Vehicles 1- Strategy Puzzle Game

Dive into an old-fashioned strategy game full of puzzles and obstacles in this delightful and challenging game: Vehicles 1! Can you solve all the puzzles? Try to find out now!

How to play Vehicles 1 Game

The goal of each level in Vehicles is simple: do your best to push the dark cars off the screen while keeping the light cars inside the play area. To push the dark cars off the screen, click on the light cars or use the other objects available in the game to help…… There are many types of light and dark cars, each with different abilities and challenges. For example, while the race car is a good choice if you want to take a high-speed turn and push the dark car off a cliff, its speed can also send both cars tumbling down an infinite slope.

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In addition to using the cars provided in each level, some levels also have special tools to help you, such as shields that change the direction of your car or big tires heavy enough to repel any dark and heavy cars.

At the end of each level, you will receive a total score based on how you completed the level. Get a high enough score to receive a gold star on each level.

Vehicles 1 Game Levels

Vehicles 1

Cars has 25 basic levels and 10 additional mega levels. As you progress through each level, it gets more difficult. The first few levels in the Basic Levels category can be considered a tutorial: they are designed to teach you the basic functions of the game.

  • Level 1 – Touch the car to make it go forward and touch it again to make it stop. Try to stop the car in the green zone.
  • Level 2 – Click on the dark car to make it fall off the cliff. Note that the big cars are much heavier than the small ones, and clicking on them won’t work. For these types of cars, you will need to drive another vehicle over the car to get it off the edge.
  • Level 3 – In this level, you enter panels that can change the direction of your vehicle when it gets close enough. This is a big advantage in later levels. In addition, you can also enter removable lane blocks. Click on the removable rail block to make it disappear and drop everything it picks up.
  • Level 4 – In this level you must score 1300 points to complete the level and get a gold star. To do this, park the vehicle in the green zone, then lower the block and hook the bar by clicking on the removable bars that hold them.
  • Level 5 – In this level you will learn a very valuable trick: if you park the cars in the green zone, you will automatically get 1000 points. Keep this tip in mind in later levels when you have trouble reaching the gold star.

Vehicles 1

  • Level 6 – In this level, you will learn how to use other objects to your advantage. For example, at this level you have to drive an iron block at a very high speed. To do this, click on the blue car. When you go through the loop, click on the removable block so that it enters the lower level and ram the dark car in front of the iron block. But be careful, you have to stop this fast little racing car in time to stay in the green parking area before it flips over the edge with the block and the dark car.

As you complete levels, new things are unlocked. For example, to unlock the “Reskin” and “Final Clip” options on the level select page, you must first complete all 35 levels.

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