Vehicles 3: Car Toons!

The evil black cars are back and it’s up to you to save the city from their evil plans. Race, smash and ram the black cars in this cute and fun game – Vehicles 3: Car Toons!

How to play Vehicles 3 Game

The main objective of Vehicles 3 is to complete all levels with a high enough score to get 3 stars in each level. To do this, you must drive the necessary city vehicles through the maze and push the average dark cars out of the screen. Button control in this game is very simple: all you need is your mouse! Click on the city car you want to use in each level to start its engine and drive it in the corresponding direction. When you want to stop, just click on the car again.

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Vehicles 3 Game Levels

Vehicles 3

In total, there are 36 levels to complete in Vehicle 3, each one more difficult than the last. The first few levels are mostly tutorial levels to help you master the basic concept and controls of the game. As you progress, the levels get harder and harder. As you progress through each level, you can earn various achievements. Unlock all the achievements to prove your skills!

Objectives achieved

Up to 16 different achievements can be earned in each of the 36 levels. These achievements can be as simple as clicking on a referral link or as difficult as completing a certain number of levels before time runs out.

  • Beginner – Complete 12 levels
  • Driver – Full 24 Steps
  • Professional – Complete 36 steps
  • Good parking facilities: all parking spaces on all 12 levels are occupied.
  • Near the shopping center – occupies all parking spaces on 24 levels.
  • All occupied – Occupy all parking spaces on all 36 levels.
  • Very easy: complete 12 levels before time runs out.
  • Full Speed Ahead: Complete 24 levels before time runs out.
  • High Speed – Complete 36 levels before time runs out.
  • Defending the law – Rama 10 bad cars on the screen
  • Brutal Law – 20 bad cars off screen.
  • We Serve, We Care – Ram 30 bad cars off screen
  • Use the power – Use special abilities 15 times
  • Jedi – Use a special ability 30 times
  • Charity Law – click on the sponsor’s link
  • Confidence – Get a high score.

Vehicles 3

Special Abilities

Each of the city vehicles you use in the game has amazing special abilities. These abilities include jumping, using water rockets to increase speed, and instant U-turns.

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