

6. Normal Chest

From Chest No. 5, return eastward. Head north of the clearing to discover the final chest at the end of the route, which is on the other side.

That’s all for the Wayward Woods Dungeon Map and Treasure Chest Locations in Bravely Default II. Be sure to check back often for more guides on this game and others!

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