Top 20 Most Edible & Best-Tasting Pokémon Ever Made

I have created a list of my favorite Pokémon that I believe to be the top 20 most tasty, most edible, most enjoyable, and most palatable in all of Pokémon history. I have tried to get every one of these Pokémon into a physical form, and even if there are more Pokémon that are better tasting than the ones I have picked, each one of them is a worthy contender.

We’ve all seen Pokémon food, be it in pop culture or in real life, and most of the time we get a little confused with what we’re looking at seeing it with actual Pokémon inside, but hey, I mean, it’s the Pokémon game, so it only makes sense that there would be food.

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Here’s a big list of the top 20 most edible Pokémon.  This list ranks the top 20 most edible Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise by their most common and most desirable food.  The ranking is based on the Pokémon’s most common ingredient when it is caught or purchased in a Poké Mart.

There is something very taboo about eating a Pokemon.

After all, we spend countless hours training, bonding and exploring our pets. Then why do you put it between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich?

Pokemon are animals, just like chickens, cows and pigs.

The only difference is that in Pokemon chickens are two feet tall and on fire, cows help the sisters with the coffee and pigs can fight by jumping on their tails.

After all, everyone has to eat. In the Pokémon world, there are few options other than tracking down a wild Emboar and hoping your Speed Points are a little higher.

So it’s time to fire up the oven and grease the pans, because we’re bringing you the tastiest, most delicious and appetizing Pokemon.

20. Crab

It’s hard to deny how delicious the meat of crab claws would be, served with a bowl of melted Miltank butter.

The size of his claws allows him to create a dish big enough to feed the whole family!

Pokedex notes that Crabby’s claws fall off easily, but regrow and become larger and stronger than ever.

This means that a trainer can enjoy a good clam meal and a few days later completely destroy a hunting wild man with the same crab he just ate.

Sure, it’s a little scary.

But who can say no to crab legs?

19. Magicarp

The question of which Pokémon are edible doesn’t come up often in the anime.

But Magikarp is one of the few exceptions.

This limp fish is modeled after the Japanese carp, the country’s national fish.

It is a popular addition to any delicious seafood dish and is often served crispy, fried or deep-fried.

It’s no wonder that trainers around the world find Magikarp a delicacy, especially when served as sashimi.

But don’t let Girados hear about your sushi dinner!

18. Cheruby

Did someone say cherub pie?

Cheruby, a friendly and nutritious Pokémon, is a refreshing addition to your favorite fruit salad or a great topping for your favorite freshly baked pie.

Pokedex is quick to say that Cherubs are always on the menu and mentions that it’s a popular bird-Pokémon, especially Starly, and that it spends its days running around to make sure it doesn’t get bullied.

Canon also claims that the berries on the Cheruby stem are full of nutrients.

The brighter the red, the better it is.

17. Chancey

Don’t worry about it. We are not going to talk about the perfect technique to prepare a changsi wood oven roast here.

This cute pink Pokemon starts his day by laying a nutritious egg, which seems to be so tasty that even people who have run out of appetite like to eat it.

Chancey is a kind-hearted person and loves to share her treasures with those in need.

But this desire to feed the needy comes with a price.

Chansi eggs are considered such a delicacy that people abuse them.

In fact, chansi were originally much slower creatures, but over time they have evolved into fast-footed animals to escape the grasp of greedy chefs and dedicated foodies.

16. Vanilite

No need to say much about Vanillite’s delicious potential, as it speaks for itself!

Vanillite looks like a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream served on a small sugar cone.

After a day of cycling through deserts, swamps and dense forests, it would be an absolute luxury to refresh yourself with an ice-cold serving of sweet vanilla.

The only bad news is that it continues to breathe at -58 degrees Fahrenheit, making a brutal brain freeze an inevitable reality.

15. Bailiff

I don’t recommend roasting baileef on low heat.

But its leaves will be a valuable addition to your herbal stock.

It is said that the crown of leaves around the bird’s neck gives off a refreshing herbal scent that invigorates people.

This description reminds me of the lemony flavor of lemongrass, which can be added to soups, used in marinades or added to iced tea.

The name alone suggests it could be a great addition to your palette:

The bay leaf is an herb that is often used to enhance classic cuisine.

14. Tauros

If you have a good herd of Tauros, you’ll never have to eat steak again.

Tauros are the meat cattle of the Pokémon world and naturally tend to travel in large groups, which can be quite annoying for those who don’t fancy being run over by 200-pound bulls.

The anime even shows how the ranchers tame Tauro like any other livestock.

So I can only imagine that their ultimate fate is to be shredded, formed into chops and served on a Tepig bacon roll.

13. Tepig

Speaking of Tepig: It’s time to say how delicious this tender pork can be.

This kind of fire has been building up slowly from within for most of his life.

His internal combustion is strong enough to make Tepig shoot fire from his muzzle.

Tepig loves to eat berries and roasts them himself, so we can easily fatten him up for Christmas dinner.

12. Monastery

Walk into any restaurant in Lumioza City and you’ll probably hear Rich Boy Coach asking for an order of Cloisters on the half shell.

Oysters may not look very appetizing because of their hard exterior, but the right combination of small crackers, hot sauce and lemon brings out the natural buttery, salty flavor oysters are known for.

The only problem is opening the sink.

Stealth can withstand a missile blast.

