Traffic Talent

Traffic Talent

This game is full of new skills and adventures. If you want to learn how to drive, keep your car on the road and, in some cases, drive like a pro, this course is for you. Traffic Talent is an online car driving game where you have to find the balance between speed and precision. Here you will see 3D roads and many cars. It’s up to you to decide where you go and at what speed you will pick up your waiting customer. But be careful, because the car can crash quite easily and you will lose because of that.

To play this game, you must use the Unity Player, a very popular player like Adobe Flash Player. So most probably you already have it installed. If you don’t have Unity Player, here is the link where you can download it.

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As Talent of Traffic is a driving game, the controls are a very important element for the players. So I will explain which buttons are the most useful in the game and give you some important tips. First of all, you have to know how to drive.

  • Press the up arrow to go in a straight line.
  • To scroll to the right, press the right arrow key.
  • Use the left arrow to move to the left.
  • Press the down arrow for the brakes.

Now you know how to operate the device, but you need some more buttons that you can use. For example: you have to use the turn signals when you change the direction of the vehicle. If you are going left and want to use the left turn signal, press the Z button. If you want to use the right turn signal, press the X button. To change the view of your vehicle on the road, simply press C.

Gameplay and design

It is a kind of driving school simulator, where everything is of very high quality and the 3D visuals give a great impression of driving. In this game, there are many traffic problems on the roads. Some cars drive too slow, so be careful, but at the same time, try to drive fast to pick up your client who is waiting for you at your destination. Be careful, in the left corner of the game there is a map that will help you find your client and drive easier. Believe me, the map is very useful.

In some situations, there is a lot of traffic or fog on city streets. You may also encounter other problems, but since you are a professional driver, let’s drive like a superstar. Before starting the game, you can choose the client, the type of your car and the scenario you want to be in. After these games, a new adventure awaits you. As for the type of car, there are two options. The first is a hatchback – Fiat Punto and the second is a Mclaren SLR. To have the best experience during the game, at first, use the hatchback to learn how to drive and after a while, when you feel you drive well, switch cars.

Please post your results and comments about the game through this Facebook comment system. They will be very helpful to us. And, of course, good luck!

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