Warframe Weapon Tier List (Ranked)

Warframe is a free-to-play online action video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Players control members of the Tenno, an ancient race of warframes who battle the Grineer and their cybernetic masters, the Corpus. Warframe currently utilizes a player vs environment (PvE) structure in which players complete missions and PVE events to progress through the game’s campaign and earn “Endo” currency, which can be traded for weapons, equipment, and mods.

As the game continues to evolve surrounding the addition of new Warframes, weapons, and equipment, the game has seen numerous weapon re-balances over time. The most recent of these adjustments was released in Update 12, which added a “Tier List” to allow players to assess their level of progression in regards to weapons. The tier list aims to categorize each weapon by describing its overall quality and overall effectiveness in combat compared to other weapons in the game.

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The tier list is not intended for average player use; it is instead meant for players who are looking at upgrading their arsenal or trying out different warframes or weapons that they have yet to unlock. The tier list aims to allow players to go over the weapons they have unlocked and assess their effectiveness.

The tier list is structured into four tiers, each containing a different variety of weapons. The tier list is organized into four tiers of weapons that are organized in order from best to worst. Each tier contains similar-themed components that are all basic in nature but are placed in different parts of the tier for readability purposes.

If you are looking for the best Warframe Weapon Tier List with all the weapons in the game ranked, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of all the best weapons in Warframe. This includes weapons from the latest update to the game. Right ‘n’ away, let’s put it straight.

Here are all the best guns, bows, and more ranked in Warframe:

Warframe SS+ to S Tier Best Weapons

SS+ TierTenet Envoy
SS+ TierTenet Arca Plasmor
SS+ TierProboscis Cernos
SS TierKuva Bramma
SS TierKuva Zarr
S+ TierBubonico
S+ TierCedo
S+ TierAcceltra
S+ TierIgnis Wraith
S+ TierTrumna
S TierRubico Prime
S TierTenet Tetra
S TierTenet Flux Rifle

Warframe A+ to A Tier Weapons

A+ TierKuva Chakkhurr
A+ TierKuva Ogris
A+ TierKuva Hek
A+ TierCorinth Prime
A+ TierVectis Prime
A+ TierAstilla Prime
A+ TierTenora Prime
A+ TierOpticor Vandal
A+ TierTiberon Prime
A+ TierSupra Vandal
A TierKuva Kohm
A TierShedu
A TierTigris Prime
A TierKuva Tonkor
A TierKuva Quartakk
A TierVaykor Hek
A TierStahlta
A TierAmprex
A TierBaza Prime
A TierArca Plasmor
A TierZenith
A TierAmbassador
A TierPhantasma
A TierFulmin
A TierLenz
A TierExergis
A TierSoma Prime
A TierDread

Warframe B+ to D Tier Weapons

B+ TierKuva Hind
B+ TierPanthera Prime
B+ TierZhuge Prime
B+ TierOpticor
B+ TierFerrox
B+ TierKuva Karak
B+ TierSporothrix
B+ TierKuva Drakgoon
B+ TierBoltor Prime
B+ TierSybaris Prime
B+ TierCernos Prime
B+ TierSancti Tigris
B+ TierGlaxion Vandal
B+ TierQuellor
B+ TierRakta Cernos
B+ TierStradavar Prime
B+ TierSecura Penta
B+ TierSynoid Simulor
B+ TierTelos Boltor
B TierSynapse
B TierBasmu
B TierPrisma Grakata
B TierPhage
B TierPrisma Grinlok
B TierBoar Prime
B TierPrisma Gorgon
B TierLanka
B TierBattacor
B TierAstilla
B TierDaikyu
B TierStrun Wraith
B TierTenora
B TierQuanta Vandal
B TierLatron Prime
B TierNagantaka
B TierCorinth
B TierKomorex
B TierParis Prime
B TierMutalist Cernos
B TierZarr
B TierDex Sybaris
B TierSobek
B TierHema
B TierVulkar Wraith
B TierBaza
B TierConvectrix
B TierScourge
B TierRubico
B TierKohm
B TierIgnis
B TierSnipetron Vandal
B TierHek
B TierVectis
C+ TierSupra
C+ TierBurston Prime
C+ TierBuzlok
C+ TierQuartakk
C+ TierZhuge
C+ TierTiberon
C+ TierOgris
C+ TierBraton Prime
C+ TierStradavar
C+ TierVeldt
C+ TierGlaxion
C+ TierTigris
C+ TierKarak Wraith
C+ TierLatron Wraith
C+ TierArgonak
C+ TierAttica
C+ TierGorgon Wraith
C+ TierParacyst
C+ TierDera Vandal
C+ TierJavlok
C+ TierPanthera
C+ TierGrinlok
C+ TierHarpak
C TierSoma
C TierCarmine Penta
C TierMiter
C TierCernos
C TierFlux Rifle
C TierPenta
C TierTonkor
C TierGrakata
C TierDrakgoon
C TierSybaris
C TierSimulor
C TierBraton Vandal
C TierTorid
C TierPrisma Tetra
C TierMutalist Quanta
C TierBoltor
C TierKarak
C TierSnipetron
D+ TierQuanta
D+ TierDera
D+ TierVulkar
D+ TierParis
D+ TierParis
D+ TierTetra
D+ TierGorgon
D+ TierBoar
D+ TierStrun
D TierMk1-strun
D TierMk1-braton
D TierMk1-paris
D TierHind
D TierLatron
D TierBraton
D TierBurston


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