So it takes inventive cooks to get the juicy seafood.

11. Exeggcute

It’s hard to believe that there isn’t a box of Exeggcute in every refrigerator in the Pokémon world.

Technically, the Exeggcute belongs to the grass type.

But the Pokédex isn’t very clear about what exactly this breakfast dish is.

Gen I says that the seeds of plants are actually mistaken for eggs.

However, all of Dex’s later notes explicitly state that this is a group of six eggs communicating telepathically with each other.

Until we get clear answers, I will continue to believe that young future coaches will be sent to the Pokemart for orange juice, a loaf of bread and half a dozen exeggcuten for breakfast.

10. Oddish

You could call Oddish a Pokemon herb, but given its name and tuberous appearance, I wouldn’t be surprised if foraging chefs don’t use it to give salads a peppery radish flavor or cut into pieces as a topping for roast beef.

To Oddish’s credit, this is the hardest dish for me to prepare.

Dex’s description says they tend to scream terribly when pulled from the ground.

And I’m not used to my favorite vegetables crying before I eat them.

9. Alkrimi

Alcreamy is, literally, a delicious cream that changes flavor depending on when, how long and how it is whipped while still milseri.

If one can make a list within a list, Alkrimi deserves to highlight the variety of delights it has to offer:

  • Vanilla cream
  • Ruby red cream, with a sweet-sour taste
  • Matcha cream, flavoured
  • Cream with mint and a refreshing taste
  • Lemon cream, with a spicy taste
  • Salty cream, with a salty taste
  • Ruby Swirl, a mixture of flavours.
  • Swirls of caramel, with a bitter aftertaste.
  • Rainbow Swirl, with a complex flavour

Learning at Alcreamie is like having a little French pastry in your pocket!

Her Gigantamax form is perfect for birthday parties or family gatherings, as Alkrimi takes the form of a huge five-story cake filled with all the goodies Milcery can use to change her latest evolution.

8. Jigglypuff

It can be a bit tiring.

But I can make a compelling argument for why Jigglypuff is one of the tastiest little Pokémon on the map.

In Japan, jigglypuff is called purine, which translated means pudding.

Maybe this is just a reference to its softness and smoothness, but I would love to imagine a world where jigglypuffs were made of creamy strawberry pudding.

In fact, with his round body and the doll-like trim on his forehead, he already looks like a delicious cream sandwich.

7. Slurpuff

If the Slurpuff is known for its ability to pick up even the smallest of scents, it’s hard to believe that the Meringue Pokemon hasn’t become famous for its own alluring scent.

Like its namesake, Slurpuffs are made up mostly of air, giving them a light, soft texture that all candy lovers will appreciate.

This tasty little cupcake-shaped creature looks tasty enough to eat, and with a cherry on top.

6. Combuscan

Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is and they will tell you: Chicken cutlets!

I can’t wait to see these little golden, crunchy morsels. And spent many years refining the flavor.

I’m a real gold nugget connoisseur.

Through my research in this area, I can confidently say that Combusken makes the most delicious spicy chicken cutlets in all of Hoenn.

By the way, the slogan writes itself: A chicken with a taste of fire!

The Combuscin was born to be deep-fried and dipped in various tempting sauces.

5. Low speed

Have you ever wondered what was in Slowpoke’s tail that made Schelder so eager to turn it into an appetizer?

When he wants to eat, Slowpoke dips his tail into the water and uses it as fishing bait to lure sea creatures to his inevitable death.

The rear appendage of this Pokémon turns out to be very tasty and secretes a sweet juice that Shelder can’t resist.

Even humans find this delicacy a luxurious addition to stews when dried and cooked in a salty broth.

4. Appleton

In the previous generation, Pokéfans were introduced to an adorable dragon named Appletun.

And this Pokémon Apple Nectar looks a lot like its namesake: It has a round body and a skin that resembles the roasted crust of an apple pie.

According to the canons, this crust was so delicious that children ate it as a snack, although there is no explanation as to why this practice ceased.

The apple tree is covered with a sweet nectar that drips from its body, as bait for the beetles it chases.

When he changes to the Gigantamax state, the nectar thickens and turns into a throwing weapon that drenches enemies in sugar syrup.

3. Swirlix

Swirlix, a simple slurpuff uniform, would make a great companion for any coach with a sweet tooth.

Its diet consists exclusively of sweet food, from which it produces white, sticky, candyfloss-like filaments.

The story of Pokémon doesn’t explain how the candy comes to be.

But if there is a market for automating production, Swirlix could practically accomplish it by producing the basic sugar for making rare candy, hard candy, prowess candy, and anything else a trainer might find in his candy jar.

2. Miltank

These pink gobies produce a delicious and nutritious drink known as Moomoo milk.

And it’s a powerful thing that can heal sick people and Pokémon alike.

The milk tank is a very sustainable food source as it can produce over 5 gallons of milk per day.

You may be tempted to serve a juicy burger from the milk tank, but you’ll get much more out of it if you keep the milk on hand for yogurt, cheese, butter and other dairy products.

1. Same as

Ditto is at the top of my list because it can literally turn into any other Pokémon, making it the most edible creature in the Pokédex.

Would you like something sweet? The same goes for Appletown.

Do you like fish dishes? The same goes for Magikarp.

Do you dream of spicy schnitzels? The same goes for the Combuscan.

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