Warframe – How To Get Your K-drive Hoverboard

Warframe is a free-to-play third person action game developed by Digital Extremes, where players take on the role of a Tenno, a race of warriors who have awoken from a sleep to defend Earth from a great threat. Players take on the role of one of the Tenno and fight to protect their empire from the Grineer, the Corpus and the Infested. Some of the features of Warframe include the ability to customise weapons and gear, as well as cyro-mod systems, where players can keep and upgrade weapons and gear.

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of my readers asking me what a K-drive hoverboard looked like. He had been saving up for one, but hadnt been able to get one yet. As a gamer, I always enjoy learning about new ways of playing Warframe on a mobile platform. So, I decided to say, “I’ll do it…” and create a tutorial for my readers on how to get your K-Drive hoverboard unlocked for use in the game!

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Ranging from the K-drive, to the hoverboard, to the Warframe, the hoverboard and K-drive are important features of Warframe. They are an essential piece of equipment for the Tenno in their quest to acquire valuable resources.

With the release of Fortuna for Warframe, K-powered hoverboards have appeared in the game. You can use it to traverse the new game zone on Venus or even travel to the plains of Eidolon and Cambion Drift. These are fast moving vehicles that you can use to perform cool stunts to impress your friends.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to get your first K-drive, which you can get by completing a special task that begins when you arrive in Fortuna.

Where to get a K-drive

When you arrive in Fortuna, you must speak to Eudico. You’ll find it at the top of Fortunate, near the large gates leading to Orb Vallis. She will tell you Thursby’s sad story and send you to talk to him. Thursby recently inherited a large debt, but can’t pay it off, and he needs your help to keep his hands off Nef Año. Just follow the waypoint to find Thursby.

Interview with Thursby at Fortuna

Thursby sends you to the surface known as Orb Vallis in search of the best items to sell in his shop. You need to collect three Corps supplies, which is easy to do by simply following the mission marker and combing the area. The energy droplets make a sound when you approach them. Help installed mod, which shows boxes of looted goods on the radar. If you do, Thursby will get a head start on you and encourage you to attack the cooling tower. Eudico joins the conversation and accuses both of you of having a spy drone nearby that eavesdrops on everything. Now you need to find the spy drone to hack it and remove the recording. She warns you not to help Thursby anymore, and that you must return to Fortuna.

Interview with Thursby at Fortuna

When you get back to Fortuna, Thursby will send you to talk to Business, or Biz. He wants you to erase the corps’ debt list by some rather explosive means. Eudico intervenes again and asks to do this quietly so as not to start a war with Nef Año. Go to the surface, then go to the mission marker. Go to the bunker to get the list, and you’ll see that one of Beez’s teams is in danger. You arrive too late to help some of them, and after finding and scanning their bodies, you discover that the remaining members of the squadron are being held nearby.

Save them by going to the crossing and don’t forget to pick up the data terminals left by the enemies – this will speed up the break-in time. When this game is over, Nef Año will let you know that he is aware of Thursby’s misbehavior, and things will get better for young Thursby.

Conversation with Eudico in Fortuna

Yudiko is not happy with you because of what happened to Thursby and wants to try to get Nef Agnho on his side. She sends you to get an ore that will help build the new cooling tower in Nave. You have to protect two extractors at once and collect energy cells to make them work. It’s important to have a decent AoE skill for this part. After collecting resources, go to the cooling tower. But Nef is impatient and encourages him too quickly. When that doesn’t work, he blames the people of Fortuna and demands that 50 of them be confiscated.

Conversation with Eudico in Fortuna

In that moment, Yudiko realized that Nef would never be satisfied, and that it was time to resume the resistance she had led. She sends you to the surface with a gift for the Nave’s troops. When you get there, go to the marker and drop the gift. It’s the K-bomb from earlier. You now have to fight waves of enemies until the benefit contractor’s sphere appears when you return to base.

Conversation with Eudico in Fortuna

Now Eudico wants you to go back to the cooling tower to show Nef that the resistance is back in force. It gives you a K-boost to use to overcome the profiteering ball. Go to the tower and fight waves of enemies until Nef answers Yudiko’s requests.

When you return to Fortuna, you get the K-Drive launcher. Go to Arsenal, then Equipment and put it in there. You can now summon a K-drive when you are on Orb Vallis, Cambion Drift or the Plains of Eidolon. If you have Launcher installed, you should find Vent Kids, so check out our guide on how to do this.If you are a Warframe player there is a new item in the game, it is called “K-drive Hoverboard”. This item can be found in the Corpus Gas City. The K-Drive Hoverboard is an item that can be used in the game, which allows you to move faster. Use it to get around faster, and get the most out of the game.. Read more about k-drive launcher for archwing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my first K drive?

You can get a K drive by purchasing a new computer or by upgrading your current computer.

How do you unlock the hoverboard in Warframe?

To unlock the hoverboard, you must complete the quest “The Hoverboard” in the quest tab.

How do I mod my K drive?

You can’t mod your K drive.

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